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Chastanet Accuses Government Of Damage Control After Fuel Prices Drop


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has said that Saint Lucia is still among OECS countries with the highest fuel prices, despite a reduction that went into effect on Monday.

“Unsurprisingly, the Government has hurriedly reduced fuel prices in an attempt to minimize the damage after my revelation during the Budget Debate that they had collected $70 Million more than they expected from Excise Taxes,” the former Prime Minister said on Facebook.

Chastanet declared that the Government could have used the $70 million to shield citizens from price increases in daily goods and services.

“This isn’t a genuine reduction,” the Micoud South MP stated regarding the announcement that Saint Lucians would pay less for fuel.

Nevertheless, Chastanet welcomed the decrease.

He recalled that his United Workers Party (UWP)had insisted for months that fuel prices could and should be lower given the current economic climate.

“The Government can do more to help you out,” Chastanet said.

The opposition leader noted that every individual, household, and business use fuel, cooking gas, and electricity.

As a result, he declared that no truly caring Government would allow citizens to bear the brunt of the current inflation crisis on their own.



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  1. This is a non-entity. I remembered immediately after the election Chas signed the document on his desk and the fuel price went down. Was there any damage control?

  2. Mr Chastanet you have become so petty now that I don’t think you can be taken seriously. It just seems like another desperate attempt to relevant. Every 10 minutes it’s like Chastanet said this, then Chastanet said that……bla bla bla. Tonair! Give me a break. When you were in government you weren’t speaking so “passionately” about the citizens of St Lucia.

  3. You forgot your protest match….The docs just waiting for your signsture on your table ….

    St. Lucians have not forgotten

  4. Chastnet you continue to criticize government on a daily basis..guess you forget you were in power and doing worst… you close the fisheries opened it under a new name, you insisted it will be better…to no took bread from us bro we fisherman

  5. What is that our to called intellectual elites who now has numerous platforms are consuming that irrates them so much cause them in resorting to insulting and gross disrespect to the former PM and leader of the opposition whenever he comments on matters of concern and relevance to Country.
    I observed with horror For five year (+) an SLP Opposition opposing EVERYTHING that the then Government implemented or proposed to implement.Be it Covid Protocols,Cabot or creating a more hygenic Castries Market vending environment.
    You big shot SMC intellectual grow some conscience.

  6. @nigeltupac86. Take it an be quiet. Remember when The Most Honorable Kenny Anthony was PM? Do you? The utter disrespect and disdain that was shown to him by the UWP was beyond compare. Now the shoe is on the other foot, you crying for this fool? Take it and be quiet.

  7. @Crow not to mention that cry baby operative that has a axe to grind since 1997 for been rude and insubordinate because he was Mr Hot Shot and wanted to run St Lucia, but the most Honorable KDA had to put that grasshopper in check and cast him from the Dynasty of the SLP so he set out on a vextive quest to undermine the good name and character of the most Honorable with little avail there there there.

  8. The truth offends. Why is fuel more expensive in ST.LUCIA than all other Caribbean states? Obviously this government bleeds our pockets mercilessly while its gas station friends inflate their bank accounts from the sale of heavily taxed fuel. This is the malaway government !! We are getting skinned alive !

  9. @Joseph George he should be more concerned about what’s happening to his IDOL TRUMP ooops no more panhandling at Mara largo hahaha hahaha Hahahaha Oh well ! Trump getting locked up for fearless atrocities Tropical Trump has committed against us in St Lucia WE NEED TO CREATE HISTORY TOO . Oh Pojah, The Bobbol airport development uncovered by The Miami Herald nobody got placed in cuffs for that awww boy well we can always dream, but they are greedy and teeeef so who knows history might repeat itself and we might get that chane to see a PM and his cronies locked up.

  10. Lucian high grrade, who in St.Lucia cares about Trump ? That is US politics. Don’t use this as a distraction from our honest concern about the unfair very high cost of fuel in ST.LUCIA.


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