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One Man Dead After Officer Involved Shooting At Bexon


On Wednesday, February 22, 2023, about 9:10 p.m. a joint team of Officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department, Scenes of Crime Office, Traffic Unit, and Special Services Unit were attending to a shooting along the Bexon Highway.

During the processing of the scene, a motorcycle failed to stop, entering the restricted area. Several attempts to stop the rider by officers proved futile.

A single round of ammunition was discharged, injuring the rider and the pillion rider. The rider who sustained an injury to the leg was later pronounced dead at the OKEU Hospital.

The deceased was identified as, Negel George, a twenty-two (22) year old resident of Paix Bouche, Babonneau.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force urges individuals to adhere to cordons and other set parameters surrounding crime scenes and to obey lawful commands of officers tasked with preserving the integrity of crime scenes.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. hmm so thats how it is done so if you on a bike and police try to stop you and all efforts have been in vane the only choice is to shoot you to kill you? also there was a pillon rider on board what if the pillon rider ahs nothing to do with any related crime and yall end up killing the innocent individual. I not saying they should run away its true they should have stopped but for the police to shoot them to kill on i believe this on is excessive force. Mary this is where you have to come in on this one.

  2. Well I guess they had something to hide??? now we wait for the famous chorus my son was a good and loving boy he never had any problems with no one.

  3. I see the drama yesterday right after the Catholic Church where they selling local bread I thought it was an accident. Now you this right here that trigger happy police officer should be arrested right now. I want to hear more from the pillion rider because whenever you fire a warning shot it’s usually direct upward in the air how did the driver got shot in his leg, which means you did not fire “a warning shot” it was fired directly at the driver. Now nobody don’t get me wrong I am not saying that one should not adhere to police commands in retrospect to crime scenes, but at the same token police officers are here to protect and to serve and not be judge and executioner. You can’t do stuff like this and expect this to be acceptable only for some it is, that’s why we will forever be in the cross hairs of Washington. Was the officers been threatened ? If you could not stop him let him go follow him and arrest him how far would he have gotten there was so much police out there plenty on motorcycle too.

  4. A lot of what ifs. Here is a what if for you ma malay. What if the rider had just stopped when he was instructed to do so by the police especially given the circumstances which existed at the time.

  5. It seems the officers did not shoot to kill –they aimed for the feet or legs. However, few people know that one of the easy ways by which people bleed to death is to sustain a rupture to the femoral artery in the leg! Perhaps that’s why a “safe” shot to the leg resulted in the death of the foolishly fleeing suspect! We all have a civic responsibility to obey the instruction given by the Police at all times –let alone at crime scenes, and at nights!

  6. The police is doing the job now you criticizing. Ma malay its you very persons who complain about criminality in this country now you calling for Mary. The police need to protect themselves. One short dead by police you all shouting . Why you all do not call on Mary for the already 11 senseless killings by bandits after 2 months ? Why?


  7. Lucian high-grade trigger happy is for officers? Shame on you. How do you classify the bandits? Uh….. no comments on their professional behavior for week before incident where they resisted arrest and assaulted police officers.

    Am not saying normal law abiding citizens should be killed by police, but they should abide by the law..

    ORC : we need this type of policing again to silent the criminals.

  8. @Hmmm. It’s possible to die from a gunshot wound to the leg if you bleed out. Oftentimes happen in wars. You can also have a bullet that tumbles depending upon the angle of entry of the bullet. There is the longest nerve in the body that runs in the leg…sciatic nerve (I am not sure if damaged can result in death).

  9. @CARBAY like I have stated this sort of “behavior by law enforcement” will be acceptable to a choosen few case and point made… have you on deemed the motorcyclist to be of a criminal element ?? Was he armed ?? Did he threaten law enforcement ?? Was he wanted?? Ooopps I sent a warning shot and it just “happened to severe” a main hearty I guess in your mind set Oh well too bad correct ?? Just like when an officer shot up a mini bus filled with passengers on the Denary Castries Hwy a few moons ago claim they were looking for a armed drug dealer and killed an innocent man to date 2023 the family is yet to be compensated by the state but that officer was promoted and is still on the force I guess ooopps Oh well for that too right ? Thank God your ooops Oh well did not work for the VF five. Like every other police shootings in St Lucia this one will be swept under the rug too so you have nothing to worry about they good……in other news……..

