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King Concerned Over The Number Of Saint Lucia Vehicle Imports


Transport Minister Stephenson King has reiterated concern over the number of vehicles Saint Lucia imports.

“We have too many vehicles being imported,” the former Prime Minister told reporters.

But he explained that before the government takes any drastic measures to address the situation, including the number and make of the imported vehicles and whether they are environmentally friendly, there was a need to look at the public transport.

In this regard, King recalled that the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) recently conducted a study on improving Saint Lucia’s public transport system.

“If we have an efficient public transportation system that is an improved system to what exists now with the current minibus operation where you have got to stand and wait until the bus driver believes that his bus is filled and then you move. But to have a system that you know if it says at 8 O’ clock you can get there and move at 8 O’ clock, then it means you can then regulate the movement of traffic in and out of your City,” King said.

He told reporters this would allow people to use a park-and-ride system to take public transportation into the City.

“These are some of the options. But we await the final report of the CDB which will inform us which is the best way of moving forward,” the Castries North MP stated.

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  1. It has always been my opinion that there are just too many car imports to St. Lucia. I believe there should be a limit on the number of cars imported; the size of vehicles imported; the engine size; the model year; and efficiency. Some may not agree but this is my position.

  2. The crow…..prevent me from bringing in one uh! The problem was caused by the average man and woman… was caused by incompetent decision makers like this blue dead weight. Who is responsible to have ensured a reliable transportation system? Who was responsible to ensuring that traffic congestion is minimized through better roads….better working traffic lights…..Who was responsible for better designed networks…..I rest my case!

  3. You should be more concerned about all the robberies murders rapes and corruption in St Lucia sir.

  4. Look out for an increase in customs duties on vehicles. Only an idiot who have not travel to Trinidad or Martinique will say that we are importing too many vehicles.

  5. Mr. King, you are correct but don’t look at minibus only, look at TX plates and SLGs there are too many of these as well. Also, Rayneau has too many trucks on the road as well.

  6. A brand new vehicle in st.lucia is just to dam expensive that is why there are so many imported vehicles. Im sure if yourll as a government can lessen on those prices im sure the numbers will decrease

  7. The “transportation system” Mr King is crying about is more than 60 years behind time. The SLU public transportation system should have been implemented years ago as a government run system ($$ for the country) – but the various administrations did nothing about it. Only NOW they are looking at the state of the transportation system. This should have been done over 60 years ago – with scheduled buses, planned bus fares, planned bus terminals. and everything which goes with a proper running bus system.

    Not only the public transportation system, but also sea ferries from coast to coast. Politician again – no plans, no maintenance.

  8. The problem started when Kenny Anthony decided to give people a driver’s license on automatic vehicles. It should have stayed on a manual vehicle only since we do not have roads for what we are now facing. We have too many ignorant drivers on our roads who pay no attention to road signs and only know how to accelerate.

  9. They coming for your cars under the guise of “saving the climate”. The climate has been changing for billions of years. This is the new scam for a bunch of psychopaths to impose their will on the rest of humanity.

  10. you dont see how nice it is to have your own vehicle and dont have to wait hours for bus on an afternoon to go to your various homes. People like king can say to many vehicles are being imported because people like him can go to beachcomber and by a brand new vehicle cash and drive out with style. All of this is just a ploy to get the local dealers more sales as well, he must be have his friends at the dealerships complaining that their new vehicles are not selling. I am sure if there were to many brand new vehicles being bought at the local dealerships there would not be a problem. If it was not for John Compton none of us would ever be able to import a used vehicle in this country its because of him looking out for the poor man that we have this today.

  11. @Reign…lol. I have always viewed that if you cannot drive a manual vehicle, you cannot label yourself a driver.

    But what is really compounding the issue in Saint Lucia and a number of other smaller islands is the lack of an effective inspection policy to ascertain roadworthiness of a vehicle. Too many ‘death traps’ moving about on the roads. Weed out them ole bangers to ease congestion and make the roads safer.

  12. Here we go king snake at it again too bad ur venom not killing you spinning in a circle biting n sucking on ur own tail,force field generator fueled by low IQ human jackcrifices…

  13. Lol. This guy is ALWAYS concerned and he seems to know the problem and have every solution. What data or economic analysis has he used to back up his statement. I think there are not enough vehicles. It grieves my heart when mothers and hotel workers bleach at night and in the hot sun because they don’t have their own vehicle. It’s not how many vehicles are imported or owned, it’s how many are on one section of our road network at once. No banks, government offices south of Castries until Vfort and Soufriere so everyone is forced to travel up north. Why is it we allow PJP and King to ALWAYS MAKE US LOOK LIKE THE PROBLEM? All dem ministers own about 3 vehicles ALL, plus they are driving govt owned vehicles. I myself want to own 3 vehicles. Not depend on dem Gros Islet Bus Drivers.

