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Men Shot Dead At Bananes Were Defendants Before The Criminal Court

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Police have disclosed that two men who succumbed to gunshot injuries Sunday night at Bananes, Castries, were defendants before the Criminal Court for ‘various indictable offences’.

Thirty-two-year-old Tonio Eleuthere alias Zepor of Hospital Road, Castries, and fifty-three-year-old Junior Cherubin alias Ragga of Morne Fortune, Castries, succumbed after sustaining gunshot wounds near the roundabout.

According to reports, the men were shot while riding a motorbike.

People in the area reported hearing a barrage of gunfire.

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A police statement said Castries CID officers responded at about 7:20 pm to the shooting report and found the unresponsive bodies of the two men at Bananes Bay, La Toc.

Emergency responders transported the men to the OKEU Hospital, where a medical practitioner pronounced them dead.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has asked anyone with information about the incident to contact the nearest police station, the Major Crimes Unit at 456-3754, or the crime hotline at 555 for anonymous reporting.

Headline photo: (L to R) Tonio Eleuthere alias Zepor and Junior Cherubin alias Ragga

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  1. Once again, I need to ask what the root of that killing. Did Raga and Toni do anybody something on the Ciceron beach? By the way, were they saints, and if they were why did they have pending cases in the high court? I am waiting to hear what their families will say.

  2. This is tragic,losing 2 young souls to gun violence.Hope the perpetrators are caught & given a harsh sentence.So sad.

  3. you see what people have been saying? its not just so they killing people its a retaliation thing, then now who ever that heard who killed ragga and the other guy will now go and look to kill those and then the cycle continues. you kill my padner i coming to kill you. if the justice system was not so slow and corrupt maybe this would not happen. Just last week you went to parliament to include a new rule but you could not do something concerning the justice system so it can move quickly? just listen to what these guys were in court for attempted murder and murder and that’s including eh, so they have many more.

  4. Them man will never leave drugs and go and work in the private sector for 2 to 5 EC dollars an hour .. The government refuse to enact a minimum wage

  5. Well, Well, Well. The chickens have come to roost. Any way, condolences to the families.

  6. “Attempted Murder and Murder” – why were they out on bail. Is that some setup by the Justice system to put them out on bail so they can get killed ? Wow !!!

    SLU has gone really wild – It is now the Wild Wild West – A country of NO law. An eye for an Eye in SLU now.

    There is work to be done in SLU. The RSS, the police, extra vehicles, etc. are not the answers to the criminal activities in SLU today. We need to get into this with a fine tooth comb. Something is lost in the system and we need to find ourselves back. It is a Systematic problem. We definitely need some reform of the system.

  7. I cannot believe Homicides upon Homicides no arrest this is Really bad For St.Lucia

  8. That Tonio boy do ppl lot already. You doing ppl thing and want to party like u made outta metal. Go meet ur brother pajar bear in hell stick up the demons rob Dem

  9. Whether it is retaliation or not, the state has a duty to intervene when laws are broken. This has been a murderous year, which could possibly end, with the island being placed on a travel watchlist. At this point it is safe to assume that we are heading in that direction. You think things are bad now?

    Some young people are looking hard to find jobs. Their nature doesn’t allow them to sit around. They are willing to accept what wages are offered with a hope of progressing. Others don’t want to work even if they were provided a living wage. They hold a negative view of work. Still, others find it more profitable to be engaged in crime. The possibilities of apprehension are remote. One thing is clear, if one views a low paying job as a permanent situation, then there is a serious problem with ambition and drive.

  10. The key to solving crime is the great cellphone! Some one had to have made a call in the area around that time with keywords like Raga…Bananne etc. Crime will always be there but these easy cases can be solved if lawyers magistrates and politicians were not criminals as well.

  11. Urll too quick to judge people did the law have any evidence that the guys did any crime no that’s why they are out on the road smfh rip to u MOB RAGGA FOR LIFE ur memory live on

  12. @raga back large. dont come and act like these guys are saints, people to quick to judge but you to quick to defend persons with questionable character. just because the law didnt have any evidence on them does not mean they didnt allegedly commit the crime or crimes. you can commit a crime and if you can cleanly get rid of the evidence still does not mean you didnt do the crime.


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