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Pope Francis Says Homosexuality is Not a Crime – ECADE Responds


In a wide-ranging interview with the Associated Press (AP), Pope Francis on Wednesday criticised laws that criminalise homosexuality as unjust, declaring that while Catholic teaching holds that homosexual acts are a “sin,” being homosexual is not a “crime.”

As a result, Francis saw the need to differentiate between the two.

He told AP that lack of charity is also a sin.

In this regard, Francis noted the need to distinguish between sin and crime.

And Francis declared that the Catholic Church should work to end laws in some countries that criminalise homosexuality.

“We are all children of God, and God loves us as we are,” he declared during the AP interview.

The Executive Director of the Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality (ECADE) responded to the Pope’s comments in a St Lucia Times interview.

“I actually thought like, ‘wow.’ I didn’t think that this would have been seen in my lifetime where someone finally gets it,” Kenita Placide stated.

“I think that when people look at understanding sexuality, it is really diverse and more diverse than people realise. But coming from the top leadership of this religious corps, I think it took true reflection and a true understanding of reviewing exactly what this is and how it stands,” Placide told St Lucia Times.

Nevertheless, the ECADE Executive Director acknowledged that people might not accept it.

“The same way we look at different shades and colours of people, is the same way we look at different and diverse sexualities that exist,” she explained.

ECADE, which announced six years of advocacy last month, had called for ‘Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All’ sexual and gender-diverse people in the region.

It noted that laws criminalising consensual, private sexual acts between persons above the age of consent had been declared unconstitutional in two eastern Caribbean countries in 2022.

The organisation recalled that its litigation initiative led courts in Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Kitts and Nevis to strike down such laws.

 “Justice for all demands that we remove all laws that unjustly target a specific people because of who they love or how they honour their gender,” ECADE asserted.

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  1. God loves us all until we engage in sexual perversion. Sodom and Gomorrah and the Great Flood. Those places faced total destruction for their perverse acts. God tolerates many sins and allow repentance. Clearly he has an issue with homosexuality.

  2. So, if the laws banning beastiality is struck off the books, would it mean that it is ok? Would the church not still consider it a crime?

    What has this world come to?

  3. Private is the defining word. As long as you can keep it that way, there will never be a problem. The problem comes with advertisements or trying to entice others especially the vulnerable into it, especially the young, keep it private : just don’t go public.

  4. Is the pope telling us to go against God words? It’s literally a sin, God literally get rid of people like that. So are you telling people who have a ban against the lgbtq to go against god laws. He should be kick out of the church immediately

  5. If ne wrote a book he would make tens of millions. Its a hard saying and its left to the individual to make the distinction. I think what he is saying – some kids are born this way. I remember one boy who went to Elementary school with my 3rd son; other kids made fun of him because he was a bit effeminate. He prefered to come to our home after school because my boys treated him well – he is now a bright Lawyer – I’ve known girls who preferred to wear men clothes, is it a sin?
    Let him wo is without sin cast the first Stone – says the Master. That is why he came to show true love; He died on the Cross that His shed Blood, when asked will wash away our sins. You either believe or you don’t, I care to believe. Homosexual acts is sickening to me but who am I to condemn – all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God; thanks Jesus for coming, confessing our sins and asking for forgiveness. If only Lucians would be taught these lessons and practice them, it would be beautiful again.

  6. Wow. This is an island of Drugs, money for drugs, murder for drugs, a little bit like most countries really…..yet still ,a pastor pipes up, protests spreads the word of evil. Get lost and give your congregations money back you cheating fool!!!!!!

  7. When priests around the world stop putting there ducks up altar boys bottoms we will listen, or maybe not. Please stop paying churches…it won’t get you into the kingdom of god!!! They are lying cheats….Is your preachers car nicer then yours???? If so, ask for a refund!!!

  8. Part of the interview not published?

    Homosexuality cannot be a crime because “booling” acolytes is a necessary step to prepare them for the priesthood…the tradition must be maintained!

  9. To all you bible bibbers …the bible also said Slaves obey your masters .. Ephesians 6:5 and Colossians 3:22…..I presume that your god also sanctioned the enslavement of your ancestors…and perhaps you too should be still enslaved by the edict of your god….

    You can’t pick and choose what you want to push or peddle in the bible…if one statement in the bible is true as you all claim (as in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah) them all statements are true including Slaves obey your masters according to the bible you read….so perhaps according to your bible you should be slaves today since your ancestors were enslaved….but you aren’t slaves…. Why? I leave it for you to figure out….but I won’t hold my breath for those who are less able to think logically understand these deep concepts..


