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ECCB Engages The Marketing Machine As Principal Marketing Agency For DCash

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The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) is excited to announce that it has engaged The Marketing Machine, a full-service marketing consultancy firm, as the principal marketing agency for DCash, the digital version of the Eastern Caribbean (EC) Dollar.

The Marketing Machine, which is Antigua and Barbuda-based, was selected through a competitive tendering process that began in April 2022 and saw participation from several internationally recognised marketing firms from around the Caribbean and North America.

Speaking on the consultancy, Project Manager of the DCash Pilot Project, Karina A. Johnson said, “Just as important as the security and robustness of the DCash technology is the ability to effectively engage with the people of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) about how DCash can impact their lives and the performance of their businesses. With The Marketing Machine, we believe we have found an able partner to drive this message with creativity and clarity.”

The Marketing Machine will devise and implement strategies to increase visibility of the DCash brand and drive the aggressive expansion of the DCash user network across the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU). Its marketing activities, campaigns and strategies for DCash will focus on increasing public awareness, education and usage to expand the DCash ecosystem.

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This marketing engagement follows the ECCB’s historic launch in March 2021 of the DCash pilot.

DCash is a pioneering digital currency that brings modern-day convenience to consumers and businesses across the ECCU. It has the potential to significantly enhance business operations in the region and create opportunities for everyone to participate in the digital economy.

The DCash app gives users a safer, faster, and cheaper option of paying for goods and services or for sending funds to friends, family, or anyone with a DCash wallet.

“DCash is an amazing innovation for the people of our region, and we at The Marketing Machine are extremely proud to have won the bid for this important project.” CEO of the Marketing Machine, Chalita Rose said.

Mr. Rose added: “With our hands-on acquisition approach, our engagement with the ECCB will impact the growth of DCash. The Marketing Machine team will leverage its unique talents, network and proven creative initiatives in bringing the desired results to the ECCB’s efforts in putting the convenience, speed and safety of DCash in the hands of the people of the region.”

DCash is now being piloted in all eight ECCU countries: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. More information on DCash is available on its website

SOURCE: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

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  1. Anyone who uses a bank debit or credit card already participates in the digital economy!

    From its inception, the ECCB has always been irrelevant to the economy of the Eastern Caribbean; especially since the EC Dollar has always been pegged to the US Dollar. The main function of the ECCB has always been a means of providing “jobs for the boys!”

    The only purpose of this DCash initiative is to exercise complete control over the lives of EC citizens (an undemocratic role reversal); the collective governments of the EC are using unelected individuals to administer the political stranglehold they seek over their citizens.

    Recently, we have seen how the fascist Canadian government was able to throttle economic support for protesting truckers who were fighting the illegal mandates for unproven “vaccines”. They used their unlawful authority to lock down personal accounts from making remittances to the trucker support fund.

    It is clear that the only reason a marketing campaign is necessary is so that unwitting and apathetic citizens could be convinced that their democratic right to dissent is unnecessary.

  2. Everyone should know that the ECCB is but a very junior department of the IMF & World Bank (dominated by US banks).

    US economic hegemony over the rest of the world is fading fast; so the US is increasingly desperate to conserve their control over weak nations that cannot fight back against neo-colonialism & neo-fascism.

    Here is a very comprehensive article which outlines the rise and fall US economic hegemony:
    Ukraine: The Tunnel at the End of the Light

    I have presented it here for the sole reason of giving EC citizens an open window to facts that their predatory politicians & treacherous fourth estate agents want to keep hidden, at all costs.

  3. Why is there censorship & delays in publishing the comments I have submitted against this article. Is it because they highlight the fact that the policies and campaigns of the ECCB are not in the interest of EC citizens, but as obedience to the imperial diktats of the World Bank & IMF?


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