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Mozambique Pastor Dies While Attempting 40-Day Jesus Fast


A Mozambique pastor is dead after attempting to imitate the biblical 40-day fast of Jesus Christ.

Francisco Barajah, who founded the Santa Trindade Evangelical Church, died at a hospital in Beira, where he was evacuated in critical condition.

After 25 days without food and water, he lost weight and could not stand.

Concerned relatives and followers insisted that he go to the hospital, where medical officials diagnosed anemia and digestive system failure.

Barajah was 39 years old.

He died on Wednesday after attempts to rehydrate and provide him with liquid foods.

Headline photo: Consecration of Barajah

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  1. Here’s the thing; it could not and should not happen. If ever it had succeeded, there would be no end to the attempt by many; and in so doing, making a mockery of what the Lord did in many of His prayers. I don’t want to judge the persons’ motive but hope it was not through selfish reasons, where pride destroys.
    @ G. W. the Monks in China and Tibet are trained from young and its part of their spiritual training and upbringing to master the art – what about Mahatma Ghandi of India – let this be a lesson to many not to be too zealous to emulate the masters. To be fair to the man he was a true believer, and according to the Gospels he is SAVED, Praise His Holy Name.

  2. @ Jim you said, you don’t know why Christians believe in this fake Jesus God, he is a fake…..JIM, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.
    O.K. you don’t believe in an ‘Almighty God’ for if you did, you would believe in the one He sent; (St. John 3:16) my dear brother, I speak Salvation to you now

  3. @Fox be quiet you don’t know what you talking about. This is the book of Exodus chapter 20 3-5 and reads.

    “Thou shall have no other gods before me, thou shall not make unto yourself an IDOL or image in the heavens above, in the earth below, or in the sea beneath, thou shall not bow down to them or see them. For I am a jealous god punishing the children for the sins of their fathers to the third and fourth generation.”

    The question is, isn’t Jesus an idol and an image?

    And after learning what I just taught you, you still gonna praise him.

    That my friend is the definition of brainwash.

  4. @ # The FOX it was about pride for sure, Jesus clearly did not accept his attempt to mimmick him because there is only one Jesus/God. Monks are able to do these things from the deities they worship which by the way are not from God.

  5. @ The Fox, the problem with believers like yourself is that you attempt to imprint your belief on others as truth, and call them foolish or otherwise because they do not believe in the same thing as you. people are free to choose what they believe and just because you believe it does not make it truth or fact, neither does our disbelief make it untrue. we need to stop calling others names for our beliefs

  6. Wat ppl 4get Jesus was homeless n unemployed…dat man was already accustomed of not eating properly going dayz without food inadequate resting places he often had to ask to dine at frens home….the life of a homeless man is not easy but enables him to go dayz without food

  7. Everything Jesus did was in the Spirit and not in the flesh. Jesus was a supernatural being. This is where people misunderstand the word. People read parts of the bible and make it their own. The battle is in the Spirit and not the battle. When you die your body dies but your Spirit and soul has everlasting life. In heaven fleshly persons dont live there. Thats why you must repent and be born again. Not that you go back to ur mother’s womb as unbelievers use as an excuse not to turn to God. You are preservering your Spirit, so your are born again in the Spirit. Your body is just your Spirit’s shell. Please pray for a discerning Spirit to understand the word as many parts of the bible are written in parables.
    Whatever happened in the time Jesus walked was Spiritual. Hence when he died on the cross pontius pilate and the crew then believed when the earth shook.
    Do not blasphem the word of God. It is better to abide by God’s word then not cause the lake of fire it not a finger burn by matches and you pulling back.
    This pastor could hv known God. But a humble and true pastor would not want to copy what Jesus did supernaturally. God is a Jealous God. Even devils stand in the pulpit.
    Strange things will continue to happen. Get saved.. repent..Dont doubt God and laugh at Christians? We dont know how many years make up a day in Heaven. Dont say its 2000 yrs epi God paka vini.. Keep serving God. Those who die in Christ will rise in Christ. And this is the word and revelation of the Lord from me to you. I pray this convicts you.Get saved.

  8. What an idiot….proves my point that religion and all it stands for is nothing but nonsense…well I guess his followers will wait for him to rise in the third day … the idiot successfully accomplished the first part of the miracle…HE DIED….now for the resurrection on the third day…I won’t hold my breath…..

  9. You Christians ain’t no different than the Hebrews who worshipped the golden calf in the bible which is an idol.

    If I ask you to show me who Jesus is. You can either show me an image (white man image) , a statue (white man statue), or a painting (depicting a white man). He’s not real. He’s an idol. That is the Jesus image used to dominate Christianity.

    Idol meaning: “an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship.”

    Exodus 20:3-5 tell you you not suppose to worship idols. It’s simple, thats your bible.

    You can’t have it both ways, you can’t be worshiping an idol and calling it a sprit. It’s an idol. Sorry save your self before you try to save others.

