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Three People Dead, 9-Year-Old Boy Injured In Vieux Fort Gun Violence

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Two men and a woman are dead, and a nine-year-old boy sustained injuries in the latest gun violence spike in Vieux Fort on Thursday.

Residents have identified the two male deceased as ‘Brico’ and ‘Dylan’.

According to reports, the shootings occurred within less than an hour after about 4:30 pm at the fisheries complex, Bruceville, and on Clarke Street.

Police disclosed that the 9-year-old boy sustained injuries from the fisheries complex shooting.

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The latest gun violence upsurge in Vieux Fort has been linked to continuing rival gang activity.

And Vieux Fort residents are bracing for more of the same in the coming days.


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  1. Seems “Operation Restore Confidence, Part 2” is overdue! Then again, the political leaders are too busy bickering over their personal, petty grievances in the House of Parliament (at tax payers expense!!) to notice that the gun-toting criminals are on the loose bludgeoning Fair Helen to death!

  2. Where is Kenny Anthony? Where is the current PM? Where is the ruling party who knew exactly what St. Lucia needed? With such a convincing mandate it is ironic and nauseating that they have not even begun to measure up to the task they convinced St. Lucians that they could perform. Lackluster, lazy and clueless.

  3. Reprisals not surprised. I said earlier they need to have a police post down at the end of Clark Street by that complex they have too much going on down their besides the sale of fish . All those guns in the barrels from Christmas showing up now.

  4. The new police commissioner has apparently drank moo moo pills, for in all that crime on the island she has said little to nothing. All for Pierre wanting to make history and sure he did. But apparently that is all it was – History!! The problems of this organization remain unchanged and have apparently gotten worse. We hear nothing of substance from the commissioner on the state of crime in Saint Lucia. For the most part she has remained mute. Not a welcomed attribute at this time. I still wish she and the RSLPF success for we have no other group to turn to for help. The political directorate has failed us time and time again, so madam commissioner we pray that you find your voice and say something!!!

  5. Sometimes the politicians are allowing this to happen and do nothing about it. On the other hand the foolice have their job cut out because someone must take blame for someone mistakes. Who want to believe that certain politicians and police ranks don’t know about these individuals who carries illegal guns and who are not gang related individuals. Get down to the core and you will be surprised the work these individuals do hits and work for you’ll be surprised. The sad state of affairs is that it is in full display in front of our youths, and they are getting injured now and this doesn’t send a chilling mind set of how deep it has gotten already. What will trigger a school child to walk with it in school? What will trigger a underage to walk in a woman house kill her and walk back out who were supposed to be under supervision in a correctional facility? Think about the culture that is now evolving. When we hear other news that certain countries will go the lenght and breath to shut down internet service to the entire country we never look deep into it.

  6. Many of those killings are as a result personal vendettas amongst rival groups driven by greed, insecurity, and dominance. These have always existed but it is now on a different scale altogther. How do we deal with the upsurge one may ask ? Destroy this cancer immediately or else see an exponential increase. God (whatever you consider it to be) operates by destroying its enemies… do it ! People cannot be living in so much fear in a supposed free country. I would rather have a dictatorial government with no crime than living in a crime-laden nation despite the purported freedom yet without peace and happiness. The government needs to go on the offensive NOW…….failing which the nation will rise against you by way of revolution.

  7. Give the people a livable wage so they can be motivated to go and work educated people do not work for 2 to 3 dollars an hour you think that the young men will go and work for the little bit of money

  8. These very same people obstructed police..curse police..been supporting drugs and violence.. even threatening and killing witnesses. Now this same brico we all knows very well..guess all Shanti town ppl will suffer the same..sad to see where I was raised became a war zone..

  9. No doubt some industries and individuals profit from poverty, ignorance, violence, disease and insanity. Their secret mission is not to elevate a people but to dominate them by limiting their development. It’s a fact. It therefore becomes our individual responsibility to pursue noble aims, protect our own property and not rely on others or the state to do it for us. Any official deemed unsuitable in their positions must go. Just as we saw during the middle east uprising, people have the power to make them run to cover. We must take control of out future………so shall we at once commence the movement/hashtag ?

