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Dennery Resident Stages Pothole Protest – ‘Give The Roads Some Love’


Dennery resident Angella Alberti staged a protest outside Serenity Park in Castries on Wednesday over the state of the country’s pothole-filled roads, hoping that her action would pave the way for expedited intervention by the authorities.

She plans to continue hitting the road until the authorities respond favourably.

“How can you put patches to fix the road? It’s like putting a new patch on an old garment. It will not last,” Alberti asserted.

She explained that it would be better to resurface the roads.

“Give the roads some love,” Alberti, who has been in the news previously in connection with a protest over the state of St. Jude Hospital, told St Lucia Times.

“When we have to buy parts, and we have to pay taxes, I want to know where the tax money is going to?” She said.

“I am paying taxes yearly and I have two vehicles,” Alberti declared.

“If you fix the roads, my vehicle will not have parts problems. So if you fix the roads, you give the roads a lil love, I don’t have to worry about paying my taxes,” the hairdresser, wedding planner and ‘jack of all trades’ explained.

“Fix the roads – that’s all I am asking,” Alberti declared.

In addition, she complained about the quality of work road repair crews are doing, asserting that they could do a better job.

“We need the road to be fixed and we will pay our taxes. But if the roads cannot be fixed, we’re not paying taxes,” Alberti said.

And she vowed to continue her demonstration until she received assurances that the authorities would resurface the roads.

The lone protester said she believes more people should join her, as they are in the same boat.

“If you are feeling the pain, you will join – if you have a vehicle. When you don’t have it doesn’t bother you,” Alberti stated.

She also disclosed that she received support for her protest from many people.

“I never see so much love – even with the cruise ship people. Many cruise ship people told me they’re supporting me one hundred percent. A lot of Saint Lucians too,” the Dennery resident told St Lucia Times.

In addition, she emphasised that there was no political motive to her protest.

“I am not for party. I am for country. Give me value and satisfaction for my money,” Alberti said.

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  1. Is she the same woman who was campaigning for the new St. Jude’s?
    Now she is campaigning for roads. I support her fully. Can she tell us the amount of money that is in the gas lock box?

  2. Both Political Parties have to be Blamed .The Roads was in a Deplorable Condition under Uwp and It got Worst During the Heavy Rains Last year .The problem is that the Road patches are Causing More Damage to the Roads

  3. St.Lucians never want to come together and protest. We have so many social issues affecting the country and no one Protest about it. The same people who said they dont eat roads, now are complaining. Yet still we have this Big boat delivering vehicles here twice ay ear. Dont ask people to join to do nothing here . The only time they come is on the election campaign , rallies and motorcade. They forget the social Issues. Why no one is protesting about having a minimum wage here. In 2023 People still working for EC$30 for the day. Thats crazy.

  4. It is the big trailer trucks that the brewery use to carry piton beer that is damaging the roads . The government needs to tax them big companies millions of dollars to fix the roads…

  5. 30 dollars a day there are people who earn 16 dollars a day yet still they refuse to protest for a minimum wage let them suffer as It is only red and yellow that they know

  6. The road is part of our tourism value not just beaches. The fools who was leading and the jackass’s who are currently there, will tell you the economy is growing. Where all the effing money gone.

  7. This is what i have always been saying. you paying your taxes when you pay for license when you pay for sticker and all that but police will want to stop you and charge you if you dont have none of this but the condition of the roads sucks


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