  10. When such announcements are made by religious leaders, it begs to wonder what really is their motive. It’s all about creating distractions to prevent the human mind from evolving to its fullest potential, in much the same way they have for many years indoctrinated us with some vague “JESUS PERSONALITY” upon whom we are rely for our salvation. For the Pope of all persons to be pushing for the legalization of what is clearly against the natural human body with all its consequential ills, baffles me. Very soon i foresee the acceptance of allowing marriages between humans and our less intelligent family, the animals 🐖🐄🐒🐕🐈🐓

  11. The Holy Scriptures are meant for all but not all want the Holy Scriptures. The Bible is meant to govern all but not all want to be govern by the Bible. Without the Holy Spirit we are unable to understand the Scriptures. We will just read and take the Scriptures out of context. When we are converted we will practice the two great commandments which are wrapped up in the ten; “love for the Creator and love for our fellow men”.
    The Lord condemns certain behaviours as sin but we categorise some as more sinful than others. The Lord requires total obedience.
    If we as a people will conform to the likeness of Christ and by extension the Creator there would be no slave or slave master. No one engaging in sexual immorality, stealing, abuse, lying, killing, etc.
    At the end of the day if I am wrong (which I am not) and there is no God, no judgement I lose nothing; however if the opposite is true (which I confirm it is true) then I gain everything and those who stuck to their rebellion would have lost everything.
    “Repent and be saved”. The Lord indeed loves everyone but not everyone loves the Lord. The Lord wants to save everyone but not everyone wants to be saved.

  12. It’s a shame for the pope to say such thing. So those interfering with the little boys is not a crime? Those persons are too Sodomic .

  13. It is my belief for a long time that the Vatican got it wrong from way back. They helped out the Fascist, extreme right-wing organizations of Europe from before the second world war, and only now seem not to show it; because of that, the Jews paid a heavy price.
    It is believed that very soon, or the next Pope may be the one who is expected to be the feared ‘Anti-Christ’ and all hell will break loose. Frankly when that happens, I hope that I wont be around, for the world will be sorry.
    This thing about men dressed up seemingly like those of ancient times, masquerading like the Apostles of Christs’ time, is a joke. I have no tangible proof and I can’t point a finger, but they ain’t fooling everybody. It’s been my belief like the Orthodox Pastors, they should be married. N.B. the Priesthood after Jerusalem was destroyed was demolished; men today should be called ‘Pastors’ to preach the ‘Word of God’ preaching the 10 Commandments, preaching morality and if they did, the world would not be in the mess that that it is in. You may ask who am I? I’m a man just like you, a sinner like you since ALL have sinned – but I confess mine, Repent, cleansed by the Blood, believe and move on.

  14. The Pope needs to step down with his insiduous verbal garbage.It is a sin and a crime
    God created man and a woman ..Adam and Eve…
    Satan is the prince of the air and earth but God is the final Judge.

  15. He is not saying that the church should approve of homosexuals he only saying it’s not a crime meaning they not hurting anyone
    I have a 27 year old gay son who is very ambitious and career drive. In my humble opinion I rather see him like that cause i won’t rather to see him in the ghetto engaging in criminal activities cause my mind won’t be at ease due to the unconditional love I have for him as a father.

  16. The greatest commandment according to Christ is love. Slaves or slavery was never a part of God’s plan. The Apostle Paul who was himself rescued from a path of destruction and persecution by the mercies of God wrote the words about slaves being obedient to their masters as a response in his letters (Epistles) to issues which faced groups of persons or individuals in the churches that he had started in different regions. Slavery was unfortunately part of some of these cultures and in keeping with Christ’s concept of peace and love, Paul would not have encouraged these persons to revolt against their masters. However, this does not mean that God was pleased with persons being kept as slaves.

  17. Therefore, a man should leave his parents to attached to his wife and became one flesh till death….

    O Land,land,land,
    hear the word of the LORD !
    This is what the LORD says :
    Record this man as if childless,a man who will not prosper in his lifetime…
    for none of his offering will prosper”
    because of the curse the land lies parched ; they follow an evil 😈course and use their power unjustly.
    “Both prophet and priest are godless ;(even in my temple I find their abomination and wickedness”,
    I have seen something horibble ;
    they commit adultery and live a lie.
    They strengthen the hands of the evil 😈 doers,so that no one turns from their abomination and wickedness.
    Their are all like Sodom to me ; the people are like Gomorrah”,

    Therefore, this is what the LORD Almighty says concerning the priest and more…
    “I will make them eat bitter food and drink poisoned water, because of their ungodiness has spread throughout the land.”
    Come out of them, this is what the LORD Almighty says :
    “Do not listen to what they are prophesing to you ;they fill you with false hopes.
    They speak visions from their own minds.

  18. Therefore,let us not put the LORD,Our God at test
    True and interesting fact :
    The two criminels brothers
    One repent and complety change and after beign baptize,put every word of God into practise,and obey every rules….
    But the other put God at test,by carrying a Bible with him wherever he goes….
    But little he did not, that the eyes of God is on the mocker to harm him….
    One day in his crimenals days,he received gunshots all over his body,the bible which he was carring on him as a protection,great amazment,had not a scratch….

    One the day of his funneral,the saved brother,leanning on his coffin, with tears 😭 unbearable,call his name and said,
    “If only you had accept God’s appeal,today you would have been SAVE”.


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