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Marine Police Arrest Suspects Aboard A Canoe Amid Probe Into Soufriere Homicide

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Marine Police on Wednesday intercepted a canoe that was leaving Soufriere and arrested several men on board on suspicion that they were involved in a shooting incident.

The incident claimed one man’s life and left another male in critical condition.

Emergency personnel from the Soufriere fire station responded after receiving a call at about 3:40 pm regarding the shooting.

According to initial reports, it occurred at the Soufriere gas station on the waterfront, where the victims had pulled up to inflate a motorcycle tyre.

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A Marine Police vessel intercepted a boat with suspects on board at about 4:40 pm as it was leaving Soufriere.

A viral video of the Marine Police interception has appeared on social media.

A voice on the recording declared that the suspects were trying to escape by boat after the fatal shooting in Soufriere, believed to be the result of a feud between groups from the town and the community of Marigot.

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  1. Unless the authorities get brutally serious with how they deal with the criminals who keep spilling Fair Helen’s blood, crime and violence will destroy this little nation! Talk is cheap. Actions that can drive fear into the criminals must be implemented swiftly –and without fear nor favour! Bail should never be on the table for gun-toting criminals! And cold-blooded murderers must be executed!

  2. nice swift action by the marine time police, if it wasn’t for you all they would have escape and another crime unsloved. These youths need to put down there weapon and find jobs. it is senseless taking one another life. look how many other will go down now base on retaliation. mothers and fathers i call upon you all to get involved in your kids life if you know they are doing bad stuff let the authorities know, don’t shield them otherwise you might be an innocent victim from the same crime your son or daughter commit. don’t turn a blind eye.

  3. I can’t wait for the evening news in which a family member or two, will be heard speaking on behalf of anyone of the murder suspects that’s arrested, saying, “He’s not a bad child; he’s just a little bit troublesome!”

  4. Pierre’s desire for an omelet, without cracking eggs, is being showcased everyday. His “draconian” legislation is simply missing bite pressure. A key legislation is missing…no bail for gunmen.

    Pierre fails to realize that gunmen released on bail are a destabilizing factor in their communities. Those who have not promptly rearmed, are a source of negative influence. They are living examples to all, that the law is weak. The majority of bailed gunmen, are directly or indirectly involved in day to day violent crime. Also, they intimidate law-abiding citizens so public cooperation is less likely. Just down my road, a guy was caught with a firearm a few months ago. He is back doing shady stuff. His neighbors are mortified that he is back. This is no way to address a serious problem.

    In fairness to Pierre, he may have concerns about detention space for those denied bail. He should have created space as part of his grand strategy. Furthermore, he needs to understand that some gunmen are going to quit when the risks are not worth the rewards. Presently, it’s easy pickings. Why work, when there are easy heists and negligible penalties?

    The tactic should have always been to take the gunmen out of public circulation one at a time. Don’t throw them back out and try and catch them again. The peak of idiocy.

  5. The LORD will put to silence all the murderer in the land,since the judges are still blind,the law has abolished and the truth nowhere to be found, because the dead cannot talk and case closed !!
    “Do not desire the pocket of the rich”.

  6. Too many Police Officers have Most of these So called Criminals as their Friends.The Police Should be Dezling with these Criminals Professionally by Executing Search Warrants and have these Corrupt Police Officers on these Searches to be Embarass By the Criminals

  7. I really would like to know what method is used amongst these young men ,to come to a conclusion that necessitates the deaf of another. Why is it the only solution. Why is it so easy . Why some young men are so brazen, heartless . How can they sleep at night . How are all these guns so easily available. Sigh.

  8. @Poule Foo – you should change your name to “The Facts” – your post speaks truth on every level. St. Lucian citizens will not corporate because they are afraid of retaliation (they all know who the bandits/malveetayes are). In addition, they don’t even trust the system and consequently they SUFFER in silence – what a way to live – my God. Some attorneys know they are dealing with murderers – but for the love of money $$$$$$$$$$ will sell their own soul and represent the malvetayees anyway and then build a mansion with the blood money proceeds (what a way to live)?????

    Some parents are petrified of their own children and therefore will not turn them in (what a way to live – “the upholder is worst than the thief”) – my God. – some parents also partake of the ill gotten gains (please know that you are already cursed and the blood of every victim is on your hands) – it’s a no win no win situation all around…What a crying shame.

    To those parents who are encouraging their children in this deadly game of gang banging, murder, drug dealing etc. – please know that this can only end in 2 ways – the choice is yours pick your poison and please enough with the “he was just a LITTLE troublesome – but he was a good boy very very QUIET – YEA right????????”

  9. No evidence, drop all those suspects to get what’s coming for them, lucians you all crying, you all have alot more crying to do. Bunch of hipocrete

  10. These little tooth aces in St. Lucia is nothing compared to what is waiting for us and the World, as you know it today. We live on shaky grounds globally. Maybe you haven’t been told, or haven’t read that the Nations of the world are waiting for one Trumpet sound, to go to war. Russa Vs western Europe; the big bang will be Israel knocking out Iranian Nuclear facilities, China will use that opportunity to take over Taiwan, North Korea will provoke too far and will cause Japan to attack Nth. Korea’s militaries and knock out the ruling family. Now let me warn: these are not pipe dreams – but such given me, I’m not afraid but I fear for all the small Islands who can’t support themselves without the usual hand-out. I Pray everyday for a miracle for you people / except for the inner circle at the top who have gained and benefitted from the filthy-lucre. [ My Lord, be merciful to St. Lucia ]


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