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Woman Shot In Castries

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A woman was rushed to the hospital Monday afternoon after a shooting incident at Riverside Road, Castries, police have confirmed.

According to reports, the woman sustained a gunshot injury to the leg at about 4:00 pm.

A video on social media shows two individuals lifting a woman and placing her into a white car.

There are no further details at this time.

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  1. May God restrain the cold-hearted gunslingers in the land, and have great mercy on Helen of the Wild, Wild West!

  2. Oh please shut the f__k with your’ll unending may God may God may God ,,, how long now you eh see that NOT working!!! Damnnn man !!

  3. Troy shut ur dirty face it’s because of people like u that u and other idiots think it may not b working

  4. Despite what Troy tried to say, I will repeat like the majority of us THANK GOD that our hitmen are amateurs or poor maxmen. In the past 3 weeks there has been at least two people injured through gun violence on a daily basis. If they were shot, it was meant for them to be killed. So we have to continue to pray and thank God for all these 20+ that were shot in the last three weeks that didn’t succumb. Currently we are second to Trinidad and Tobago with the highest murder rate per capita in the region of the Americas and the Caribbean. If we think that is not affecting us currently we are wrong. Our politicians are now Moumou so we have to be the loud voice in the wilderness.

  5. This is crazy, there was what 7 people shot on Independence Day,4 dead!? and now Sunday yesterday and today , 4 people Shot WTF SmPH people if someone is shot, First thing, take off your shirt, belt whatever u have and tie it around injury to create a tourniquet to stop bleeding it might mean the difference between life and death. PUT THE GUNS DOWN…..

  6. Troy….I don’t blame you! I blame people who were older than you and never saw it necessary to have you love God! I used to be like you until I learnt the hard way that no man….no money…no friends …no family can help you when illness or bad situations come your way. You can only seek that comfort through HIm. Trust me.

  7. And they want to promote Marchand for Jazz opening despite all the violence in the city

  8. @Troy everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You do not have to believe what Truth be Told believes – however, there is no reason to use profanity at him or her in a forum where everyone has a voice – let’s be respectful of each other while we agree to disagree.

  9. Troy is not wrong. Even the biblical zealots among you know the phrase
    “God helps those who help themselves”
    So now it is time to show decisive actions and solve the problem.
    Only then will blessings (if you believe)

  10. @ Jay ,,, you’re right, the use of profanity wasn’t necessary, I am sorry. Humble apologies to “Truth be told”.

  11. @critical thinker critically thinking and @perry jerry go hide u all self or better yet get lost what is to be will be leave people alone u vaccine takers…nonsense

  12. It’s the op*osition who have created this mess, we need God and strong measures by the police to clean up our land

  13. Where was God when black people was enslaved for 400 years where was the black mans God to free him from bondage

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