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‘A Great Shock And A Loss’ – Sir Michael Chastanet On Death Of Maria Buchner


Well-known Saint Lucia businessman Sir Michael Chastanet has expressed shock at the death of Cap Estate resident and businesswoman Maria Buchner.

Police have described her passing as a ‘suspicious death’.

Buchner, who operated Blue Reef Real Estate, was found in her home at about 3:30 pm on Monday.

Sir Michael’s complete statement on her passing appears below:

The recent news of the passing of Maria Buchner was indeed a great shock and a loss to many of us. 

She was found dead in her home at Cap Estate, Gros Islet yesterday afternoon.

Maria was a friend, a tenant and my real estate broker who operated Blue Reef Real Estate for almost fifteen years.  She was one of the most professional and honest individuals I have dealt with and she brought a European standard to all aspects of her business based on her German background. 

Maria was the victim of an assault situation some months ago and suffered immensely from that incident. However, with her indomitable spirit, she remained strong and focused, which allowed her to return to the passion of her real estate brokerage.

I extend my deepest condolences to her family.  She will certainly be missed.


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  1. Between SLU and Afghanistan, I cannot tell which one is more dangerous. They are both scary and they seem to be killing for the fun of it. And the most common denominator is the case closes in 24 hours without anyone being held responsible for it. Life is worth nothing in SLU.

  2. @Fire bun …..well said. Not to minimize her death but certain names and addresses you know the deal; the only common denominator when stuff happens up in that side of town verses us pilgrims on this side is that they are never resolved it’s always “professional” if you know what I mean, do you remember hotel man and a list of others all know so, but Babylon always drag their feets for us commonor s.

  3. Wow!! it must be the same persons that came back to finish things off. st lucia has gone to the dogs… there will be no justice for this poor woman… a lot of these people just want some peace from the rat race in their countries but they have no idea the hell in our societies. there is a reason many run away as soon as they can. its no helen of the west but the wild wild west.

  4. You know it’s a dam shame y the less fortunate think bad about the fortunate and vice-versa y can’t we just get along coz we need each other on this place we call home coz the fortunate creat jobs and the less fortunate get a job wether it it’s just enough for a loaf of bread or not it till better then nothing so y can’t we just get along as keeper of the image of best interest of SLU but no one understands any lost of life is one to many for the haves or the have not we can’t keep asking God to put hands but carry animosity against each other.

  5. Mr. Chastanet writes:
    “Maria was the victim of an assault situation some months ago and suffered immensely from that incident. However, with her indomitable spirit, she remained strong and focused, which allowed her to return to the passion of her real estate brokerage.”
    Maria Buchner described the 2022 attack (“assault situation”) on Facebook: she gave the name and relation of her attacker and a picture of her horrible wounds. Was it her “indomitable spirit” that allowed her to return to work alongside the individual she accused or was it the typical battered woman syndrome of fear, silence and complicity? She paid with her life.

  6. Very say. Marie helped us buy our house here. We often met for a cold drink. Marie worked extremely hard. We will miss her.

  7. What exactly is a European Standard? Can someone tell me? I guess Hitler also had a strong German standard. We in St. Lucia are capable of implementing high standards and they will be St. Lucian standards. The apple does not fall far from the tree. My condolences to the family of Maria Buchner.

  8. Everyone knows who is responsible so where is the arrest? Totally shocking. Maria helped us find our first apartment in St Lucia also. Very nice person. Always friendly and warm


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