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‘We’ve Built Inflation Now Into Our System’ – Chastanet Criticises Government Over Cost Of Living


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has renewed his criticism of the government over high fuel and food prices, asserting that the cost of living belies the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) claim of being concerned about people.

Addressing a news conference Tuesday, the United Workers Party (UWP) leader stated that bus fares went up due to the cost of fuel.

Chastanet also told reporters that disposable household income has diminished because people are paying almost twice as much for cooking gas.

And he called on the government to cushion the impact of inflation on the people.

” But the damage has already been done. Do any of us expect bus fares to go back down? Any of us expect bread prices to go back down? So we’ve built inflation now into our system,” Chastanet declared.

“The workers of this country are demanding higher wages to compensate. And when those wages go up, do we believe that those wages are going to come back down? No,” he told the news conference.

He said if people were not upset enough, the budget revealed a hike in consultancy fees.

Chastanet pointed to the number of media personnel hired as consultants in the Prime Minister’s office and other departments.

“How many of them? How does that calculate into the statements that things are so bad, but you are hiring these people?” He stated.

In addition, the opposition leader observed that there had been a hike in entertainment allocations.

As a result, he questioned whether the government was making the necessary sacrifices.

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  1. The 863 million dollars you borrowed, had it not been squandered St. LUCIA will never be in this predicament. How many passports did you sell during your reign? We want to know.

  2. So the money received from selling the passports went straight into his pocket? If thats the case why isnt he in court?. You think chas need dem shate. Look at who is really hungry for money

  3. Chastanet you of all person concern about people. Oh my goodness. Are u forgetting just a couple of years what u did as prime minister

  4. So why can’t he start by himself and give the staff at Coco palm a wage rate of 20 EC dollars an hour .. We have a situation where over 80 percent of private sector workers earn 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour and look the price of bread has increase by 50 cents …

  5. Need to put to rest the borrowing of millions and the selling of passports etc. Allegations that may be baseless or cannot even be proven. Even some Laborites are tired of hearing that. Come up with something more relevant, this modern politics. Talk about current events and and the issues affecting us. Ask yourself the question, are we making progress. Make a contribution instead!

  6. Sigh! Wow! In this modern and Technological world ,we have supposed bright ( not shining) citizens gujitating verbatim propaganda ( lies and untruth) from anti Chastanet Hosts.. Educate yourselves as to the facts and truths and stop putting on the minds and understanding of babes.

  7. Cha Cha Cha, corruption is corruption. Unless an answer is given St Lucians will always ask what happened to the 863 million dollars borrowed and how many passports sold. If you don’t want to hear this again tell Chas to give a response. Pleased note : Not a lie.

  8. This guy has no shame, your administration borrowed close to a Billion, You had the biggest parliament in saint lucia history. Now when you not in power you want to be frugal?


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