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Bradley Felix Confident UWP Will Form The Next Saint Lucia Government


Speaking after the unopposed reelection of Allen Chastanet as United Workers Party (UWP) leader, Choiseul MP Bradley Felix has expressed confidence that the opposition group will form the next government.

“It’s a democratic party and people are free to voice their opinion. At the end of the day, we must all remember we come under one umbrella, and we go forward in unity to form the next government,” Felix asserted.

Allen Chastanet was reelected leader at the UWP conference of delegates in Micoud.

Bradley Felix said the party looked forward to advancing under Chastanet’s leadership.

And he dismissed suggestions of instability in the opposition group, which suffered a heavy loss when the electorate voted it out of office at the July 26, 2021, general elections.

Felix also denied suggestions that the process of electing executive members of the UWP was hijacked, pointing to unanimous applause at Chastanet’s reelection.

“It was completely overwhelming,” the Choiseul MP told reporters on Thursday.




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  1. Bradley you full of it !!! Watch your back when we call snap election you need to go the people fed up of you. Do you still live up there, not that anyone want to see you ?? You are nothing but a Ben Johnson pay day we soon deal with you.

  2. I truly believe so but you guys need to get rid of those hardback and corrupt ones amongst yourselves first. In short, your party has too many corrupt members. Now don’t tell me the usual – prove it. We are all Saint Lucians and we know what we know, for it takes two to tango. Get some young and competent Saint Lucians to run the seats. It’s time to shut down the recycling plant.

    But but but you first need to prove that you have a solid anti crime strategy. One which entails going after the criminal groups and their leaders, seizing their assets, demolishing the structures built without DCA approval and on state own lands, rebuilding the RSLPF, strengthening the RSLPF and getting rid of political interference in that organization. Make a commitment to refuse campaign funds from criminals and criminal enterprises. You should also renounce any form of corruption and announce measures to deal with corrupt members of your party. If you can promise these publicly, then you and your party will have my support. If not I will give my vote to Decaries and his Green Party in protest.

  3. All sides are just concerned with getting/being/staying “in power”… not a word when they are on the outside of what they are doing in the moment to help their constituents and to help advance the country despite being in opposition. Only noise and nothing of substance.

  4. Keep Guy and Gail out and all is yours. Guy can be an ambassador in Washington or London. Gail needs to go and rest. SLP has proven that they are self-centred, anti-democratic dictators with zero respect for anybody else’s opinion or perspectives.

  5. Chastanet bowl Andy Daniel out because he dared ask for a election post-mortem report paid for by the UWP. Now Andy Daniel is gone and Chastanet is elected un-opposed?

  6. I honestly believe hon Bradly. Uwp will get back in power. I will be one if I vote I will be voting for Bradly . I am a sop voted Bradly his first time but truth be told Bradly is a down to earth politician. Slp now they are in power they are all too full of themselves. They hear no one it’s all about what I say goes and for their friends and family. In Choiseul I don’t think Pauline will think of going up again. This woman is full of herself, vindictive , wonder if she has a conscience. So no matter who slp send in Choiseul they will loose. We cannot be used again. So my advice to you Bradly is run for Choiseul again if I vote you will surely get it. Let’s bring back Ching Ching in our pockets. Peace and love

  7. @realist. You are correct. UWPs will stay home if they sense that the Guy/Fresh Start/Timothy thing is about to happen again. Chastenet must look at the post mortem and accept that these direct contracts lost him the elections. Chastenet must embrace the cleaner members of the party and bring in new competent blood. He must also go with realistic doable projects and stop wasting time on pie in the sky projects. He does have some great ideas and he is a hard worker.

  8. Dem fellas have to go to allow new blood in de patty. Imagine uh mun lose his seat and he is deputy political leader. Bradley full of crap. SLP will form the next government if UWP go to the polls with regurgitated vomit.

  9. Once Chastanet, Guy and Dominic are in the party we will lost again. They have to go. We don’t want any REJECTED politician to be in the forefront of the party. Bring in new blood.

  10. If labour do not enact a minimum wage for certain sectors the can lose the next election as much as the people do not like chastanet


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