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PM: ‘We Must All Take Action To Protect Our Country’


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has urged citizens to come together in the battle against crime, criminal gangs and their leaders, following Thursday’s triple homicide in Vieux Fort.

Two men and a woman succumbed were gunned down and a nine-year-old boy was injured in separate incidents in the Southern town.

Prime Minister Pierre, responsible for National Security, issued the following statement on Friday:

Yesterday’s gang violence has left behind not only broken families but communities fearful for their safety.

The seemingly targeted and retaliatory homicides which intensified over the past few weeks have no place in an economy poised for economic development and growth.

We must work together to combat the growing presence of firearms on our streets and to protect our citizens from the scourge of gun-related crime. We must all take action to reduce the number of guns in circulation in Saint Lucia.

In addition to strengthening existing laws, and providing firearm detection equipment and
training to the police, I am calling on members of the public to do their part by reporting any suspicious activities relating to guns or other dangerous weapons.

The criminals do not care about us, therefore we must commit to safeguarding our lives and livelihoods by having zero tolerance for crime. I am calling on our workers who man the ports and other unguarded routes of entry to carry out their duties honourably.

The government will also continue to work with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force by providing them with resources that will facilitate the investigation and prosecution of illegal gun possession. We will also work to increase awareness of the dangers posed by gun-related crime on affected families and the psychology of our nation.

Saint Lucia does not produce firearms. Our region has become a dumping ground for illegal
arms. Saint Lucia is working with friendly governments to provide the necessary resources for our country to deal with strengthening our capacity to deal with these issues.

CARICOM Heads of Government are due to meet in April this year, to further discuss “Violence As a Public Health Crisis” and provide solutions to this regional issue.

I call on the public to support the police and their efforts as they work valiantly to address this situation and bring peace back to our communities. We cannot continue in this vein. We will all suffer. The police have been called to take all necessary measures to bring the situation back to some degree of normality.

We must fight these criminal gangs and their leaders who are intent on destroying our country for their own selfish and criminal reasons.

I am confident that with our collective efforts, we can make Saint Lucia a safer place by ridding ourselves of these cowards and criminals.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. With every utterance from Pip, it’s becoming glaringly obvious that he is full of platitudes; others may just rightfully opine that he is just full of $#1t!

  2. Mr. PM there are lots of things you can institute to curb gun violence in the country but those come with courage and determination. Giving lip service whenever there is a mass shooting isn’t a solution. You are responsible for security of the nation and with this comes great responsibilities. The police comes under your authority and you can implement the desirable changes. Sir, stop giving excuses and act responsibly. Excuses are for losers.

  3. @nudge. Extremely shallow. Mouthing the same empty stuff.

    The million dollar question is why isn’t there full public participation? I wish Pierre would give it a minute’s thought.
    Releasing the gunslingers on bail is not a comforting act to the public. Stressed out neighbors do not want to create waves. How much cooperation can you garner with such an approach? Also, there are blabbering cops in circulation. Nothing is secret to them. Then, there are parents who benefit from crime who will not report their spawn.

    Pierre must take the bull by the horns. I don’t expect it too happen. He is weak. He will not act decisively until the tourism industry buckles…in keeping with St. Lucian management style.

  4. Start with getting rid of corruption in Parliament. Until you do that you’re spinning tops in mud.

  5. PIP is in over his head on this one and I’m sure he’s just burying his head in the sand and hoping this goes away. Sadly it will not. Only someone determined to course correct the societal ills of this nation stands a chance in curbing the immense violence this country is witnessing. God help us because those in charge are incapable of doing so.


  7. Cameras, drones, equipment…I read the manifesto…where are they? Also Mr. PM what about Customs? You spoke only of the Police. Customs needs government & public support, training, resources, equipment and a please stabilise the top…. a Comptroller too!

  8. I thought that you were too busy changing the constitution to be worried with trivial mass killings.

  9. Take them to the privileges committee Mr. PM. Say lah ou for. De new drive cannot drive. He cyah ride, walk, talk, or do anything from the looks of it. Lucians trade in chocolate for cow dung.


  11. PM the optics are just HORRIBLE!!!We have thousands of citizens living in fear amidst sustained violence in the south and you allow your press secretary to read a statement and not address the issue first hand? Really? Come spend a night in VF? Why not have the entire town blanketed with police and SSU? Just today at noon there were shots ringing out on Clarke Street. We in the south are citizens too and will remember the methodical manner in which we were ostracized. DO BETTER!!!!!

  12. This is how the PM putting you first. putting you in the line of fire and then laugh at you for being a clown or stupid. Why is Kenny hiding behind a curtain and penning letter rather than walk the street? If he is that great person, shouldn’t he be able to walk any area and talk to the people to settle about their difference calmly and it goes for all politicians, but they are the scared brats because they are fully well knowledgeable of those damages, they have done to these communities.

  13. As a concern citizen. As ask the question. Why is the prime minister still holding on to a portfolio that cannot handle. Why? Why for god sake

  14. At one time didn’t the PM trivialize the matter and say the sky is not falling? Somebody, please tell him the sky has fallen.

  15. Well! The did is done. We have a cream puff as prime Minister who doubles as National Security minister. He talks; sometimes, provides er, non existent security; all the while, criminals, in gay abandon, parade an assortment of deadly ammunition, used to intimidate, and yea, to decimate a population too trusting of a leader yea, a leader who talks and his all is nothing.

  16. Poor leadership. PM needs to be more serious. This is a lot of hot air. He needs to address the nation more often live and be serious dam it.


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