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Saint Lucia Observes World Hearing Day With A Call To Action Against Hearing Loss


Saint Lucia is to launch a new Ear and Hearing Health Manual developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), as part of its call to action to prevent hearing loss.

Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste spoke of plans for the launch on Thursday, one day ahead of World Hearing Day on March 3.

This year’s theme is “Ear and Hearing Care for all!” Let’s make it a Reality”.

The Minister disclosed that in Saint Lucia, approximately 1000 persons are screened annually at the hearing health clinics at the Wellness Centres, and a significant number through private means.

According to Jn Baptiste, in 2018, an estimated 700 people were found to have a hearing impairment.

The figure was 420 individuals in 2021.

The Minister’s complete statement to mark World Hearing Day appears below.

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  1. “You’ve never respected our People”, uttered the Minister. We need both political party to respect us the people. Is it respectful when:
    1. Fishers are still allowed to venture out to sea without proper safety equipment. Do you know the amount of pain their missing at sea brings to their family?
    2. Individuals are arrested on the suspension of commiting a crime and left to rot at BCF and not one Government Official would be closure to the broken justice system. Are you not aware that the rise in crime maybe as a result of delayed justice and a population commiting vigilante justice?
    3. I do support the CCJ but explain to me how is going to help speed up the processing of the major backlog of cases?
    4. You accuse the former PM and senior members of his Cabinet of wrong doing, why aren’t you taking them before the Court so you can save our Country once and for all from alleged Corrupt practices?
    5. Why are you not giving priority to the challenges at the BTC? Ignoring this issue and placing them on the back burner makes you part of the problem?
    6. What’s happening to VF? Are you punishing Dr. kDA because he refuses to pass the baton on to someone of your choice and the residents are left as collateral damage?
    7. St. Jude?
    8. Road condition?
    9. Passport issuance?
    This is just the tip of the iceberg and by no means more important than any other issues not mentioned. With the current obsession this Government has for the former PM it’s clear that we are not going to achieve much. You preach Peace and you practice division. Please get back on track and start to heal our nation. Focus on the issues and you won’t have to campaign to win the next general election. I’m putting all of you on notice, St. Lucia is a forgiving nation and your constant bashing of Chas and his operative will swing on you.

  2. So is this person or his colleagues going to do anything about the sources of loud noise in this place, besides making statements in observance of a day? Something constructive more than showing his face to the press? Do something about the loud music, loud noise from vehicles, especially motorcycles. Bet you not. But he will show up again for another observance or to say that he is “concerned”.

  3. Noise pollution is a very serious matter on the island. Cars blaring music is a principal source. There are some drivers who even blast music from speakers on the roofs of their cars. Such is the level of disrespect shown to the law. Can you imagine pulling a stunt like that in a developed country?

    Next, we have those who play their stereos so loud that the entire community is forced to endure it. Worse yet, many of them start very early in the mornings especially holidays and weekends.

    Who is going to stop those clowns? I can’t think of anyone. Nobody wants to rock the boat because everyone wants to be cool…and yes, votes too. Example, people are selling ground provisions and vegetables in the heart of downtown. They are not using the market which they are supposed to. Nobody is enforcing the standards or the law. So, shove that gimmick about hearing concerns.


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