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Former Saint Lucia Bank Employee Sentenced To Three Years For Money Laundering

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On the 23rd of January 2023 former employee of a local banking institution appearing before Justice V. Georgis Taylor-Alexander was sentenced to 3 years for the offence of Money Laundering.

The defendant, Nina Duncan, was originally charged for the offence of stealing by reason of employment the sum of One Hundred and Sixty Seven Thousand Dollars ($167,000.00) from a customer’s account at the institution.

In addition to the stealing charge Duncan was also charged with the offence of Money Laundering by investigators attached to the Financial Intelligence Authority, after it was discovered that some fifteen thousand dollars from the proceeds of the theft has been transferred out of Saint Lucia through a money remittance establishment.

Ms. Duncan who had previously pleaded guilty to both offences on a previous occasion before the High Court was also sentenced to a term of one year on the stealing charge which is to run concurrently with the three years sentence for money laundering.

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SOURCE: Financial Intelligence Authority

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  1. Reason why we should not envy what others have. You don’t know how they got it. Honest living may take you longer, but integrity is priceless.

  2. I feel very sorry for her, but, why are some women, including Jamaicans are stopping so low.. What’s going on ladies?

  3. Always wen money goes missing @ the bank! Or hotel! Always women rarely u hear a mun mastermind an operation like dat

  4. Awa.. something not right with her thinking capacity. 167k and you went to work next day. Lmao
    Never take what isn’t yours.

  5. This is what some of these women do so they can maintain high lifestyle for them to be ordering expensive lunch and day passes at hotels for them and their friends that is why it is always said don’t be jealous for what people have cause you don’t know what they did to acquire it. The sad thing is that money could have been from a hard working person who saved their money throughout the years. So Nina why didn’t you work and save your money to? Is it because the bank is overworking you guys and paying peanuts? Or is it you really needed the money to pay for something important like an operation for a sick family member? Well I guess no guts no glory or no risk no reward but is that the right way to go about it though?

  6. Allison, feel sorry for the elderly person she stole it from. She did not steal that money to pay for Chemotherapy or Kidney treatment for a family member etc. She stole it to send to man in overs.

  7. @allison They stooping so low because the guys are not stupid again these women want a sugar daddy that doesn’t want sugar but tell me which man will just so give you his money for no sugar? So they have to resort to stealing now. In the famous words of Jamaican singer Mad Cobra “If you know you nah go run di Nookie dont waste mi time, any gyal that affi get mi tings hafi give me di wine”

  8. The issue here is very simple – if it’s not yours leave it alone – point blank period. There is absolutely no reason to take someone else’s goods, husband, money or anything else for that matter. Some people don’t realize “good character is priceless”
    In addition karma will certainly caught up with you – STOP TRYING TO LIVE LIKE THE JONES – tellers are privy to customers bank account balances and that may be something which needs to be addressed moving forward.

  9. For years they doing it…They making the farmers or other hard working ppl money burn them because to them they seeing they go “Big School” & cannot have that money some blue collar workers getting…It’s still going on,they just haven’t caught the others yet.

  10. my question is in what space of time did she steal all that money? did she thingif she stole it in large sums the customers would not notice? i wonder how long she has been taking from that account

  11. The customer will not lose their money because the money is insured. She is very lucky she only got three years. Theft by taking is more serious than that.


  13. They tried to steal money from my father’s account at a bank on Bridge Street ten years ago. But they tried it on the wrong person. My father told them he was not walking out of that bank without his money. After hours of meetings the money was located. Somebody got fired that day.


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