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Pierre Laments Unprecedented ‘Nastiness’ In Politics

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has lamented what he feels is an all-time low in the level of politics in Saint Lucia.

“It’s nastier now. Much nastier,” Pierre declared.

“The level of nastiness, the level of bitterness in the politics now has never been there before. Never,” the Castries East MP stated.

Pierre, who has been in elective politics for over two decades, expressed concern over the situation during an appearance on the HTS programme ‘What Makes You Mad’.

Asked by proramme Host Stanley Lucien what he intended to do about the situation as ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader, Pierre disclosed that he attracts criticism, especially from his supporters, because he is soft.

“In the civil service, and I say that we have not made necessarily any changes, you know – not the way it works, in terms of the personnel, the people,” Pierre said.

“Look at the police force,” the National Security Minister stated.

He said he attracted criticism for keeping the then Commissioner of Police.

Milton Desir’s tenure as Commissioner ended in October last year, and Crusita Descartes-Pelius succeeded him first as Acting Commissioner and then as Commissioner.

“What I do is that I give people a chance,” Pierre explained, adding that he believes in the principle that someone is innocent until proven guilty.

“Some people say to me, ‘That person campaigned against you’. I say: ‘Give them a chance. Let’s see what they will do.’ If they fail, then I take action,” Pierre noted.

He said it did not mean that he could not take action.

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  1. Mr. Prime Minister, in politics, if you cannot consolidate your base then you are digging your own political grave. This is the fundamental principle of politics. If you can’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. A politician without core values and principles is like a rudderless ship. Don’t dismiss the critique of your supporters because there is merit in their statements.

  2. Most Honorable you are just a nice easy going honest politician. They are so mad a local boy made good and is running the country you are not the GREAT WhITE HOPE you are a saint Lucian (a real one) for all the people. You are too much for “them”. The working poor and poor of this country of which they locked down on with a scorn. Stay focus your honesty and tenacity killing them

  3. Am I hearing right did he made that statement.The king of nastiness is talking.Has he forgotten the last general election.?Oh my how quick we forget.

  4. Pierre you are the biggest enabler of the nastiness that has permeated our political system today. Right next to you in parliament is the second worse thing to happen in St Lucia’s politics, Helieus and in your party the worse one, the pit bull. These two guys have turned parliament into one big circus and spew venom everytime they open their mouths to speak. During the budget presentation and other parliamentary session can’t you see the disgust on the faces of Alva, Shawn and Kenny when these morons begin to behave like the hooligans they are or when they are making presentations.

  5. Sir the nastiness started when you used your base to gain power and forgot them in favor of turncoats who financed your campaign. So many of your own are suffering because the uwp opportunists who saw the tide changing jumped ship and fooled you with money to finance your campaign. Now they are plucking out you eyes demanding favors for their uwp counterparts while labour people remain in the wilderness. UWP operatives still in charge of projects paying huge salaries to uwp staff while qualified labor staff are paid way below their experience and qualification. Pip forget his base but 5 years is not forever

  6. You wonder why politics is so nasty?. You and your supporters spent 5 yrs doing everything to undermine criticize insult degrade a man who was leader of the country. Your supporters threatened to place a bomb underneath his chair. Black lives matter movement and all. Now you crying. Yall started it. Karma is a bitch.

  7. (Lucian high grade) are you serious or are having a 😃 😀??
    Smh Nice person who is? Who pjp giving a chance?? You know very well Mr hon. Chastened is Not intimidated by pjp and rest.
    Chas is a Lucian just like Pjp and the rest of us. They are intimidated by Chas and he is Only doing his job in opposition just like Pjp was doing but oh so mercilessly SMH
    Hate hearing Bias Nonsense.
    Choose you’ll party, your choice but Stop hiding for the politicians when they do wrong gasa!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  8. Politics has always been divisive, but never have I seen it at such a level in St.lucia. The SLP campaigned against Allen Chastenent with the narrative that he isn’t one of us, because of his light skin; and of course the populous looking for someone to vilify fell for it.

    I grew up proud of my people and culture, despite of various ethnicities we were one St.lucia. We were all part of that melting pot, but now some will say that others don’t belong in this pot, because they’re white meat.

    I’ve seen a frequent poster to this site, on numerous occasions refer to Guy Joseph as a “coolie” but no one calls it out, because it appears that rasicm can only be perpetrated against black people.

  9. Did i just read that the PM said he gave the commissioner a chance. So are u telling me the PM has the RIGHT or power to decide who is the commissioner? Shouldn’t there be a democratic process done by the Public Service Commision clear of all Political interference to decide who holds such a High Office.? Omg. Have u not demanded that ALL public servants contracts go through your office first, hereby circumventing the laws of this country. Isn’t this the WORST action of NASTINESS? OMG The mentality of these guys and my Most Honourable PM. Honestly every time u talk i losing the zeal to support you and the party. Please.

  10. Wow, I’m so glad Prime Minister Pierre has called for a change in the level of politics in Saint Lucia. I’m not sure what he means by “the level of nastiness, the level of bitterness in the politics now has never been there before,” but I’m definitely on board with his call to action. We need to make sure that the politics in Saint Lucia are becoming more constructive and less hostile, and I think Prime Minister Pierre is the right person to spearhead this change. Thanks, Prime Minister Pierre!


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