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Four Saint Lucians Among Eastern Caribbean Nationals Deported From The U.S. In 2022


Four Saint Lucians were among thirty-two Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) nationals deported from the United States in 2022, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Annual Report.

The list included ten Saint Vincent and the Grenadines citizens, five Dominicans and four nationals each of Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

The ICE report did not clearly indicate the reasons for the deportations.

But it indicated that in 2022, U.S. authorities conducted nearly twice the number of administrative arrests in 2021.

The United States created ICE in 2003 by merging the investigative and interior enforcement elements of the former U.S. Customs Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Today, ICE, a premier federal law enforcement agency, has over 20,000 law enforcement and support personnel in more than 400 offices across the United States and worldwide.

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  1. ICE don’t have to reveal what those culprit got deported for, the immigration department locally will have the information. They can be rapist to criminal etc. What I know is that they will be set free into our society to repeat same.

  2. They could have been deported for overstaying or for committing criminal actions. Such information is readily available by doing a name search on Pacer. I am almost certain that the 32 number would pale in comparison to the number of Americans who have overstayed in the member states. However, we do not enforce like the Americans do. Potato, Pahtahto.

  3. Unfortunately for the Deported Ones!!! They blew it..
    Most of them can reapply, but this time Use commonsense to solve the issue..
    I have travelled, work, and Live, in many Countries, but currently in Ajax Ontario Canada..
    Have faith and travel the world honestly and have fun doing it..
    I know the media’s in St Lucia are doing a fine job in exposing the Island to the world wide Web.. Fantastic efforts Media’s .*****. I am asking the Politician’s to encourage the Hotel’s to pay their workers a living wage system of $10 per hour based on 40 hrs weekly to share the wealth of the island with the people who are working for the hotel’s, They too need purchasing power to move forward, YES WE CAN by sharing the wealth…. Let’s create a middle class system..
    40% × $ 20,000+ per annum . Let’s use Commonsense and the opportunity to make a wise decision. !!? I endorse my thoughts..
    Happy Monday To everyone.. We can do it…

  4. Only 4 St.Lucians, there is a certain individual who will say is 400. Remember when we had 8 and he said 800 to a journalist? Watch for it.

  5. Re Article. L E should give us more clues on this particular post? Please say what you eluding us to.

  6. The thing is deportation can be as a result of extreme acts such as violent crime to genuinely overstaying your visa; the latter can be due to simple reasons such as falling ill and not providing proof of any medical records in time. Sometimes, ICE can target you out of malice from haters and trust me, they will find something wrong. My point is Saint Lucia should publish how many white folks we deport back to their countries as well for overstaying and crime (my bad, they don’t commit crime on island atall!!!)

  7. Well,Richard Frederick will never be deported from the USA. Always look on the bright side of life dear boy.

  8. @Allison in wonderland keep dreaming or wish upon a star. The day the hotels start paying higher wages that’s the day they will pick up and leave or don’t come here at all. You see what attracts those investors is that can pay our people peanuts, no health insurance, no retirement, or 4O1K etc without taking a hit on their bottom line. Politicians know this, some are even in the business and pay their workers said peanuts, they know a bargain when they see it that’s why they will never complain about it, but they are the same one will preach to you how they are concerned about “the poor”.

  9. Oh Theo, looks like you’ve got a crush on RF.

    I wonder if Allen can be deported from Lucia – persona non grata maybe!


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