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Police Seize Firearm, Ammunition & Controlled Drugs In Vieux Fort


On Thursday 23 March, 2023 about 1:45 a.m. a joint police operation was conducted in Vieux Fort. During that time, officers had cause to conduct a search of a male along the Industrial Estate Road.

The officers recovered one (1) Rugar (9mm) Firearm and thirteen (13) rounds of ammunition. Delbert Daniel, a twenty-two (22) year old resident of Cedar Heights was arrested and subsequently charged for Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.

He was granted bail in the sum of thirty-three ($33,000) cash or suitable surety. Other bail conditions were assigned, including travel restrictions and reporting conditions.

On Saturday 25 March, 2023, Officers attached to the Special Services Unit and the Criminal Investigation Department, Vieux Fort Police Station, along officers from the Regional Security System contingent, conducted operations at various locations in Vieux Fort.

The operations included the execution of a Warrant to Search for Property upon the premises of Larry’s Scarp Metal on Martin Luther Street where the following items were recovered;

  • Forty-two (42) of 9mm rounds of Ammunition.
  • A quantity of Marijuana
  • One (1) hoodie jacket and other items of clothing (including hoodies)
  • One (1) bullet proof vest.
  • One ski mask.

As a result, Mikel Scotland, thirty-one (31) years old resident of Belevedere Hill, Vieux Fort and Onnie Charlemagne thirty-nine (39) years old resident of Bacadere, Vieux Fort were both arrested and charged for Possession of Controlled Drugs, Possession of a component part of a Firearm and Possession of Ammunition.

One pick-van driven by Lambert Junior Samuel, thirty-six (36) years old of St. Paul’s Lane, Vieux Fort was stopped and searched on Commercial Street, Vieux Fort and the following items were recovered.

1)A small quantity of cannabis resin.

2) A small quantity of cannabis.

A search warrant was also executed on the premises of Lambert Junior Samuel on St. Paul Lane, Vieux Fort and the following was recovered:

  • One (1) round of 5.56 Ammunition.
  • A quantity of Cannabis resin.
  • A quantity of Cannabis.

A second search warrant was executed on the premises of Lambert Junior Samuel at La Ressource, Vieux Fort and nothing evidentiary value was recovered. He was subsequently charged for Possession of Ammunition, Possession of Cannabis, Cannabis Resin and Intent to Supply Cannabis Resin and Cannabis.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. Great and Commendable job Officers… and so how are all these 22 yr olds getting their hands on this ammo an heavy artillery!…. Find out!….

  2. Now you all have arrested some of the malvetaayes, ignorant, dumb, aka good for nothings, cursed and possessed by demons, wicked and evil and more – now what???????. Bail and surety —- so that they can go home with a slap on the wrist???????- if they have so much ammunition – don’t you think that $30,000.00 or $50,000.00 or even $100,000.00 is merely chump change for them.

    For all the resources which are being deployed and for all the money that the government is utilizing to combat crime which could be allocated for the much needed, education and healthcare services etc. etc. .

    Why not set the bail at an impossible amount – perhaps 250 BILLION and more????? – make the bail and surety extremely unrealistic for these menaces to society for real……ensure they remain where they belong – which is far away from a civil society.

  3. I personally believe that Bail for illegal Firearm and ammunition Should be about $Million no Suitable Surery.

  4. Am I missing something here. We have a problem with illegal firearms and criminals using them guns to inflict terror in the place. The cops caught them with guns and ammunition and we grant them bail to go back on the same streets to carry on their terror. No checks on the firearms to ascertain if they were involved in murders. Is this some kinda joke .

    Prime Minster said he had enough , police commissioner said he had enough and in less than 48hrs you free to go . Why do we not have a judge on standby specifically to provide swift justice ? You get caught with a gun or parts thereof , we hear your case 24hrs later. You guilty straight to jail for 15yrs the next day. No messing about. Next case.

    This judicial system has no teeth to bite hard.

  5. I saw Emma smelling the marijuana when she was in saint Vincent yet still they are after marijuana which is a billion dollar industry


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