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Pierre Signs Document Designating Vieux Fort South An Escalated Crime Area

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On Monday, Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Philip J. Pierre signed a document designating Vieux Fort South, the location of a recent spike in deadly gun violence, an escalated crime zone.

“This morning, I signed the statutory instrument which will cause Vieux Fort South to be an escalated crime area, and that will be till May 16th,” Pierre told reporters on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting.

He explained that the escalated crime zone designation could apply to another part of the country because of the law’s flexibility.

The measure provides the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) with expanded powers to respond to areas where crime has escalated.

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Pierre, who visited Vieux Fort on Friday to reassure residents and business people in the  aftermath of the town’s deadly gun violence, told reporters that the people of the Southern community are ‘very hopeful’ that the authorities will bring the situation under control.

And he disclosed that Regional Security System (RSS) officers who are here began operations on Sunday night and will be here for three weeks.

In the meantime, the Prime Minister expressed condolences to the relatives of the two men who succumbed on Sunday night after sustaining gunshot injuries at Bananes.

He noted that the matter is under investigation.

At the same time, the Castries East MP declared that the battle against crime was a work in progress that continues.

He revealed that the police were getting more resources, including three new vehicles, last weekend.

“They also received body armour – they got 150 vests. They are going to be getting some more vehicles. The scanners are coming. I understand they will be here next week. We also have some drones that will be coming next week,” Pierre told reporters.

“My job is to make available the resources within the abilities of the government,” he stated.

However, Pierre said operational control was in the hands of the police.

In addition, he declared the government’s absolute zero tolerance for lawlessness.

Headline photo: Stock image of police in Vieux Fort




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  1. piere you talking to much you talking to much why the hell you have to disclose what the police are getting just do what you have to do and let the police do their job now that you go and say the police have drones the fellas going to go and hide of course. wah boy

  2. Yea right, this piece of legislation will miraculously solve the Vieux Fort crime problems. Again, stupid politicians ignoring the root cause of the problem and depending solely on the police to solve it. They are pretending to be blind to the elephant in the room – their dependence on the “gangs” and the areas under their control, to win the seat.

    A few years ago, Kenny Anthony transferred the anti gang legislation from Trinidad to this country on the premise that it would deal with those gang members once and for all. To date, ask the police how many gang members have been charged, how has this piece of legislation assisted them and whether it has had any impact on the so called gang situation In Saint Lucia. I can assure you that their response will be in the negative.

    Again I say all those pieces of legislation will do nothing to solve our crime problem unless government deals with the root causes, including the unholy connection between the gang leaders and the politicians.

  3. Now Vieux Fort will be a ghost town. They shouldn’t even call it a town anymore because it will not have the characteristics that describes a town. No activities will be assigned to the location, no jounee Creole, not carnival, no sporting activities, wee mama. Vieux Fort will be renamed the village of ViexFort, no development opportunities because of this stain.

  4. you honestly believe this is the full hand that the PM is displaying….then you don’t know the first thing about strategy……..there are other things going on in the background…..

    there must be a couple Aces up the sleeves….

    Now i don’t usually comment with political bias (or try not to)…but what tangible efforts did the last administration put in place when there was a similar surge in crime?

    Mr. Stevenson King (when he was PM) i believe meant well but went about doing things naively, to address issues that needed urgent attention. For instance ORC and St. Jude’s.

    He put them in the hands of people which had little to no integrity and ulterior motives. he failed to consider despite the seriousness of those issues, human beings are just nasty and would put self above ANYTHING…….

  5. @Lucian ….when you put a pan of rice on the stove, does it cook instantly?…no it takes time. and YES, at least four person has been charged under the anti-gang Act. if you listened to ALL NEWS and not just the sensational roro, you would know that!!!

  6. @Honda please discuss something of relevant substance. Something meaningful.
    This does no allow for continuity

  7. Pierre has just given the police the power to practice brutality on the citizens of Vieux Fort. How many of Kenny’s boys or Jadia’s boys will be under scrutiny in the execution of that law. It will be the law abiding Vieux Fortians that will face all the harassment. Just need to know for a friend, Is Vieux Fort more of an escalated crime zone than Castries, Marigot, Marchard and I can name a few more.

  8. Great start, and also to FF coastguards guardian up our waterways and ports….times are getting desperate bc shipments are getting confiscated!
    Closing in, cracking down, discipline and accountability check new faces in Gros Islet, people speak up trust the 555 if you see new faces suddenly and regularly out of character sheet!…bc there are some sincere and good police officers risking their lives for little salary’s working all night long yh, same with EMT’S and Fire departments.. people move you’re ASSes Out of the Phockin way pull to the side, put flashers or blinker on or stop where you are and make room for them to pass when you see ambulance , police lights ect.

  9. The big business people in vieux fort are very greedy for money all they are after is money some of them can’t sleep at nights because money is all that is on their mind .. They want the youtes to work for 2 to 3 EC dollars an hour …

  10. For all of those who are concerned about VF been this and been that and ghost town and all of that we good send all that crap up North if we want to see all the that crap we board our vehicles or transport take it in and come back to the gated community of VF for now. We rather take all this added security any day so thank you Mr PM there is.cop on almost every corner or close by.

  11. Imagine that! View Fort is now an escalated crime area – and happened under the watchful eyes of its parliamentary representative. This is a shame that a once tranquil town was allowed to be ruined, all because of decisions made by politicians.

    Shanty Town was permitted to exist because of this government. Remember when it’s residents were earmarked for relocation? I wonder who encouraged them to block the roads to prevent the heavy equipment from coming in.

    Under whose watchful eyes did the gang leaders become the largest employers of the young people in the town? I know that may surprise you but indeed they are; from boat boys to fishermen, to drug mules to farmers to car washers, to policemen, customs officers and politicians. And the list goes on.

    Under whose watchful eyes did economic activity disappear from the town?

    Who stood by and said nothing when the technical vocational school disappeared?

    Who depends of the gangs to win the seat and reelection?

    It’s sad but true that the gang leaders have been allowed to become so powerful, because of the failure of our politicians. Food for thought.

  12. I am going to rescue my self on one of the 23 islands built by Chas and Teo in VF.
    Now, everyone knows certain police in the South is personal friends of pat banan. What will one expect to happen?


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