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Demonstrators Gather Outside Parliament Amid Saint Lucia’s CCJ Accession Move


Demonstrators for and against a referendum on Saint Lucia’s accession to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) gathered outside parliament in Castries on Tuesday.

The demonstrators gathered as the government moved to the house to make the CCJ Saint Lucia’s final appellate court.

“We just called on ordinary citizens to come out today,” opposition leader Allen Chastanet told reporters as he arrived for the parliamentary session.

“We need to take a much stronger interest in the governance of our country,” said Chastanet, whose United Workers Party (UWP) wants a referendum on the CCJ accession.

He accused the government of being arrogant, turning a deaf ear, and being drunk on its own self-importance.

“They are taking over our country and ruining our country and it’s time for us to stand up,” the former Prime Minister declared, adding that the people should have a voice on critical issues like the CCJ.

However, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre told reporters on the sidelines of parliament that the court has ruled there was no need for a CCJ referendum.

He described the day as historic.

“Today, we’re going to be removing one of the last barriers of colonialism. We are going to show confidence in our people, confidence in our judges, confidence in our system. I am very proud that Saint Lucia has accepted it,” Pierre stated.

“Today will go down in history as one of the very important days for our children to know that t we had the confidence and trust in our people to make the CCJ our final court of appeal,” the Castries East MP explained.

Concerned citizen and Community Activist Aaron Alexander supported Saint Lucia’s accession to the CCJ.

Aaron Alexander

The placard-bearing activist declared that Saint Lucia has been under colonialism’s yoke with the Privy Council for too long.

“The CCJ is ours,” he told reporters.

Alexander observed that there was no referendum for Saint Lucia to be part of the Privy Council.

“So why should there be a referendum for us to join the CCJ? That’s nonsense,” he said

“Let us have faith and confidence in our own people,” Alexander asserted.

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  1. That is the kind of nonsense that focks up this country, a bunch of people out there demonstrating because they were asked to, but 98% of them don’t even know or understand the issue they are demonstrating for or against! If you needed any indication as to what goes on, just listen to the people’s reaction when Allen arrives, I just can’t with that BS

  2. “Let us have faith and confidence in our own people,” Alexander asserted. Yet he agrees in the denying of the peoples’ right to vote in a referendum. Lord have mercy…..the hypocrisy. Self important people that only their opinion matters. Alexander should really dig and find out how the Eastern Caribbean court came to that judgement then he would really wake up from his slanted slumber. Go and read who currently sits on the CCJ and who sits on the Privy Council. John Peters self talking about democracy, oppression and liberation and then saying a referendum for the masses is not necessary because the smart elite are in charge. Freedom to decide on our access to judicial independence please.. How many unsolved murders are there in St. Lucia. At 70 a year and probably half solved.

  3. We the Anse La Raye / Canaries people are in full support of CCJ, there is no need for a referendum. Fedee should not come to our shop and talk about that. Furthermore, he is a rejected politician, we need new blood in the UWP. These old heads should step aside.


  5. Watch them ha hah hah hah hah hah ha hear their White God “we call on the ordinary citizens”……..the ordinary citizens who does not have a decent minimum wage, and could afford a good Queens Council if needed to go to the Privy Council for their final court of appeal. Boy when you buy into wicked resurrect and you don’t take the time to educate yourself on the matter at hand, the end result Jackassness

  6. They never protest the 5 year passport down from 10 years and which costs 5 times as much, with the long lines at immigration but they are protesting the CCJ thing. Lucians couyon eh! Too much time in the sun.

  7. Marcus Garvey said that black people need to see beauty within themselves. The ccj is step in the right direction , as we pave the way towards Black Nationalism…

  8. A group of corrupt champagne socialists that believe that they are way smarter than the general population. They believe that their opinion alone counts. Certainly interested in putting themselves first not interested in the opinions of the field slaves. They project their own racism and saying white people this and that instead of asking: Which court is more independent? Which court has the better impartial and experienced judges (forget about color)? Which court is less affected by corrupt Caribbean politicians (remember your party will not always be in power?

  9. The ignorance in the comments here is so clear. Bunch of rehearsed talking points….pure ignorance of the actual matter. The first question is why now and why the rush when so many of our citizens have yet to fully understand what the move really means. There are so many other matters needed to be addressed such as minimum wage. Additionally why did the ruling party not put this as an intention or point in the manifesto. Had it been in the manifesto and people still chose to vote for them then fine. It was not. Better collective understanding then the decision can be made by all.

  10. Re Article:: Not TOO BRIGHT AT lARGE..
    The leader of the opposition leader of the island should create employment, and stop the fooling his self and his followers.. He is part of the hotel’s on the Island, so he should ask the hotel owners to give a fair living wage of $10 per hour based on 40 hrs weekly..
    Please, stay away from the 47 % You predicted..
    Note: loose lips sinks ships..
    I endorse my thoughts
    Happy Wednesday Aka Hump Day to everyone

  11. @Not Fooled there there there your reluctancy to stand on your own even at 44 is quite evident, even when the slave master has removed the noose from around your neck in regard to the matter at hand, open the barn door and tell you to go, tearing yourself from clutches of Massa is very hard to do, there there there there your stipend is in the mail.

  12. To the man who is not fooled please remember that the Privy Council wants to stop holding on to their frock tails and stand on your own feet.

  13. No more democracy in St Lucia. Pip say Chas was a dictator so what does he call this? Shame!

  14. Our Court system in a mess but instead of investing in it we giving millions to CCJ smh


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