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Saint Lucia Criminal Gangs Buying Guns With Money From Human Trafficking

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Deputy Police Commissioner Wayne Charlery has told the launch of a human trafficking campaign here that Saint Lucia criminal gangs, of which there are many, are thriving on trafficking firearms, narcotics, and humans.

“The challenge is up before us to offset what is happening in Saint Lucia. We must take a hard, long look at human trafficking as used by the gangs to make the money to buy the guns to kill our people,” he observed.

Charlery recalled that for some 20 years, the local crime situation has been very violent, with homicides skyrocketing every year.

The senior cop told his audience that criminal gangs were at the heart of violent crimes.

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And he explained that recent events in Vieux Fort, where there was a deadly gun violence spike, illustrated how volatile and ugly the situation could become.

“They have thrived with firearms trafficking, narcotics trafficking, and of course, human trafficking,” Charlery said regarding the criminal gangs.

“So we are endeavouring to do certain things when it comes to the narcotics and the firearms – they’re not people,” he explained.

“The gangs are involved in human trafficking. This is how they make their money. We need to develop and implement a regime that will be able to counter what the gangs are doing on all fronts,” the Deputy Police Commissioner explained.

On December 30, 2022, the Major Crimes Unit executed search warrants at various locations, discovering four human trafficking victims.

Charlery said the four foreign nationals, who have since migrated, were forced to perform at an adult entertainment establishment.

On January 16, 2023, police arrested and charged the establishment’s owner.

The court granted him $100,000 bail with several conditions and adjourned the matter to April 21, 2023.

“As a police force, I can tell you, in terms of investigations and so on, we are in the embryonic stages of human trafficking. So to date, this case would be one of the clearest cases we have had where you have victims, you have a perpetrator, you have gone to court and it is clearly human trafficking,” Deputy Commissioner Wayne Charlery told his audience.

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  1. The Rslpf Should have Delt with these Gangs a long time ago .St Lucia cannot be in the Hands of Criminals .Seek assistance all over the world to get Rid of these Criminal network in St.Lucia

  2. The horse went thru the barn door long ago with the likes of Gori and others . The good thing (FOR NOW) these gangs are not “political affiliated” if that should happen like in Jamaica before the fall of Dudus we will be in a lot of trouble. They need to take out the leaders of these gangs before they get more powerful. We can’t ask the US for help for something of which they have more of them than the entire population of St Lucia. Human trafficking is not poor St Lucians doing it, or dealing in Coke they are just the foot soldiers the head huncho are perched on the hilltops in the heights and are deemed up standing citizens

  3. SMH, Why do these guys talk so much? Action buddies- Action plz, The guy is saying a clear case but yet still the man is out on bail and case is adjourned, If it’s clear why is not yet convicted? None of these guys take jail nor their bosses cause they are seen as voters

  4. Some police can really talk shate and say it’s intelligence. There is human trafficking in St. Lucia but not on the scale that police talking about That thing so rampant and only one case you fellas make already. And worst yet, to say that the gangs using that money to buy guns – laughable. How hang gangs here involve in that – few if any at all. You guys should watch the big fellas because is them bringing in the girls. As far as I know, majority of the guns entering here are purchased with money from drugs, robberies and money from stealing of vehicles. Some of the money also coming from the contracts government giving them fellas. Human trafficking is not happening on such a large scale to be the primary source of money for purchasing those guns. Before, the guns came mainly from Venezuela with the drugs and Martinique, where most of the drugs went to. Now most of the guns on the street come from America and purchased with drug money.

  5. Again, customs has not been cleaned sweeped! What about the Top Cop officer and his daughter clearing the machine gun found in the refrigerator!….. smpH
    I have read the same 3 names on STLT comments for over…a Decade now,how come they have not been searched or looked into? Who’s connected to who…..?

  6. This is easily the stupidest argument I have ever heard .But what to expect from an IQ of 65

  7. Mate not listening to him self, this didn’t just happen suddenly were you not a police when you have evidence of this happening and what did you do , and mate want to be commissioner of what .smh. still no arrest and charge. Talk alone like hes been doing for his whole career choops

  8. So you have all that information but can’t say what you’ve done, is doing, or will do about it … 🚩 Stop talking so you can find time to think …


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