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Nine People Assisting Police In Vieux Fort Multi-Murder Probe

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Saint Lucia police have disclosed that nine people are assisting them with a probe into several recent murders in Vieux Fort.

They include the shooting deaths of 59-year-old Sylvanus Joseph and fifty-two- year old Dexter Vitalis, both of Westside Bayside, Vieux Fort.

CID Vieux Fort received the shooting report on Friday at about 6:30 pm.

Sylvanus Joseph and Dexter Vitalis were transported to St. Jude Hospital via ambulance, where a medical practitioner pronounced them dead.

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Later on Friday, 43-year-old-year-old Marcus Charlery of Bruceville, Vieux Fort, was shot dead.

And the following day, the killings continued.

Sixty-six-year-old Eustace Roland of Martin Luther Street, Vieux Fort, sustained gunshot injuries and a medical practitioner at St. Jude Hospital later pronounced him dead.

The police have appealed for information regarding the recent fatal shootings.

“The Royal St. Lucia Police Force encourages anyone with information in relation to these incidents to contact the nearest police station, the Vieux Fort Police Station at 456-3905 or 285-2146 or the CRIME-Hotline at 555 for anonymous reporting,” a police statement said.

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  1. And now, these gruesome videos of these killings are all over social media. Do ‘you’ realize the damage that this does by sharing these . The anguish for families, kids , & worst of all reputation of our police who struggle to investigate, armchair judge & jury & the public reputation st lucia now gains in the international community of travellers. We need a better reputation than this lawless disregard for life and community. Ahwah…. People come on … you can do better . We can do better… are we beyond hope to negotiate a better way fwd . Will my party in power get off your assets & effect change . Respect is never due , it is only earned. There seams to be a common thread throughout governance about who has respect or lack of …. Should be no surprise being over run by bandits!
    St lucia inspires them …. Choopse tun .

  2. Why are the cops yapping their traps about critical aspects of an ongoing investigation!? As much as the public needs to stay informed on important developments, for the sake of protecting sources/methods and a potential successful outcome, it would have been best to not to disclose the number of individuals co-operating on the matter. Such disclosure could put these collaborators at risk, and also deter others from coming forward. I hope the force re-think their disclosure strategy. Sometimes, less is more.

  3. Really that making any sense to tell the public 9 people assisting smh . Just say there is co operation towards the shootings or like chapelle would say : just shut the f up

  4. why put that nine people are assisting the police. there is no need to report that. that’s why people dont trust the police

  5. When they say people are assisting police that simply means that they arrest nine people already as suspects. They don’t mean eyewitness giving information.

  6. This has to be the dumbest news release I have read all day. Get a brain. St Lucia has had enough blood shed. Stop putting people’s lives at risk. This information should not be released to the public under any circumstance. Do you people do any critical thinking! For goodness sake!

  7. My people “nine persons assisting police”, is a diplomatic way of saying that they are interrogating nine potential suspects in the shootings. It has nothing to do with persons or informants giving police tips or intelligence on what transpired.

  8. It’s not critical to disclose the # of assistants the cops have involved in their investigations. Those so called assistants are in fact suspects. There will be no further information given about them until charged. The police must ease the public fears by releasing limited info on their investigations. Don’t make a big deal of it.

  9. @Just me. Whenever police say people are assisting, these are the suspected criminals they have in custody

  10. oh so now yall have a problem with the police saying that nine people are assisting the police? so why is it when someone allegedly commits a crime yall want them to show the person face and all sorts of information when the law says it is not lawful to do this due to the nature of the crime.

  11. @ angel, i was thinking same, but at the same time this expose the incompetent behavior of the investigator. while calling for information from public who will now come forward. What happen to the millions $$$$ that was spend on CCTV system across St. Lucia and to be side who was so dumb to design such CCTV network which i believe is practically non functional. It is a reminder which a mobile network under the UWP back in 2007 was givien millions againto install CCTV and it just fall apart. At this level the investigators should not release anything to public until a firm conviction was carried out. They need to learn how to absorb public pressure and to dispense justice speedily. It might very well be a cold case because many justice department. are corrupted. These guys learn not to say nothing and the police have nothing to penalized them for it so the system let them free again

  12. Hear the armchair detectives on here. I think the police are aware of what they can and can’t share SMH you’ll watch too much law and order . Don’t quit you’ll day job and let the professionals do what they are trained to do. Choops there s no pleasing Lucians very bitter and toxic society we are becoming

  13. I hate to say this – WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED TO STATE THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE ASSISTING THE POLICE. The news media and the powers that be needs to shut their TRAP for real. This is dangerous journalism to say the least – for real.

  14. Don’t believe my people are so damn that they don’t understand that the nine people mentioned as assisting the police are suspects in custody for the crime, my oh my, smh.

  15. @T.G. Suspects or not ..there is no need to provide this information to the public. A simple “investigations continue” would suffice. If these are codes in SLU ….??????
    In addition I certain the murderers know who saw them??????
    Thank you.

  16. Lucians would say police always saying “there are no futhur details” or its being “investigated”, now police give a lil clue they say “it should of never been made public”, there is no pleasing them at all.


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