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Four Wards Escape From The Boys Training Centre

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The Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment  has confirmed the escape of four wards from the Boys Training Centre (BTC).

And the Ministry has organised a news conference for 11:am  at its office on Thursday to address the matter.

According to reports, the wards escaped earlier this week, and the police are investigating.

“We are also concerned with the safe return of the wards,” a Ministry official told St Lucia Times.

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Tuesday’s escape came against a recent announcement by Equity, Social Justice, and Empowerment Minister Joachim Henry of a review of management, staff, and security issues at the Boys Training Centre (BTC).

The announcement came after police charged a 15-year-old ward at the facility with the murder of 78-year-old Marcellina Alexis.

The Cas en Bas resident had a stab wound to the neck.

In response to whether BTC staff were at fault due to reports that the ward had escaped from the institution before the murder, Henry explained that there was an ongoing investigation regarding what transpired.



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  1. You people are an absolute bunch of jokers. The article states that they are concerned with the safe return of the wards. What about the safety of the public at large? You just had one escaped from there a few weeks ago and murdered a senior citizen. Those in charge are really deeply asleep and need to wake up. Stop the crap and do your jobs properly.

  2. If a serious message isn’t sent then these wards will be repeating the same stuff over & over again…Make an example out of one of them in front of all to see & they’ll learn.The murderer of the elderly lady at her home should be put down by way of Guillotine in front the rest of the boys so they’ll quickly learn what happens when you kill…too many weak slap on the wrist laws so what do you expect?

  3. A ward of the state murdered someone less than a month ago. Wouldn’t it be prudent and safe to release their photos to the public? I get it about their privacy and life after their stint. However, by escaping, privacy rules should be voided. Safety comes first.

  4. The have to start treating that place as a junior BCf these guys there already know buy the law so the need treated as those in BCF they need to send BCF staff their. Stop behaving as if these boys that gose there is just little problem child

  5. This is ridiculously ridiculous. Concern about the public should be paramount after what just happened with one of their peers. If they have any good intentions they would have remained safely at the place where they are safe. By now their names and faces should be made public . Their previous addresses also . As long as you break the law you lose some basic human rights like privacy .

  6. when the lady went on news and ask the minister to investigate what is really happening at the btc… this clearly shows they have done nothing and turn a blind eye on things. St. Lucia is a reactive society and not a pro active one. We have all the Phd’s employed by government and yet we are getting substandard result. pure BS!

  7. Because a parent could not send child to school,he was detained at boys training centre where he ,after many years returned home badly damaged by more dangerous entities at the centre. They say he was sent there to protect him.Now monies have to be spent on doctors to heal him by the same person who could not send him to schoool.

  8. Question – what is the Boys Training Center’s purpose – is this a place for juvenile delinquents and/or boys with severe mental illness.???????? Are there therapist, physicians, pharmacist and medical staff on site?.

    Clearly, training is lacking in every area – something needs to be done sooner than later. In addition, I agree with some of the post – let the citizens know who these folk are – what happens if one of them show up at your residence. Of course, I understand you don’t want vigilant justice – but your citizens also need to know what they are up against just in case they have to defend themselves. Some citizens may also be able to assist with locating the runaways if they know what they look like. Remember St. Lucia depends on tourism – what if they go down and cause harm to a visitor/tourist – people need to know what they are up against.

    After all, an elderly woman in her own home minding her own business was recently BRUTALLY murdered by one of these very subjects from BTC???–truth be told — honestly, St. Lucia is in dire need of desperate help. What if they are looking to harm elderly individuals who are most at risk??? – this is insanity.

  9. I visited the boys training centre once and was told by a ward that they are mistreated there by the demons inside there.who knows what to believe? who knows what’s going on there? what’s the purpose for the centre

  10. , the wards escaped earlier this week, and the police are investigating.….. this in itself should have BTC shut down completely! A few days ago 4 boys wardens of the state escaped an u jus now you telling the people of Casenbas and gros islet after what the last boy did couple weeks ago! SMPH…… woiii…People adopt dogs!


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