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Amid Questions About NHC Pierre Vows To Fire Any Corrupt Cabinet Minister


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has vowed to fire any minister in his administration once there’s proof of corruption amid questions over National Housing Corporation (NHC) operations.

Pierre’s comments came on Monday when reporters raised the issue of corruption concerns regarding NHC and a report that it bought a building from an attorney at law.

“I have made it abundantly clear that any of my Ministers who I have proof are involved in corruption will be fired,” the Prime Minister declared.

“The situation you speak to, I have not heard anything about it. I will have to find out, but I am not making any judgements,” the Castries East MP stated.

And he reiterated his ‘solemn pledge’ to dismiss any cabinet member proven to be corrupt.

Pressed regarding whether a building was recently bought for the NHC, Pierre said he would find out.

“You know each Minister has his responsibilities and then Ministers report to cabinet. I will find out what’s the story. I have to speak to the Minister. I am saying I can’t make any judgements nor can I say anything. My position is clear,” the Prime Minister declared.

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  1. I did not read the article Mr. PM your statement got me excited? Do you really mean that???

  2. I guess you won’t see the corruption. Aren’t you the PM and Minister of Finance? If you eh see it now when will you see it? NHC purchase is already a done deal. Make sure you show all the evidence.

  3. I can think of two definitely and maybe a third. There’s one you you and cabinet Ministers and the squeaker, the unelectable one who for years must depend on the SLP for a job, made your presence well known, I believe in a way to intimidate the magistrate, a fellow member in a case involving a fellow Cabinet member in that Customs Land Rover matter. After that fiasco many lost confidence in that Cabinet of yours.
    The worst of all is that Cocomakak of some upper crust in there over the HOSPITAL the one to serve the people of the South; their hate and racism prevailed over love and goodness toward fellow humans, but wont be long. So Bless & Prais His Name.

  4. Mate feel he too slick like an eel in oil. That statement left sooo many loopholes for him to slide out. I can already hear his reasonings for not firing The Barron, The SDA, The Speaker, The Red Souf, and others. Much the same way the previous GUYS found reasons not to fire their yellow friends. But gullible Looshans will buy this trick like the bought the tricks that won the SLP the last election.

  5. I am not quite familiar with the allegations but judging from the comments it would appear this is more or less a case of conflict of interest, if in fact this occurred. However trivial though, once the ministerial code has been broken then there is cause for a call for resignation. Questions of integrity, distrust, showing a lack of judgment have undermined the public’s belief in good governance from those whom we have elected. Dear prime minister demonstrate some leadership and do what is in the best interest of the nation to restore public confidence.

  6. The SDA hypocrite supreme who went after another with a gun, I wonder why? and that super supreme D-dealer who bought the last elections, who made that offer to the queen that he couldn’t refuse? talk about integrity – the lot should be fired including the Bossman.

  7. Prime Minister Pierre just do your thing…let the heaters hate there is nothing you can do about them. We know it’s quite shocking for them to hear a leader not a politician speak like this, because they have never heard this kind of rhetoric from other leader even in the case of blatant Pojah corruption .

  8. Padna you put a character with all sorts of allegations stretching back decades against them to run a place. What do you expect? NHC is a hotbed of corruption. Land going cheap, resources disappearing. Why you think that other guy was running there. If that place is ever audited we would be shocked to see the money black hole that place is.

  9. lol and richard said boldly that if piere cannot finish the hospital in their term he will not run for the next general elections

  10. G. W what is wrong with what Richard said? All you forgot what Guy had said? If the hospital was not finish don’t vote him in.

  11. On Point !
    Keep your torch burning !
    Head up !
    Powerful in speech and action !
    Work it out !!!!!
    Expel the wicked among…..
    God gives his Hardest Battles
    to his strongest solidier.
    On behalf of 🇱🇨 St-Lucia
    Do the test !!


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