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Pierre Welcomes RSS To Saint Lucia, Visits Vieux Fort After Recent Deadly Gun Violence


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has welcomed Regional Security System (RSS) officers he invited to Saint Lucia after a deadly gun violence spike that resulted in seven recent fatalities in separate incidents in Vieux Fort.

And he has also visited the Southern town which was the scene of the multiple murders.

“Given our current situation, I made a decision to request the assistance of the RSS to support the ongoing work of our local law enforcement officers and yesterday evening, I had the opportunity to welcome them to Saint Lucia and thank them for their service,” Pierre wrote Saturday on Facebook.

“To the Government and People of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados, thank you for sending some of your best men and women to work with us at this time – One Caribbean,” Pierre, responsible for National Security stated.

In addition, he said he wanted to encourage and express gratitude to the men and women of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

The Castries East MP observed that the RSLPF had been called on to redouble its efforts to secure the streets and ensure people could go about their daily lives without fear.

“Let’s continue to support and encourage our police force and work together to create a safe and thriving community for all,” Pierre said.

The Prime Minister described as important, his visit to Vieux Fort to listen to  residents and provide support to them and business owners.

“Your strength and perseverance have been inspiring, and I have no doubt that we will come out of this stronger than ever before,” he declared.

“I ask that you support the efforts of the RSLPF and the RSS as they work in the community. Remember, we are in this together, and together, we will overcome any obstacle that comes our way. Stay strong, stay positive, and we will prevail,” Pierre asserted.

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  1. We are looking for quick solutions to a cancer that has been metastasizing for decades. Sure you might have some temporary cessation but will the RSS be posted there forever? And when violence breaks out somewhere else in St. Lucia. What then?

  2. I want to compliment Pierre regarding Vieux Fort but before I do, I have a few questions:
    1. What were the objectives of the RSS
    2. Did they achieve their objectives
    3. How did you measure the objectives
    4. How many of those arrested were charged and what were the charges.
    5. What strategies do you have in place to PREVENT such criminal activities from occurring anywhere in slu
    6. While you are at it, what proactive steps did you implement to mitigate the actions of the criminals.

    I notice your approach is based on reaction. This means, the criminals act first and then you react or show up with RSS or the local police. This is not the security SLU deserve. We want an approach to prevent the criminals from acting. We want strategies to monitor, record keeping of the criminals. The criminals on bail should be restricted and monitor – monitoring ankles, no form of communication e.g cell phones, computers. This should be taken away. Anyone caught aiding should be arrested and charged. These are just some approaches which can be used. If you are serious on crime, you should consider some proactive measures and then you can blow your political horn.

  3. Mr. PM well done Boss you trying, you are trying, and some will still cut your hair throat for trying….like how dear you show leadership. The place just quiet and nice we can have a roast by the beach today drink some brown juice on the rocks. That Sam Guy / Angel character he is another one dam if you damn if you don’t .

  4. SameGuy thanks for asking these VERY pertinent and necessary questions. The whole presentation by the PM was so empty of anything meaningful or last. It all was so ad hoc and reactionary, and I fear that worse is still ahead because we still have NO plan and a ghost leadership in place.

  5. I left St. Lucia many years ago but I am shocked to hear about these killings. This must be stop immediately because it will destroy the tourist industry. I agree with the comment before me. You have to stop it before it happened otherwise you will have another Hati on the island. There are people in the immediate area who knows what’s up, these are the people you need to get close too if you want to solve this problem. The people in the area that knows something will not trust the outsiders. You need to hire boys and girls men and women from the area to help you solve this problem. If you do this you will solve the problems.


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