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UnitedPac Saint Lucia Calls for Specifics In Government’s Social Media Claims


It is a lamentable affair to behold the Philip J Pierre St. Lucia Labour Party administration’s resorting to imprecise and unspecific accusations regarding the dissemination of supposed “outlandish falsehoods” on social media.

The inhabitants of St. Lucia are entitled to the transparency and lucidity of the matters that bear upon their nation and its diplomatic connections, and to impugn the messenger without disclosing the message only serves to engender confusion and delude the masses.

The utilization of terminology such as “destructive and adversarial agents” and “clandestine operatives” is a mere ploy to engender doubt and suspicion without presenting tangible proof or information.

The citizens of St. Lucia have the inalienable right to ascertain the veracity and to make informed choices, and such vague allegations do nothing to further this objective.

It is imperative to acknowledge that a thriving and robust democracy necessitates frank and honest discourse, regardless of the controversial or unpopular nature of the ideas or perspectives expressed.

By seeking to discredit and muffle those who may possess dissenting opinions, the government is committing a disservice to its citizens and the principles of democratic governance.

The people of St. Lucia are entitled to answers to the pressing issues, and it is the duty of the government to confront these issues directly, instead of attempting to deflect or divert attention from them.

The emphasis should be on ensuring that the nation is moving forward in a positive direction, and that all citizens are afforded the opportunity to partake in this progression.

The Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers must endeavor to better represent the people of St. Lucia, and the public must hold them accountable for doing so.

SOURCE: UnitedPac Saint Lucia

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  1. St. Lucia will wait in vain for specifics from either the SLP or the UWP!

    The liars and propagandists of both parties hold sway over an ignorant & immature citizenry via cheap slogans and innuendo.

  2. Bravo! Well said UnitedPac. Keep them honest. The earlier statement from the P.M.’s office was pretty vague. Mostly deceptive and misleading. I was hoping they’d reference and rebut at least one of the outlandish falsehood, and blatant false claims they referred to in their statement. But as usual there was none, zilch, nada. It was a statement full of nothing, meant to appease those who don’t care about facts or to ask questions.

  3. Both of the political parties have failed I stop voting 30 years ago all they want is power to make money for themselves


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