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Chastanet Urges Saint Lucians To Join Him In Holding The Government Accountable


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet, asserting that he is very concerned about the level of corruption and cover-up in Saint Lucia, has urged citizens to join him in holding the government accountable.

“I have no doubt, while it may not be entirely the fault of this government what’s taking place with crime, that the standard that they’re setting in this country of the persons that they are allowing to be in cabinet and the persons that they are supporting, is sending a very wrong message,” Chastanet stated.

He spoke during an appearance on Wednesday’s Newsmaker Live on DBS Television.

The former Prime Minister said there is a double standard in this country.

He said he was putting all ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) people on notice.

“I will not be accused of racism anymore. I am going to hold you every single day accountable to the people of this country. I will continue to ask questions. I will not be deterred. I will put facts on the table,” Chastanet said.

“I am hoping that many more people would join my voice in holding this government accountable,” he told programme Host – Timothy Poleon.

Chastanet observed that the UWP convention would take place on April 16 with a public meeting the same afternoon in Soufriere.

And he called on all Saint Lucians to come out.

“Hear this new group of leaders that are taking over the United Workers Party and help us now to hold this government accountable before it is too late,” the Micoud South MP declared.

He said he was very concerned about the further damage the SLP government could do in the next three years if people remained silent out of fear.

“We have to raise our voices. We have to hold this government accountable,” Chastanet asserted.

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  1. Hold them accountable for what exactly? Did they give a developer $1/acre again? Did they just pay range developers $32,000,000 again? Did they just give Sandals a $24,000,000 tax break? Did they just buy a hotel for $135,000,000? Or give $32,000,000 to sports consultant to tell us where to plant grass? What exactly are we to hold them accountable for, Sir?

  2. So if your family has millions of dollars and big business why is politics that you ate into why can’t you focus on your business instead of the job as a prime Minster it appears to me that you can make more money as a prime Minster that in private sector business

  3. Dude you had that guy in your government. While I share the same sentiment in that regard I can’t take you seriously when you fraternise with corruption

  4. The former PM’s level of desperation is in full display. He is struggling to find an issue that will resonate with the people. The racism cry, inflation handling, road repair and now crime and corruption. He needs to outline his alternative path to make life better for Lucians, and stop the same-old political games.

  5. Chas is just best you give up already,I honestly think Pierre & his crew should give up too because these ppl on both sides just don’t care about the citizens of the country.They just want to be minister of Finance so they can get as much money into their pockets as well as their friends whilst the average man suffers.I think Pierre better go hold hands with BRICS because that US dollar starting to look shaky.

  6. Yawwwn Oh well what’s new there there there…..gasa fire bun you one point. Mate is a business man and however he might be milking St Lucians for decades he would be MORE EFFECTIVE by luring investors and business to St Lucia as a business man. I can’t believe he did follow his mentor Butch Stewart people would have had more respect for him from both parties just like Butch Stewart both parties respected him, but NO he wanted MORE POWER so he went and bit the forbidden fruit of politics and I am sure Butch had warn him, now he bawling . He could have been the most powerful man in St Lucia without politics .

  7. Chas i can’t believe you. KDA was defeated and so were you.
    St. Lucians have rejected you and your government under unprecedented levels of coruption. That guy…laud

    As of 2021 year end we came from an index of 71% pre 2016 to 40% in 2021.
    Under your reign.
    End of 2022 already back to 51% and improving… in one year. Yes in one year.

    You can’t full fool the people any more. The facts are there bold and clear.

    Am not a hack and see things objectively.

  8. Yes Chas I support you. But first of all, how many passports did you sell during your reign?

  9. Oh pleaseeeee, get the hell out of the media. You were there what did YOU do to bring lucians forward ? Nothing, so back out with your comments, you were not better, he’s not either, none of you are. Go on retirement for good and please, shut up.


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