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Minibus Passenger Arrest Goes Viral


A minibus passenger arrest on Monday by police officers amid protesting voices from some onlookers has gone viral on social media.

Bus driver Abbott Ernest recalled driving his bus with passengers from Gros Islet heading towards Castries and passing through the back by the gas station at Bois D’Orange to avoid heavy vehicle traffic.

Ernest acknowledged that there is a sign prohibiting minibuses from travelling that route, although private vehicles can.

He disclosed that the police stopped his vehicle, prompting passengers to complain about being delayed since some had left for work early in the morning and were anxious to get back home.

According to Ernest, some of the passengers were ‘giving words’ to the police, who, after a while, advised him that he was going nowhere and instructed the passengers to disembark.

He said a female officer grabbed a woman as she exited from the bus’s rear.

“The woman said, ‘Drop my shirt. It is not your money that buy my shirt,” the driver stated.

Ernest said two male officers grabbed the female passenger and placed her in handcuffs as she protested that she had freedom of speech.

“They just arrest the woman. The woman was at the back of the bus. She did not refuse to come out,” he asserted.

However, in a statement, the police said the bus passenger assaulted a female officer and threatened to kill her.

The police revealed that, as a result, officers arrested the passenger and took her into custody pending charges.

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  1. Alot of officers have very thin skin these days. I hope this is a turning point in public relations for the RSLPF

  2. There should be a lot more arrests on a daily and regular basis for , rudeness,mouthing off, loitering in town, driving whilst on the phone, turning a vehicle whilst on a phone, not stopping fully in a vehicle in designated areas…if St.Lucia turns more into a Singapore law country where they give tickets for even chewing gum, Than This Country would certainly make a quick turn around and recovery rate and The law would be Expediated with a relevant speed,purpose bc right now u given little slaps on the wrists for military grade machinery be it they come in,the back of fridges by RSLP or on ships from Venezuela….. Come on Madame Commisioner!.

  3. Singapore law, where they give death sentence for just smokiing weed that is what you want buddy? Also being rude and mouthing off is something civilians, police and politicians all do as well. You can’t discipline the adults cause that is a societal issue. So be careful what you wish for.

  4. @Anonymous we must respect the babylon system and also, they should show respect to the people. You think ” heavy fines” is the answer everything? Then you are not that intelligent.
    Where is the camera evidence? There should of at least had a CCTV camera somewhere.

  5. Police Officers must be respected in the line of duty, and no one is above the law. Ignorance must not a legitimate reason for disrespecting Police officers in executing their duty.

  6. i support the shit the police did and will always time to take back our community and respect. and eff the notation of freedom of speech… alot of individuals peddle on that term to gain their own freedom and politicians needs to be arrested too. police do your job thats all

  7. It’s time the police arrest and Charge these Fools for Obstruction .Threats and insulting Language .These offences have always been in the Criminal Code of St.Lucia.The Driver of the Bus was not arrested but a foolish passenger

  8. Discipline, the people are not discipline hence we have so many crimes in this country. Not the politicians to be blamed but rather the drug dealers and their supporters.

  9. Let the police execute their duties. Nowadays both men and women do not respect the officers. No wonder many of us have criminals we call good boys at home. They only need the police when problems hit their homes. ” i want justice for my son , case is too slow, the police is not doing this and that”, but these same human beings want to threaten the police, use all kinds of dirty words.

  10. I will always support freedom of speech or reasonable arguements even if it would be a politician. We can argue respectively because we are the people working mostly everyday. You say “eff” that notion, this country is too small to ban it, next thing they would do is to control your everyday lives so I would never ask for a ban.

  11. @stone cold .As for the insulting and threatening words I do agree but we are not the only ones who do it. I was at the slaspa terminal in Castries one day and two women one a visitor from the states and a local were walking on the wharf after coming from the express boat. They ended up bumping into each other and the American was like mad she got bumped into and said something to the other woman.

    There was a ports police officer on duty so he just said politely to both of them that neither of them were watching where they were going, you know the American woman would turn around and tell the officer “Mind your F!@#ing business” No body was talking to you you. The police man quickly responded “hey excuse me what did you say to me” and walked up to her and quickly gave her a warning and she quickly acted like as if it was not the police she was referring to when everybody saw that was not true.

    After the officer turned his back after giving her the stern warning she continued ranting oh mind your business and cursing as she went on the vehicle that came to pick her up. The officer just said that she was lucky cause he was just arresting her and spoiling her whole vacation. I wish he had arrested her cause you come from your old country and want to come here and curse our police ,she feel the police in the states is the same in saint lucia that taking curses left right and center and just stand up there. She lucky the officer was not a ignorant one that day.

  12. And all of this could have been avoided if the minibus driver did not pass where he should not have passed.

  13. I agree with the bylaws and the law officers, but,did the Mini Bus driver had to wait for the rude attitude person?
    The other passengers waste too much of their valuable time, for the Lark of discipline on the Island..
    Time management is required for a better day that ends in Y..

  14. @Ma Malay you are always on point. I am not certain what transpired between the female passenger and the police. However, bus driver Ernest should obey the road signs and not travel where it’s prohibited. I hope he was ticketed – you can not and should not violate traffic laws…period.
    Had he not violated the traffic laws this entire issue would have been avoided.

  15. That minibus driver should have been charged for going the wrong way ! He is the cause for the passengers’ misbehaviors. He was more concerned about making a quicker buck than the welfare of the passengers.The police must take the upper hand in order to earn respect ! Charge and Confine !

  16. My question is how do you handle a police officer who disrespect you for no reason. Had an encounter with an officer fr the south who was trying to serve someone a document.. he approached me while I was minding my bupp( (in my yard) asking me if that particular person was home? My response to him was who are you ? He then responded by telling me he is officer xxxxxxx I replied to him that he was not home.. he then walked over to my mother house.. I heard my dogs backing so I went over to my mom’s it then I realized that it was the same officer looking for the person in question so I asked him did I not tell him that the guy is not home? Why is he questioning my integrity.. his response to me was go to my house and was my ass .. I was in shock I couldn’t even respond to the office.. tell me how can the public have any respect for these st. Lucian officers .. a bunch of jokers

  17. I agree, one should be fined in these circumstances. No exceptions, the police included. On numerous occasions, officers attached to the Traffic Department located on the John Compton Highway would turn into the station from the middle lane heading up from Castries, instead of going around the Vigie roundabout. Unless I am mistaken, it is unlawful to do so. The police needs to lead by example, then hopefully, citizens will be more compliant.

  18. Awa, I hope you mean they should stay in their barracks when the bad boys terrorizing your neighbourhood.
    Idiotic statement!

  19. Police officers break the law all the time they drive without sit belts, they swear at people they do taxi with unauthorised taxi vehicles nobody tells them anything


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