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Chastanet Criticises Government Over Unacceptable, Unfair Fuel Prices


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has accused the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government of extortion over high fuel and cooking gas prices.

“It is unacceptable that the Government of Saint Lucia continues to extort the public with high fuel and cooking gas prices, especially when fuel prices globally have generally been on the decline,’ the former Prime Minister stated on his Facebook page.

“This unjust and unfair practice places a heavier burden on the already struggling economy and citizens. It is not only an act of greed but also a failure to prioritize the needs of the people over the interests of the government,” Chastanet declared.

He said in March 2022, the average price of a barrel of oil was US$100 resulting in the cost of fuel at the pump in Saint Lucia being EC$14.95/gallon and a 20-pound cylinder of cooking gas being EC$35.46.

The former Finance Minister noted that so far this year, the average price of a barrel of oil had been US$75.

But he observed that consumers must pay EC$17.00/gallon at the pump and EC$43.27 for a 20-pound cooking gas cylinder.

According to the Micoud South MP, a recent study in the the Eastern Caribbean confirmed that Saint Lucia ranks among the countries with the highest fuel prices in the OECS.

“Doesn’t the Prime Minister have a conscience? How can someone who consistently claims to care completely ignore the impact that this disastrous policy is having on the citizens whom he represents especially the most vulnerable in our society?” Chastanet said.

In addition, he said the government must be held accountable for its actions and take immediate steps to rectify this situation, including lowering gas prices and the complete removal of the excise tax on fuel for fishermen, as promised in the SLP 2021 Manifesto.

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  1. i agree with you chas cause when kenny was in power its the same thing he did us but in a way it good because the more things are on the rise you would think people especially the poor trying to live in their means but no mater the cost of the fete ticket or the drinks or the outfit they getting the money to by it

  2. The hypocrisy of some lucians if was chass they would be protesting the UWP supporters too slack let’s come together and protest against this crap

  3. Ma Malay, do you recall Chas said the Slp was making $6.80 on every gallon of gas in tax? Now he is coming with another thing, will we believe him? Politicians have been fooling Lucians for too long.
    I still have to ask how many passports were sold from 2016 to 2021.

  4. I have said it before this slp government is for their self their family and their true friends. They are there for the higher and middle class people. They don’t work for us the lower class. All we are good for is to campaign for them and make row row during election for them. It is time we the lower class overpower these set of SLp’s. We have the card in our hands let’s use it. We are only good for step. There is the CDP program going on look around especially in Choiseul and see who they are given too. I am so disappointed in pip as a prime minister. I thought he was different and someone for the lower class. But my faith tells me god will destroy all those high and mighty before he does is. Let’s trust god and I will keep on bringing it to my lower class people that they are not for us. They believe we are stupid and what they keep on saying when election fever is in the air we will come out because they can buy us with $100. That’s what we are worth just like step but my people I ask to be patience because 5 years is round the corner in Jesus name. See how fast the days go by. Be patience and trust in god because his timing is perfect. Peace and love

  5. With all the promises that Pierre made during the campaign and all the tax breaks and increases he has been giving, I am not surprise the guy will pull such a stunt. Tax breaks, civil servant increases, where do you expect Philip to make up the loss. Do not let any Government fool you, they shift the cost but never at a loss of revenue. Ronald Regan said it best at one of his interviews. Corporate tax breaks are hidden expense for the people.
    Philip and his crew are no different from what other Governments would do – they fool the people. Today he is going to give an increase to civil servants. Who do you think will pay for the increase ? Lucians are short sighted and have selective memory – their two biggest problems.

    Now Lucians have learnt this government does not put people first, instead they make you worse. With all the nonsense out there, now we know Lucians were all fooled by Philip during the election. Regardless of how long he has been a REP – Pierre has no sense of how to govern. He is a lost case.

  6. So why can’t you join heads in making things better for the people . All ive been seeing lately is him criticizing everything SLP does. Tell us what can be done to decrease the prices since you have ideas. The man is clearly looking for votes. Isn’t it obvious that almost ever vechile owner will agree to his statement.

  7. Do we produce gas or fuel? The prices are high worldwide. St lucians have to try to make it easy on themselves. Manage our pennies. I use coals on weekends. I don’t cook everyday, I avoid buying food outside an much as possible. Come on Lucians let’s not be stupid. If Castanet has a gas or fuel source he should provide cheap products for us.

  8. No wonder we are rated with lowest IQ in the world. We are saddled with the highest gas prices in the whole OECS and no one is talking except Chas . Where is civil society to put a stop to this nonsense. PIPand his crew are our employees we need to discipline them

  9. @Bolo Byron when the Lucian people will get the answer for the passports:

    Fuel prices will drop
    Crime rate will be at zero
    Minimum wage will increase
    Our health system will be the best
    Our roads will be The Best in the Caribbean
    Education system will be at it’s best
    The youths will get back to more sporting activities like in the good old days

    Just to name a few let me know if you want to continue

  10. You all have so much to say one five letters describe the downfall. And it’s not “devil”……simply put its GREED from the biggest fish to the smallest. You wanna see everyone fall as you try n rise. Keep robbing Peter for Paul. See where that gets you. Damn shame for a beautiful island!!!

  11. Realist and Sammy where is the logic in your argument. You guys are so blindsided by your political colour you have lost all sense of reasoning. Like Chas said when fuel was $100us a barrel the cost at the pumps and cooking gas was at least 30% cheaper than it is today at an average of $75us. No one is talking about hidden tax or malice, it’s a genuine concern. Also we pay the highest prices for fuel and fuel products in the OECS. Does any of the other islands have oil? The answer is no, yet they pay in some cases $5.00 less per gallon. What rocket science or space engineering is there in simple mathematical facts as that to argue about.


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