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Pierre’s Office Condemns ‘Malicious Attempts’ To Undermine Saint Lucia’s Diplomatic Ties


In recent years, the Government of Saint Lucia has strengthened and deepened its diplomatic relations with the United States of America.

The sincere and trusted leadership of Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre has facilitated frank, yet cordial dialogue between the two nations which seeks to increase our cooperation in trade, security, and travel.

These areas of collaboration are envisaged to impact the lives and livelihoods of all Saint Lucians in meaningful and sustainable ways.

However, the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of External Affairs note the increased and outlandish falsehoods being shared on social media by destructive and adversarial agents of the United Workers Party and UnitedPac Saint Lucia and continue to caution against these unsubstantiated and blatantly false claims.

We note in particular the use of targeted propaganda attempting to undermine the diplomatic relations which are being pursued by the Government to benefit the citizens of this country.

The gains to be realised from this friendship should not be allowed to be eroded by the malicious and callous publications operated by clandestine operatives.

Saint Lucians are urged to be on their guard against the consumption and sharing of such malicious content as it not only seeks to undermine its subjects but the perception of all Saint Lucians to the region and the rest of the world.

The Prime Minister and the Ministers of Cabinet will continue to make the best decisions and representation on behalf of the people of Saint Lucia. The public is encouraged to do their part by being ambassadors both at home and abroad to assist in the development of our beloved country.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. The system have over 80 percent of private sector workers earning 2 to 3 EC dollars an hour . Beloved country .. Kiss my teeth

  2. Pip is being strident (empty vessels make the most noise) in support of his grand delusions regarding the US.

    All he has managed to do is reveal his own deep-seated insecurities, by attacking those who would expose his naïvité of world affairs.

    Let me clue him into what all who would befriend the empire of lies (US) know, full well:
    “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.”

    He should ask the German & UK people (not their mis-leaders), or read up on current world events!

  3. Being ambassadors at home and abroad mister peep? Our diplomats represent us and should be people you can look up to. Yet you want to send people with no work history for years, women who have bullied, insulted and disrespected many on social media to overseas posts….people who can’t even be good ambassadors at home. Please tun…the number of unsavoury characters in this government alone speaks to the type of representation we have.

  4. Nonsense, no one but this administration is hurting and undermining our diplomatic ties. They are doing a pretty good job at putting us under scrutiny and hampering ties, with the many questionable, corrupt and unfit individuals serving at cabinet levels. Just because you run your house like a dump, doesn’t mean that neighbors have to indulge in the stench. Take some responsibility and clean house if you want a more favorable perspective from the International community.

  5. Who is surprised of this??? Well thinking minds are not surprised by any of this. A drowning man will cling to a straw, desperate times calls for desperate measure…..good thing they are not stupid in Washington and more likely than unlikely Central Intelligence and The State Department is briefed on these things on a daily basis, and they know the culprits who are putting out the crap and are silently watching them like they do all governments around the world particular those right under their nose and inform the ambassador in Barbados…….as if they don’t have a law suit pending against them you think they would remain quiet, I guess not. Well, I guess they will have to pay to play.

  6. Not surprised that this article brought out the shameless apologists (aka house negroes) for the duopoly in St. Lucia, which in turn sucks up to the fast-fading (in terms of power) Empire of Lies!

    Angel describes the sycophancy of the UWP as wanting a more favorable perspective from the (deliberately undefined) international community of assorted bootlickers of the empire of lies.

    The Most Honorable Lucian Highgrade (for the SLP) couches their fecklessness in false machismo, the façade of the CIA & US State Department, whose primary goal is to force “democracy” (via color revolutions) upon brown peoples across the globe, then steal their resources for the oligarchs who control things in the US.

    Surprisingly, the least crazy enforcer in the empire of lies is the Pentagon (US governmental partner to the Military Industrial Complex). To protect their 75-year-old cash cow from the ever-failing schemes of the neocons, they’ve recently leaked confirmation of the neocon plan (managed by the CIA & State Department) to de-industrialize Europe; last year, the US blew up the Nord Stream pipelines which carried cheap Russian gas which was vital to the competitiveness of European industry.

    Do a search for the “Moon of Alabama” website, and once there, find the article titled. “Some Small Corrections To Seymour Hersh’s New Nord Stream Revelations”.

    Also, search for Garland Nixon’s channel on YouTube, or his rokfin [dot] com channel; then find his articles titled, “NORD STREAM BOMBSHELL – DETAILED SY HERSH ARTICLE IMPLICATES BIDEN NEOCONS” & “US AND NORWAY ATTACKED EUROPE”. While there you can also watch his other videos detailing the machinations of the failing empire of lies against nations which seek to reserve their sovereignty & resources for the benefit of their own people.

    Knowing all we know right now, why are UWP & SLP guppies still trying to swim in the waters frequented by US marine predators? Don’t they know that all they qualify to be are sucker fish (bottom feeders), whose only use is to keep the shark tank free of algae?


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