  10. They refuse to enact a minimum wage to stop the exploitation of 80 percent of private sector workers

  11. Unless the cause of death is determined by medical professionals, the cause remains uncertain. Keep in mind that he was shot on a moving circle. I truly hope that those lawless citizens will take heed.

  12. @ Poule Foo. This is understood. But bleeding out does not happen in a few mins. Bexon is about a 10 minute drive from OEKU hospital. Did they leave him on the scene for hours?

  13. There has never been a good reason for someone to die accidently. However, it was about time the Police get the respect they deserve when they are conducting investigation in this country. Too many times the police are being abused verbally and in some situations some of the bad boys take it one step further, they physically abuse the police. I am not happy about the killing but I understand the language which has been spoken in that situation – Respect the order of the police. This message is loud and clear and should be demonstrated at all times by the police – Good job officers.

  14. THere should be an investigation into every police shooting. That is the law. But some of these guys too bold and brazen. The police says you are entering a crime scene so STOP, you stop. Simple. These are the same people who will enter your property and disregard your right to safety in your own home.

  15. No Respect for the Poliice .You were given instructions to Stop .Stop what is so wrong in Following the Police Instructions

  16. The police have elevated rights to use all necessary force at a designated crime scene. The motorcyclist could have easily been mistaken for the murderer trying to flee the crime scene when he refused to STOP !This is a crime scene where one is dead and the perpetrator on the loose. A motorcycle is as deadly as the gun. This was about the only way to get him to stop. The police is authorized to use deadly force when necessary. In this case the intent was to get him to stop and not necessarily to kill him, since he was shot in the leg. The law is on their side. The police need the respect they deserve!

  17. By the way I heard the guy got two shots, leg and chest and the cops left him bleeding on the ground for more than an hour, he even made a phone call to his sister. If the trigger is the best solution for these officers then this needs to go beyond Mary Francis to the US.

  18. This site is advertisements with a little bit of news in between. You can’t read 3 lines before there’s another advertisement. Really distracting makes the site look amateur and unprofessional .

  19. @STOP….you need to stop and listen to yourself. Was the motorcycle been used as a weapon ? Did he treathen law enforcement ? You don’t pull that gun unless you are threatened. They are trained that way ( supposedly). St Lucia PD so anything goes untill they come across the likes of me who would spare nothing even drag them to England if necessary. You can’t break the same law you are sworn to uphold. With all those officers out there many on bikes how far do you really think he would have gotten….not even quarter mile.

  20. For those of you victim blaming you should be ashamed! My cousin who was the innocent passenger did not deserve to be shot and left to bleed out. I hope one of your family members will not suffer the same fate one day. The trigger happy police should be prosecuted period!

  21. While I am unsure of all the details of this situation – what I can state is that in St. Lucia most citizens are extremely disrespectful to law enforcement-they think they can curse them out and tell them to leave this person alone during the course of executing their duties. I once saw some footage where a young man grabbed the police officer’s shirt at his neck while crowds of onlookers are shouting and telling the officer to leave him alone. All I can say is the majority of you Lucians need to remain in St. Lucia with your uncivilized disrespectful behavior – any place outside of St. Lucia – trust me you would be history…
    Most of you will not survive in a civil society which is govern by rules for even a minute.

    If you are asked to stop by law enforcement anywhere you should stop. Why would anyone in their right mind want to place themselves in such a predicament as stated in the article.

  22. This whole thing is backwards, one lane was already opened for traffic to flow when the rider passed through. Then one officer threw the bike down with the rider on which resulted him to fall with the bike. Then the the officer shot the pillion rider with his rifle. That shot passed through his leg and hit the rider while he was laying down on the road. So it was the pillion rider that was shot in his leg.

  23. I say to the citizens do not engage the police your chances are very slim to nothing, abide by the laws and we will have a good st Lucia. Allow the popo to do their work.

  24. Officers forget those here who will always find fault with the police but run to the same police for help. WELL DONE OFFICERS. The rule is stop when asked by the police or you will be stopped by the police. Simple

  25. @propaganda like I said I’m not sure about the chest but for sure he got shot in the leg and was left there for an hour

  26. St. Lucian police officers r 2 trigger happy, seems they r out for revenge, or 2 prove a point. Take a life any chance u get, because u r the law? There is no one 4 the police 2 answer 2, life—-God is good, all d time. Sorry u had 2 lose ur life like that.


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