  10. @ Christian Girl…

    Your explanation is full of holes…if you say everything Jesus did was in the spirit…then that means when you are asked to be like Jesus it is obviously impossible to be like Jesus because you can’t be a spirit like you suggested Jesus was …it’s all hogwash…you people change the circumstances to fit your twisted idea of who Jesus was… This entire religious shenanigans is nothing but a man made story to control others .if you ignorant people do your research, you will find in many civilizations there were stories of dying and rising god’s … listen to Richard Carrier on YouTube, who looked into this phenomenon and at least get another perspective to question what you were taught….. don’t.keep wasting your time for a man to float down from heaven to save you…stop moving the goal post…one day Jesus is a man the next he is a spirit…are you suggesting Jesus can transition from from human to spirit at will? Total nonsense…well if he rose from the dead then shape shifting is child’s play for him I guess… people have been fooled…well carry on getting fooled…it’s like pretty much getting shafted…

  11. While I appreciate what Christian Girl was trying to say, and I guess this is her understanding, Jesus walked on earth in the body of a human. He was hungry, sad and thirsty like every human. God sent him first as the perfect sacrifice to redeem or buy our souls back from hell. He had to spend hours praying everyday to hear from God Jehovah so he could fulfill his purpose. However, after his death, his body was no longer like that of an ordinary human, because he would have been taken back up to Heaven shortly. Therefore he could enter rooms with the door closed and appear to the disciples suddenly.
    Fasting can be done and it is done by other persons apart from Christians. It has been proven by health gurus to benefit the body immensely. However, there are principles to fasting. One’s endurance needs to be built up gradually and there are persons who may not be able to do a complete no water and food fast (dry fast) to to health issues.

  12. Haha …Yea …keep believing that…he could enter rooms with the door closed…yea right…keep suspending your reality and stay in your delusion…

  13. What we have here, is one who is stuck in the ‘Old Testament’ who picks out certain verses, then paints The Lord Jesus as an idol; this is blasphemy, it is the old trick of the enemy to confuse the simple minded.
    There are some of his disciples who paint the Lord as a homeless beggar; obliviously he does not understand what he has read. The devil has lots of his disciples, followers and agents in every level of society, some are outcry atheists, they claim not to believe there’s a God – and so, I guess, they don’t believe in the existence of a devil – would it surprise you to know that the devil himself has the power to influence one of his agents to write saying that there’s no God. I am waiting to hear them denounce the devil, saying ‘there is no devil’ but of course, they are smarter than that, they wont say it, its easier tI hope for St. Lucians o quote from the old testament some ridiculous statement to justify their argument; but the devil is a liar and a deceiver, that’s why the Lord said to him ” get back behind me ”
    My greatest hope for St. Lucia, is that people choose a proper Bible believing Congregation, get together regularly and pray – repent and seek the free gift of Salvation, if possible ‘Water Baptism’ feel free praising the Lord your God. Try never to leave your home without acknowledging His presence, thanking Him, asking for guidance for the day.

  14. One would think it was ok to be like Jesus. Didn’t Jesus want us to follow his example and be like him?…the sad reality is even when these tragedy happens, the sheep followers don’t see the problem with their delusion…they will look for excuses and say things like, well he did not have to go full 40, he should build up his fasting resilience before going full 40…did Jesus build up his fasting resilience before going full 40?….bunch of idiots but they will now shift the goal post and say Jesus was part man and part god so he was able to fast full 40….then I will counter and say well then that makes it impossible to be like Jesus then..since we are only human , then the sheepers might counter and say..well you must strive to be like Jesus…and I will counter and say…u are truly idiots if you claim Jesus was part man and god hence he was able to go full 40 and expect mere mortals to continue to strive to be like him when we are just only humans… so you see the argument from the sheep followers just gets more and more ridiculous when you interrogate it…

  15. CWiz the heart of man was made to worship the Creator. Every culture, even ancient ones realized there was a Higher Being. You are one of the few who doesn’t believe there is a God. Keep doing you and let other people be. You are bordering on being very disrespectful and intolerant. You have a right to your beliefs and so do other people.

  16. @Fox stay on topic, we not talking about the devil. We are talking about Jesus.Oh so now the Old Testament is not relevant any more foxy?

    Even if it’s in your Bible, forget all the teachings of the Old Testament is that right foxy?

    Prove to me that your god Jesus is not an idol. You go in the Catholic Church you see that big Jesus idol on the cross in there.

    In Brazil, there is a big Jesus idol statue over looking the city.

    Type Jesus in Google, big Jesus idol image await you. Every where you research Jesus it the same image, statue or a painting.

    So even if you say Jesus is a spirit that’s the image you look up too. That’s the image that dominate Christianity.

    I am a work in progress prove to me that your god is not an idol.

    You say Jesus died on the cross to save us from sin ( but we still sinning). Who is on the cross, same Jesus idol.

  17. @Fox am not engaging in blasphemy on your religion. I do research, I study my history, I read the book of Exodus 20:3-5 and what you all are doing contradict the book of Exodus.

    I also believe that the ordinary Christian heart is in a good place, most of them are good people with good intentions.

    But I also believe that they’ve been brainwashed ( for lack of a better term) to be praying to this idol when it’s written clear in Exodus 20:3-5 you should not worship idols.
    This is plain and clear English how you miss that part…

    Me saying this will change nothing, but you must know that your god is an idol. So some of you must stop telling people you gonna save them, or they must live the Christian way, because as far as am concerned you all don’t have the truth.

    You all need to continue to do research on your own don’t wait for the pastor to tell you. Research your history to know your self.

    Am sorry this is not blasphemy Jesus is a false idol god.


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