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‘I Make No Apologies For Taking A Strong Stand Against Criminals’


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has declared that Saint Lucia cannot allow a few criminals to create chaos in the country.

Pierre spoke to reporters while defending measures to expand police powers under the Suppression of Escalated Crime (Police Powers) legislation.

He asserted that he had no apologies for his strong stand against criminals.

This week, Pierre, also National Security Minister,  announced that he had signed an instrument to designate Vieux Fort South, which recently experienced a deadly gun violence spike, an escalated crime zone until May 16.

“I said before that there would be some inconvenience. We have to make a choice,” the Castries East MP told reporters.

And he indicated that the choice was between suffering inconveniences for a few days or allowing criminals to wreak havoc.

Responding to civil rights concerns regarding expanded police powers, Pierre told reporters that the police were aware that they have to uphold human rights.

“We are all for the human rights of people. The police have been told we have to observe the human rights of individuals,” the Prime Minister stated.

“We cannot allow criminals – we cannot allow two or three or four or five or ten people to create economic instability in the country, social deprivation and put the country in chaos. We cannot allow it and I will not allow it,” Pierre declared.

“There’s got to be some inconvenience. I apologise, but I make no apologies for taking a strong stand against criminals. No apologies,” he told reporters.

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  1. I think we should join NATO, so we can get help to fight the crime situation. After all SLU is part of Europe.

  2. These criminals don’t deserve any dignity they have to be treated like thugs also why waste taxs payers money on them

  3. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

  4. Mr. Prime Minister, I’ve heard this song before, in fact I’m tired of hearing the same ol’ will you do for health of tthis sick Nation the only act to put an absolute end to this madness; I know you wont because ‘your Boss’ in there wont allow you to, and frankly I don’t think you have what it takes to do the necessary – guts that is, guts –
    Guts and a lot of Prayer to the Almighty in the name of His dear Son, that’s it.

  5. Those criminals and cockroaches prefer to sit on the block ,smoking weed and crack cocaine all they do is kill innocent people and steal both small businesses and farmers . The police should search all houses in bruceville and shanty town for the guns as the majority of the young criminals still live at their mothers home. A bunch of thugs who refuse to go and work learn a trade or educate themselves

  6. How can he boast that he is taking a strong stand against criminals? For doing what is already expected/required of you? Let long term results be the judge.

  7. Brian, Debbie, Willo, JJ, Monty and the reefs all know who the criminals are. This is all so tragic but it seems like it is all planned. Richard and KDA could stop all the crime with a few forceful phone calls reading the riot act but instead we play out a pantomime that includes losing our civil liberties. Please tell me how much has St. Lucia paid to fund the CCJ over the years. What will be the annual bill. Be very careful St. Lucians in your political enthusiasm there are things going on in the shadows. Ask yourselves how much Colombian and Venezuelan money is being laundered through a Trinidadian facilitator in St. Lucia. What is the extent of the drug trade between Vieux Fort and Martinique and the UK. Is this money funding politicians. PJP is trying his best but his own associates are part of the problem. Remember who called the entry of a certain man into politics as the most dangerous thing for the country. It would be interesting to know what they know about each other.

  8. Pierre is as tough as a toothpick. Anything short of what’s done would be a shame. Stopping all police leave…you too tough, Pierre. Sectioning off criminal zone and giving the cops authority for search…it doesn’t get harder. I am so scared, it makes me quake in my boots. There are a wide array of tools such as no bail and actual searches at checkpoints would get my attention. Sorry Pierre, you are only doing the basics. At least much better than Chas and “Duh Security Guy.”

  9. Gwan PM Pierre do your thing it’s been nice and quiet here …. don’t worry about the haters they are always going to hate it’s what they do best. We are not worrying about giving up some civil liberties for the security we have now.

  10. @Fire Burn – you hit the nail on the head. The police need to get the necessary warrants and start un-announced visits to the homes of these malveetayes – which also include some wicked parents—(aka my son was a good boy who never bother nobody – yeah right)

    The place (VF) looks like a ghost town – I have never seen anything like this. If I were given a free trip with all expenses paid I would not take a chance. The whole world is watching this and although some folk would like it to be kept under raps – ???????
    with social media absolutely nothing is hidden for real —–praying

  11. Rosie Douglas promoted Dominica joining Europe. It would be a very progressive move for the citizenry but the politicians would never accept it as there are rules on corruption, the environment and human rights that must be respected for membership. Certainly the contrast in the standard of living and healthcare between St. Lucia and Martinique is enormous. Free movement and free trade between St. Lucia and Martinique would bring massive development to St. Lucia.

  12. @ Dezolay – along the same lines, I would like to ask, “who is that Trinidadian facilitator in St. Lucia laundering Columbian and Venezuelan money and is this money funding politicians? also, who is the most dangerous person in St. Lucian politics today? I would like to add that I agree 100% with Dezolays’ written piece. (now, let’s pray)


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