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Senior Cop Says Adult Entertainment Patrons Could Be Contributing To Human Trafficking

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A senior member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has cautioned individuals who visit adult entertainment venues here that they could be contributing to human trafficking.

Deputy Police Commissioner Wayne Charlery was addressing the launch here of a Department Of Home Affairs human trafficking campaign.

“Saint Lucia, due to its unique geographical positioning between Martinique and South America, has become a transshipment point of choice for human, narcotics and firearm traffickers,” Charlery told the event.

And he recalled that on December 30, 2022, the Major Crimes Unit executed search warrants at various locations, discovering four human trafficking victims.

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Charlery said the four foreign nationals, who have since migrated, were forced to perform at an adult entertainment establishment.

On January 16, 2023, Saint Lucia police arrested and charged the adult entertainment establishment owner with five counts of trafficking in persons.

Charlery said the court granted him $100,000 bail cash or suitable surety or land documents, ordered him to remain 100 yards away from the victims and their families, and not to leave the state without permission.

In addition, the accused must report to the nearest police station once a week between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm and not disclose any information likely to reveal the identity of the victims, failing which he would spend three months in jail.

The court adjourned the matter to April 21, 2023.

“This simple case is one of many that we may have in Saint Lucia,” the Deputy Police Commissioner declared.

He noted that there are many adult entertainment centres locally.

“And most of the persons who are there providing what we call adult entertainment are very well being trafficked,” Charlery asserted.

“So if you have visited any of these locations and have had a drink at this place, you may very well have contributed to human trafficking at the cost of a beer, which is seven dollars,” the senior cop stated.

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  1. The authorities always seem to have an interesting take on illegalities…the citizen always seems to be the one to take blame or responsibility.
    These adult entertainment spots are not hidden, they’re in plain sight…why don’t the police go in every few months and demand workers to produce their work permits as entertainers? It’s petty that you would pass the buck to the general populace who may venture in there for some refreshments or entertainments. Making reference to the price of a beer means what exactly…certain hotels have beers for $10.00 or more….how do we know what that money contributes towards?

  2. instead of cautioning them why dont you police go and SHUT these places down. You guys know FULL well this kind of activity is ILLEGAL. you go after the illeagl drugs and the illegal guns so why not this.

  3. @Asking for a friend; you are on point, majority of them do so. Some of them are the owners of the so called establishments. our officers need to be more professional. i am not saying that they don’t have a personal life but they need to be more careful how they live it out of work.

  4. With the historical (and I mean historical — decades) of the ongoing level of pedophilia, incest, adultery, sexual abuse, immorality etc etc etc – spare me. St. Lucia needs a serious 360 cleansing.

  5. Well let them die of AIDS then. Recall one was managing a place called Tyrose- not sure of the name. but it was up north. After taking endless women from Dominican Republic and other places to perform in the club, they gave him the gift that saw him rest forever in his casket at a young age. You all think the women who do these things clean? Fact is they take risks with their bodies every single day and you all old sal- ups going there and dont care. all the wars going on and soon more will come, no country will make manufacturing AIDS medicine a priority. you people in that two by 4 island better watch how you all flex!!

  6. The excuse that crime is due to St. Lucia’s “unique” location in the Caribbean is probably the most ridiculous thing that I’ve heard coming from this administration and their associates so far. If that is the case then a more thorough explanation is needed, otherwise I’m led to believe that those in charge of our national security are just pulling excuses out of their bottoms. Human trafficking occurring on island is a symptom of a failed NS apparatus and a deeply amoral society. St. Lucia is way too small for those patronising and owning an establishment to not be aware that something is up. This is just more of the chickens coming home to roost. We’ve deviated off the path of civility and moral codes, and the rot is not just at the administrative level but at the societal level as well. Ultimately a deep reckoning with our beliefs is needed to bring about lasting change, everything else will just be a bandaid.

  7. Ask Charlery who keeping security at those clubs – thee Po Po. So he should start his human trafficking investigation in his organization and he will have several cases to add to the ONE he has had after all those years.

  8. Alot of these performers come here by choice you know, they were not forced.
    Bad employers having them work in poor conditions and being underpaid is the real reason for the club owner being arrested. I will leave it as that because of this commenting policy…

  9. What a load BS, who you think you fooling with this hog wash!

    if thats the case your officers are the main contributors to these establishments. Who knows if not business partners,

    Hope they was an internal memo sent after prove reading.

  10. Charlery you should keep quiet because many of your police provide security services for these same places …..chupse. Singing for your Commissioner supper… Chas didn’t give it to you but the Pip you wanted to arrest should give it to you? Sans honte

  11. Ikr remember the “arrest any seen wearing red” policy he issued for a UWP event in Castries. Now he’s out from hiding.


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