  14. In my opinion the minister is seeking to find ways to serve his purposed to collect more taxpayer dollars. Agreed they are a lot of used vehicles on the island, but you also need to understand it accounts for the GDP. Not forgetting that used vehicles attract a $6500.00 extra cost couple with the same tax as a new vehicle. Additionally, the government collect more revenue by the millions. The delinquency of the government of the day and his portfolio is justified with any formula put together. Thats a fact! The increase of license fees is considered premium. The failure of his ministry is that his ministry is equipped with loads of engineers who are constructing roads on a rocky island, paying premium cost for those constructions and yet the roads fall apart after 2 years max. Poor road lay out and network also contribute to the current situation. The traffic police department is not doing an effective job, everyone knows everyone. If the traffic department are to police the road everyday not necessary roadblocks alone it will make a huge difference. I can say the traffic department can generate 1million dollar every week with the carelessness of drivers on the road of St. Lucia. Space will not permit to explain in more details.

  15. There should be a limit on how many vehicles a man can own, you have severaL…..people who own well over a 100 vehicles for themselves personally and or abusiness. There should be more stipulations in place to raise tax on owning more then 2 vehicles to a household. I agree Rayneau has way too many trucks on island roads daily, masheeing them up with there load runs hundreds thousands a day and all these big as* pickup trucks, brought in last few years,range rovers ect ect…diesel gas guzzlers should not be allowed to be brought on island period. Also Good idea with stick shift cars ,vehicles alone allowed to be brought onto island, if people can’t control their temper, anger and speed.

  16. JA worries about damage they cause. Look polluting vehicles in your own back yard smoking up n down the road. Effing joke! Not to mention the cost of new rides in lucia. Your own government importing them weekly. Duty free too!

  17. Ya wanna reduce vehicles. Start testing for emission n smogs. 80% of rides fail. Start there.

  18. This government of excuses. Emma couldn’t get sugar in they started talk about diabetes with the aiding and abetting of their favorite media stations. Passport office a mess, Virginia said it’s person’s not applying for passports standing on the line who makes it look bad. Zero accountability from these guys. More imported vehicles means more revenue for your government. Taxes which are double the cost of the vehicle and more road tax and license fees. What’s the issue? Seems to me this is the prelude to even more taxes on imported vehicles.

  19. But was it not the government that gave free concessions for public sector workers to own their vehicles? During Covid concessions were given and the period was extended by Pierre’s administration . Now they are realizing the costs of their actions. Always the case and seems like a trend with this government. Check the CDC tenants
    They promised them one thing last year now they give them 3 months to vacate their apt for demolition to take place.

  20. Re Article,Mr King should focus on road construction to accommodate the newest set of vehicles in the island and should make the island road following the Smith system of road worthy.. we should never stop progressing.Create employment by building the road Way’s on the island and pay a fair living wage of $10 per hour based on 40 hrs weekly..
    Mr King should focus on building the roads without pointing fingers, we need visionary leadership.. The Buck stops with you ..
    Excuses no more, just be factual…. keep the lies to yourself.I endorse my thoughts

  21. Roads, roads, roads! The nation is in need of better roads –back roads, highways, main roads, etc.!!! Also, the traffic flow can be improved if there are efficient traffic lights at all the major intersections on our roadways! As well, the traffic police need to be more active directing traffic during rush hour to keep the traffic flowing properly! (But that doesn’t seem to bother the police officers and the Government officials. You see, the don’t have to worry about the traffic jam because they can simply put on their sirens and push you to the side of the road so that they can pass and go their merry ways!). Also, the police must have a better way to cut down the time it takes to get traffic moving after minor “fender-bender” traffic accidents! That’s not rocket science –that’s jjst common sense!

    The bigger problem isn’t vehicle importation –the bigger problem is road and traffic management!

  22. Mr king did not enact a livable wage when he was minister of labour over 80 percent of the workforce earn 2 to 3 EC dollars an hour

  23. Its ridiulous to talk about the amount of vehicle imports in isolation. If we are talking about the number imported we should open the conversation up to the amount on island in general and further, how the government makes no effort to make the island any more pedestrian friendly and instead makes it necessary to have vehicles to travel even short distances safely

  24. I don’t know what is more foolish. The fact that King has no solution, or the fact that we have a ton of backwards people talking about driving stick shifts only, when most vehicles sold today are automatic.

    If you brilliant people have solutions, they should include all types of drivers, including those who drive automatic electric vehicles too. Yes we should revisit importation, but how about regulation. There are many vehicles on the road, but what percentage of these vehicles should be? How many vehicles can one man be allowed to own, and what age must licenses be issued? These are the questions we must revisit.


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