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Chastanet Defends His House Walkout – Says He Has No Respect For The Speaker


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet who walked out of the House of Assembly on Tuesday after a testy exchange with Speaker, Claudius Francis, said afterward that he does not respect the Speaker.

“I have no respect for the Speaker of the house,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader declared while accusing Francis of bias and malice.

Chastanet spoke Tuesday on the Power 97.9 FM programme Newsspin, shortly after the fracas during a house debate.

“That’s something that’s been building up for a while. We saw the comments by the Speaker a couple of months ago about the bazooka. In essence, he was going to drop the gloves, and he was encouraging all labourites to take and drop the gloves off and he was going to use a bazooka to deal with members of United Workers Party,” the opposition leader told Host Timothy Poleon.

He said continued heckling in the House of Assembly followed.

The former Prime Minister acknowledged that heckling could be normal.

“That’s fine. If you are going to run your House in the manner in which you are going to allow that kind of heckling to take place, then you have to expect the Speaker is going to respond at some point, if necessary,” the former Prime Minister stated.

And he said he had tried his best over the last year and a half and accepted it as part of the norm.

But he explained that the situation had become so disrespectful and disingenuous that one must respond to some remarks.

According to the Micoud South MP, when he is on his feet, almost every word he utters becomes the subject of heckling.

Noting that he had often turned the other cheek, Chastanet explained that he was tired of the situation.

He also recalled that the House Speaker had attempted to take him before the Privileges Committee in an ‘unacceptable manner’.

” I had to take him to court, and he has lost that case. What the Speaker is doing sitting in that seat today is beyond me,” the Micoud South MP told Newsspin.

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  1. Did you have any for Andy. So you’re just a man with no respect. Spoiled brat

  2. I have watched the interactions and debate, or lack of it, in the Saint Lucia House of Assembly as well as the Senate, for the past few sittings, with much disgust and pity. Disgusted by the behavior of members of the House, including the perceived bias of the Speaker towards some members and the almost chaotic manner in which members address the people’s business. The constant back-and-forth between the Speaker and the Leader of Opposition or constant interruptions brought about by insults hurled between certain members are applauding.

    Further, can the present government provide a vision for Saint Lucia and focus on the tasks at hand without focusing on their victory at the polls or the mandate they were given? You are in government, so please focus on governing. The people of Saint Lucia deserve better!

    Lastly, and in anticipation of the many who might respond to this post with color deficiencies or preferences, this post does not take sides about any issues raised. This is simply a call for the people who represent the interest of Saint Lucians in the House and Senate to do so cognizant of the fact that their personal vendettas against each other are affecting the people’s progress.

    Bring back some HONOUR in the people’s HONOURABLE House!

  3. These behaviors are inappropriate all around, show some respect to and for each other, we are one nation, different people trying to work together on this 1 Island for the betterment and sustainability of this Island.! This is why the 14 and 15 year olds are acting in such menacing ways bc this is there example! SMPH@ ALL of YOU,The World is watching!…

  4. Chastnet you have demonstrated time and time again that you are a spoiled brat with zero respect for anyone. No respect for your former speakers of the house, the standing orders of the house, your former ministers, the former Governor General , the finances of the state, members of your party executive and the list goes on……

    Chastnet you must always have your way in everything except in your father’s business.

    One day soon karma will visit you. You have learnt nothing from your father. There is not one humble bone in your body.

    Power hungry jack a** .


  5. This is not OK. What happened to respect? What happened to decorum?
    We are quickly descending into a banana republic…shameful.
    Only hooligans think this kind of disrespectful behavior towards the Opposition Leader is OK. We must do better.

  6. Anything that is of St Lucia or the Caribbean Chas does not support or like it. Check LIAT.

  7. Disfusted, just how I feel when I watch the behaviour of so called leaders in politics. Now I have to think deeply before I use word honourable to address a politician.
    The members of government need to stop the hatred and insults in the house. Speaker of the House is doing a horrible job, bias, colour blinded , bully, disrespectful, arrogant are some of the words that describe him..pur country first , stop the hatred and personal vendetta.

  8. @The Honourable Lucian Highgrade, you are soo very correct. When the shoe was on the other foot, he and the UWP sheeple reveled in the disrespect showed to the Honourable members on the other side (SLP). LET HIM TASTE WHAT IT’S LIKE. HAhahahahaha!

  9. There is absolutely no discipline. Whilst Permanent Secretaries, NGOs, churches and private sector organizations hold consultations and meetings that are structured, meaningful and progressive these guys act like a failing circus. Can you imagine what the youth get from this. The bravado, bad manners and arrogance of all those holding the peoples’ mandate. Unmannerly. Chastenet or any other politician of any other party, race or creed is right to walk away from indiscipline and heckling in this important national forum. These are the people’s representatives acting like undisciplined fools. Can you imagine your bank manager or doctor acting like this?

  10. It looks like they’re still fighting the last election campaign. It also looks like a bunch of kids on the play ground wanting their turn to (fight) play.
    The thing I’ve feared the most- is beginning to take shape – the decent to Haitian style of Governance; no respect to the rule of decency among fellow members, its me against you; look at the gang war, I rule or you die, you do as I say because I’m in charge here; My gang will go to Soufriere, V/Fort, Dennery or wherever, sit down and shut up, I run this ship my way, if you don’t like it to hell with the people in Micoud South, forget about any new modern Hospital you started, let it rut on the ground. This is the new St. Lucia where we sell out our Harbours without any input or discussion with any opposite side of the Government, if you don’t like it, pack up and leave. This is (our) St. Lucia Haiti style.
    “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”
    With all the crime, will St. Lucia ever prosper? without the Privy Council off unbiased opinion, not knowing or favouring one side over another, so do as you please.


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