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Suspected Homicide At Gros Islet


Police say they are investigating a suspected homicide at Massade, Gros Islet.

According to information, the police were summoned to a house where the body of a woman in her seventies was discovered on Friday.

Emergency responders from the Gros Islet fire station received a distress call at about 6:04 pm.

But when they arrived they found that the woman was devoid of vital signs.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. And we will still sit back and say our government can’t stop crime and give the worst national security minister of all times news free pass. Time to fire pip

  2. Lord have mercy on us. It’s getting really bad in St. Lucia. Jesus is the answer. Seek him while he may be found and turn from your wicked ways. Too much violence in this country. Where is the love? What are we instilling in our children minds, is it that they can easily get away with crime. We need more moral values and bible to be taught in schools just like any other subject if not we will be breeding intelligent criminals.

  3. What is St Lucia becoming? Who kills a lady in her 70s? We really do have some monsters living among us. I pray the killings stop. PM we need operation restore confidence.

  4. Where is the National Security for nationals, mister minister of national security? There was a rapid response when two tourists were robbed on Vigie Beach this week. I wait for the “government can’t stop crime” brigade who are always on high alert to defend whilst 3 women were killed in their homes in less than 3 weeks. Face it criminals are emboldened because they have seen that this government supports lawlessness. When fishermen were been penalized for illegally selling fish in the city this government was defending them by saying let the people hustle. When vendors were reprimanded for illegal vending a minister was her lawyer. When a man can enter a church to assault another and is now minister we send a message to criminals that crime pays…when people are threatened with bazookas and this is swept under the rug hehaw hahaw…. when incompetent people are ministers of national security this is the end result. . lawlessness begets lawlessness. When a government rewards bad behaviour this is the end.

  5. Reality, I have done all my talking, my prophets, messengers have predicted and preached their hearts off but no one listened. The chickens have come home to roost and scripture must be fulfilled, we are in the last days as predicted. Third world War has begun, judgment is here, the falling away of the church as predicted in scripture. No one can run anywhere. It is Jesus’ time now because men have ran out of options altogether. Amen! 😇🙏


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