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Pierre Responds To Freedom Coalition Concerns Over Proposed Global Pandemic Treaty


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has reiterated his often-quoted remarks about following ‘the science’ in response to Freedom Coalition concerns over a proposed global pandemic treaty.

The Coalition, in a January 27 letter to Pierre, requested transparency regarding Saint Lucia’s position on the measure and amendments proposed by the Joe Biden administration in the United States.

The letter asserted that the US amendments would effectively cede constitutional and citizens’ rights to the World Health Organization (WHO).

“I follow the science on that. I know you have laughed at me for that – that’s the answer I am going to give you. As far as vaccines are concerned, I follow the contemporary science,” Pierre asserted.

He spoke to reporters on the sidelines Monday of a Cabinet meeting.

Pierre told the reporters who raised the issue that the Ministry of Health would deal with the matter.

“I don’t want to get involved in any conspiracy theories, lack of conspiracy – I am not getting involved. All I can tell you when it comes to vaccines and health matters, I follow the dictates of the Ministry of Health and the Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association,” the Castries East MP observed.

He disclosed that he had received the letter from the Freedom Coalition and did what he had to do – send it to the people who ‘know best’.

“I do not want to opine on these matters. If there are any issues as they relate to constitutional matters, the Attorney General will opine on them. What I know is that matters of vaccines, matters of health we go to the Ministry of Health,” Pierre told reporters.

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  1. On top of dat we are well aware of the injuries and sudden death by the trusted science

  2. The scientific consensus isn’t always correct but the they usually are and probably are this time too. It’s best to “go with the science” even when it’s just a tacky slogan by a man that can’t fix the roads

  3. Yet another one of the New World Order catch phrases. “Follow the science”, “safe and effective”, “the new normal” etc

    Following the science which theorised that the deadliest pandemic in our time started from a Chinese eating a bowl of bat soup in Wuhan?

    This same science took us from “two weeks to flatten the curve” to mandatory vaccines and lockdowns. Today, ‘they’ are at Davos, Switzerland talking about fusing humans with AI to stop future pandemics. All of the things we experienced in the last 3 years are from the NWO’s playbook to end the world as we knew it in 2019.

    No sah, I rather not follow the science because it is promoted by scientwists and Satanists.

  4. Mr. Pierre, the term conspiracy theory was coined by the CIA to discredit and disparage anyone who questioned the official narrative surrounding the assassination of the USA president, John F. Kennedy Jr. Recent documents have essentially proven the “conspiracy theorists” correct and it was a CIA run op to take out someone who sought to reign them in. Likewise the “conspiracy theorists” are being proven correct yet again with this vaccine situation. All highly vaxxed countries are seeing excess mortality. We’re seeing athletes dropping dead almost daily now. We’re seeing teenagers having heart attacks and strokes. Situations that were so rare prior to rollout of this intervention.

    Trust the SLMDA that is staffed by the same doctors and medical personnel we complain about daily and question their competence hourly. The same doctors who couldn’t tell the difference between an old lady’s left leg and right leg and they cut off the wrong one. Now she has no legs. If that is the people you are trust you have no business running a country. You’re an abject moron.

  5. Our politicians need to grow spines and stand up to the outside dictates, as leaders of a soverign nation, there is no science behind what is going on, it is your desire to take the citizens of this country down the same path that Chass was, and your promise to your people was that you would not mandate….why are nurses being told they have to vaccinate if they want to join the profession? If this treaty is signed by you, you will have no power of your own as a head of state, and you will break your promise to the people, which it appears has already been broken.this needs a referendum..let the people decide…..dont believe because nobody is speaking up its ok, there are folks who took the vaccine who are regretting it….shame

  6. Wow, bravo for all those critical comments, we are now waking up. Trust the science, ki science? MAN MADE SCIENCE! The one that made rich men richer, and poor and middle class poorer. Lock down everyone, old, young, healthy. No more natural immunity, no more trust in the Most High and the herbs He created, no more freedom of speech to oppose, no questions!
    You want us to trust the science that kills 40-50mil children in abortions, the science that makes bombs and weapons to kill people, the science that puts poison in our food and give us cancers, the science the is modifying the atmosphere to change the climate and then turn around and call it climate change now they want us to have carbon foot print, the science that kills people to save the planet. We should have dominion over nature and not nature have dominion over us Mr PM. So we don’t trust your science, for obvious reasons!

  7. The WHO is demanding the power to dictate health policy worldwide, including:

    • compulsory jabs
    • lockdowns
    • business and border closures
    • detention of the noncompliant

  8. I never thought I would be saying this but I am impressed. It seems like Lucians are waking up in droves. However, there seem to be one notable exception, our PM. How unfortunate. Mr PM, I regard you as an honorable man of great integrity but you are still fast asleep. My advice to you is to stop watching CNN and other mainstream news outlets as they are all bought over by the globalists and satanists who do not have the well-being of Lucians or anyone else but themselves and their master at heart. Take some time off and do your own private research. We have placed you in a position where you can save and protect us. Do not sell us out to satan.
    Just by the fact that you repeat that phrase “follow the science” is proof enough for me to believe that you are still fast asleep as far as reality is concerned.
    Wake up Mr. PM. We have placed our trust in you, don’t pass off a matter of such great importance to un-elected bureaucrats who can easily be bribed or manipulated.

  9. BPR Lucians were never asleep about this genetic injection debacle. The low uptake of these shots clearly show that people saw through this BS from the onset. Many who took these shots were coerced to do so. Very few were very stupid to just go ahead and take it.


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