  10. Phillip J Pierre, I am calling you out, you said you are the most readied Prime Minister, grow some balls and initiate RESTORE CONFIDENCE!!! YOU ADMINISTRATION IS A FAILURE. KENNY YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!!

  11. Operation Restore Confident 2 you say, so the police can be used and at the end be crucified. Stlucia is becoming a land where you trust no one but can only be elevated if you have friends in high places. The police force is in a mess because the wrong sets of people are being promoted simply because they have friends in high position and not because they deserve it. Some of them are lazy, will not go out of the way to get the job done yet they are the ones being promoted. This government is there for the higher and middle class people not for the lower class. We in the lower class should work with each other, love each other and show them that even if we are less educated than they are we are not stupid.please my little black boys and girls put down the guns. Let’s not destroy each other but embrace each other regardless of our differences. Let’s not get pigheaded like the upper class that believe they are better than us. Let’s put down the gun and unite as one. My prayer goes to the family that lost their love ones and to st. Lucia on the whole. Changes will never come through politics as they all are the same. Greedy,ungrateful,think they are better than others and so on. Let’s turn to god people because we do not know the day or hour we will take our last breath. Peace and love

  12. The future of St. Lucia does not look promising. Some of you speak of raising the minimum wage – where do you get the idea that a criminal wants to work a legitimate job??????????? – trust me they don’t.
    Some of you also state it’s a gang war — let me tell you honestly —innocent victims usually get killed in these gang wars everytime – is that justification.

    Do you want to live in a state of 238 square miles with such gun violence????? – I don’t think so. I am eternally grateful that I was able to get out of St. Lucia. However, I continue to pray as that is all that is left to do.

    The crime has seriously gotten out of control – a juvenile from the boy’s home – leaves the home and commits murder by stabbing an elder in the comfort of her own home to death –
    What next for such a tiny island ?????? – only God knows.

    In addition, you have parents who condone their criminal children behavior and siblings, friends and extended family who do the same-sharing stolen goods and money. Rest assured the blood is also on their hands and they will suffer tremendously as a result. Everyone will reap as they have sowed and when that happens and it MOST certainly will — par deee poor jab?

  13. Sammy you and Fire Burn, comment on the root of the problems that cause all the shootings. It is merely Marijuana and Cocaine, once these two items are at the forefront there will always be killings. It is not the politicians or the police, though there are some corrupt police, it is not about work as well. It is simply drugs.

  14. Let’s be realistic St. Lucia has always been a violent country! Most of the violence has been fueled by ignorance and rum, and now your have harder drugs and guns in the mix. People need to learn how to solve problems, and to respect each other and their community.

  15. St Lucia law is one side.. gang members getting arrested with guns they kill countless people wit..what’s they get is a couple months jail n back out on the block feeling unstoppable coming n commit more murders all them guns y’all got from behind the square last year so nun of them haven’t been tested…crime rate will always go up because police depending on witness which they does belle have because people fear life there is more than one way to solve a murder case

  16. @Bolo Byron …. I see you listening to the streets… You are the only one here making any kind of sense or have the slightest clue on what’s happening in the streets.. Everybody want to blame Kenny for this and that he can’t do nothing much , bring back this and that…..i did some old fashion Police work today, back in the day when the cops or the mafia wanted to gather intelligence on what’s happening in or around the community the would plant a sponge in the barber shop or bars, so guess what I did I went for a hair cut today and you know where right on Clark Street boy o boy all I can say it will only get worse not better. Certain elements from in the North want to establish their turf in the first largest town more so for transshipment. More to come

  17. Can’t blame the Doc for this. He s not PM or Minister in charge of Security.
    Under Doc’s reign ,Vieux Fort had drug dealers like anywhere else but not that level of madness.
    Even heavy roller stepped up as PM and made a decision (albeit the ensuing consequences weren’t pleasant)
    The PM must take responsibility and deal with the matter.
    It really is as simple as that.

  18. Bolo Byron a lot of the guys who join gangs and get involve in drugs is because they refuse to leave their homes and go work for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour . It is the system and the people with bachelor’s, masters and PhDs the permanent Secretaries, policy makers,ministers of government and politicians that is responsible for the quagmire that we are in today

  19. Time for the police to start ‘taking out’ a few gang members again… especially before the tourism industry is destroyed.


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