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Chastanet Urges Saint Lucians To Declare – ‘No Referendum, No CCJ’


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has called on the people of Saint Lucia to call or message their Members of Parliament with the message – ‘No referendum, no CCJ.’

The United Workers Party (UWP) leader disclosed that on Tuesday, the Government of Saint Lucia would head to parliament to amend the constitution, allowing the Caribbean Court of Justice to replace the Privy Council as Saint Lucia’s final court of appeal.

But Chastanet wrote on Facebook that the process is hasty, without sufficient public consultation or information dissemination regarding the pros and cons.

” How many of you can confidently say that you know or understand how this move will impact you?” The former Prime Minister said.

“Since being founded in 2001, out of 15 countries who initially signed on, only 4 countries in the region have made the full transition to the CCJ serving as their final court of appeal,” the Micoud South MP noted.

“The Government of St Vincent & the Grenadines in 2009, and the Governments of Grenada and Antigua & Barbuda in 2018 all held referendums on this issue regarding the CCJ,” Chastanet observed.

He said a Saint Lucia referendum on the CCJ would ensure the decision is democratic and transparent.

“While it is ultimately up to the government to decide whether to adopt the CCJ as the final court of appeal, this decision should not be made without the input and consent of the people. A referendum would allow for a public debate on the issue, with both sides of the argument being heard and considered,” Chastanet stated.

In addition, he asserted that a referendum would help to increase public awareness and understanding of the issue, as many people in Saint Lucia may not be fully aware of what the CCJ is and how it works.

According to Chastanet, by holding a referendum, the government can ensure that the public is fully informed about the issue before making a decision.

The former Prime Minister also declared that a referendum would help to ensure that the decision is seen as legitimate and binding.

“If the government were to make the decision without consulting the people, there would always be a question of whether the decision was truly representative of the will of the people,” he said.

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  1. Chas, let me say this, UWP and SLP along with the governance machinery NEVER speak the truth. Now in my own opinion if it deems fit to make the CCJ the final court of appeal then let it be so. The privy council is way out of the common man jurisdiction, couple with cost and expenses. The CJJ is outside the parameters of political appointees who served as yes man for political affiliates. We have seen time and time again how politicians manipulate the justice system here while the common man become the cement in a cement mixer. The CCJ however is just next door and served less cheaper without political influence. These judges at the CCJ is equally educated similar to those of the Brits. Talk about the roads cost of living and health care.

  2. Here we go again with,Chas.
    Are you afraid of the CCJ, this is the direction St.Lucia should go. The privy Council is to expensive for the common man.
    Whatever, you’re afraid this is where you’ll have to answer your name.

  3. Chastanet before you seeking from people to message our members of Parliament, I want to message you first by telling you that we don’t want to hear or see you. We don’t want you as the political leader of the UWP . But knowing how arrogant you are you won’t listen.

  4. Im asking these questions:
    1. Do we need to waste money on a referendum? 2. Is the government abusing its parliamentary majority to force Legislation for something so important
    3. Isn’t it time to move away from ” colonial Justice” ?
    4. Didn’t the CCJ save Guyana’s from Mingo and Lowenfield election ?
    quagmire ?

  5. Chastanet, you are part of the problems facing St. Lucia today. St. Lucia needs a constitutional amendment pronto. The people of this nation had a constitution imposed upon them and were not the architect in the creation of this ersatz constitution. We need a complete breakaway from the past and create a constitution that reflects our values and way of life. This eurocentric constitution benefits you, Chastanet, and you ilks.

    PM Pierre ought to muster the courage to act in an honest and forthright manner regarding this antiquated constitution. Leadership without courage is regression.

  6. Sometimes silence can be golden, so I decide to just say hmmm let me go and take my bipolar medicine before I forget..

  7. Did he call a referendum in vieux fort before he had T O Ah King build a horse racing track which is a white elephant

  8. I would like to know what hell other Caribbean nations are experiencing why should think twice about joining the CCJ ? I don’t hear of any…… anyone heard of any ?? The privacy council more than a decade have urged Caribbean Nation’s to establish their own final court of appeal because it’s a burden to the taxes payers of Great Britain of wish they do not want to carry anymore….in earnest, move along try your own thing, get loss you are old enough now pay you own bill, but you have some leaders who refuse to get it. I would hope King Charles would just come out and say enough now but he will never do so because it in would mean they are getting more independent and less dependent soon they won’t need me anymore, oh boy mother would roll over in her grave.

  9. Mr. Chastanet before the referendum can you tell us the amount of St. Lucian passports that were sold during your reign.

  10. Why should we spend money for a referendum when this issue affects only the wealthy not the common man? So again Chastnet is trying to use government money for him and his buddies claiming it’s for the Lucian People. He’s afraid of the CCJ because he’s got the privy council in his pocket. That’s why he’s fighting so hard. At the end of the day this really affects very few and should be where Lucia goes. The CCJ at least gives an option that more can use. He needs to just stop fighting this. He’s fooling no one that he’s looking out for Lucia. He’s looking out for himself as always.

  11. Maybe I missed it, but I did not read anywhere in this piece where the former PM said we should not go the route of the CCJ. From what I read, he is asking for a referendum and more education on the issue. I don’t see an issue with this. Grenada had a referendum. I don’t think money to fund the referendum is a problem because we find money for the things we want. If we think the majority of persons will support the move to the CCJ, then great! The referendum will support that. What really is the issue with asking for a referendum?


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