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Shots Fired In Vieux Fort – One Man Dead


One man died following a shooting incident at Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort, Saturday night.

Residents of the community reported hearing at least two gunshots, followed later by an ambulance siren’s wailing as the Vieux Fort fire station responded after receiving an emergency call at about 8:30 pm.

Saturday’s fatal shooting occurred as Saint Lucia welcomed additional Regional Security System (RSS) ranks from Antigua and Barbados and said farewell to some others who were departing.

The RSS officers have been assisting local police in their anti-crime campaign in Vieux Fort.

The government declared Vieux Fort South an escalated crime zone granting police expanded powers in response to a recent wave of deadly gun violence.

In addition to the fatal shooting on Saturday night, police are also investigating an incident on Monday in which a man sustained gunshot wounds at Morne Cayenne, Vieux Fort, and was in stable condition in the hospital.

Toddler, Grandmother Shot Dead In Vieux Fort

Police have urged anyone with information regarding that incident to contact the nearest police station, the Vieux Fort Police Station at 456- 3905, 456-3906, or the Crime Hotline at 555 for anonymous reporting.



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  1. Three persons killed in one night in Vieux Fort, under the watchful eyes of the RSS, Pierre’s trump card. So it clearly shows that Pierre’s strategy is not working. So I guess now he will have to approach the US military for help. But on a serious note, as I have said before, this issue in the town will not be resolved unless the government addresses the underlying causes which are many.

  2. “Police have urged anyone with information regarding that incident to contact the nearest police station, the Vieux Fort Police Station at 456- 3905, 456-3906, or the Crime Hotline at 555 for anonymous reporting.“ – who is at the other end of this line as the receiver ? Is it one of the corrupted cops that they have been talking about it ? Will the receiver recognize my voice and then report it it to the criminals ? What assurance do I have that report will remain confidential ? What happens if my identity is leaked to the criminal domains ?

    These are questions from my friend.

    Now, is there anyone surprise by the latest homocide in Vfort ? Show me a surprise individual and I will show you a fool.

    The RSS did an effective job in sending the criminals in temporary hiding. They have done nothing but force the criminals to recalibrate themselves. The root cause of the gun issues still remained unknown and the threats are still in Vfort – only one person has been charged after seven individuals died. Should I assume only one killer did the shooting ?

    There is work to be done to resolve. This is similar to having a burst pipe in the bathroom and you are only wiping the water off the floor. The issue is not identified and resolve. This mean you will never stop wiping the floor.

    Our Authorities need to do more to setup more strategies to interrupt, dismiss, engage , defeat those criminals. We cannot accept just what we see

  3. It is time that the government enact a minimum wage rate in vieux fort . They want people to work for them for 3 EC dollars an hour and they saying that half a loaf is better than none or it better than nothing while they are buying land all over the island And living the good life it is the system that is causing the time very soon the tourist won’t come and big banks, hotels and government workers will suffer and not be getting the big salary that they are getting. The government need to enact a livable wage

  4. These hardened criminals seem bent on wiping out the whole of community. Everyone should become a suspect in this place until normality is achieved. The key to solving this stubborn problem is for the whole of civil society to work conscientiously together.

    Nothing is impossible when everyone is highly motivated to bring about a change. They can even move mountains.

    We have to start with the politicians who have the strongest influence on society. Stop the political division, victimization, corruption, greed and selfishness. Share the resources of the state equitably. All mouths must be fed, all lives must be valued. Together we prosper, divided we perish.

  5. Evil lurks throughout our land…and you all think PJP..Chas or RSS can stop evil? Only God and his enduring love can defeat Satan and his scourge…only he can rid our country of the lodges and the Natokis who spread sorcery and witchcraft and all the wicked deals for material things. It’s like we forget a shate like this happens every Easter weekend…yol forget! Teach our children love…teach them about the work of Jesus….jehovah…about the life and mannerisms of Haile Sailassie of Ghandi…of mother Theresa…of the unification spread by Bob Marley. God is love…spread love.He is risen Today! ➕

  6. Santo, if the 863 million dollars Chas had borrow during his reign was put into good use and if he had tell us the number of passports he sold today we would not have so many crimes.

  7. Troy Francis you are one A$$. The crime situation is beyond all of us and guess what, the strong roots were laid by Kenny. He didn’t know that allowing it to fester would come back to bite us all. So don’t blame Chas or Pierre too much cause both inherited something that was bigger than them and too hot to handle.

  8. Troy, apparently the SLP is not hearing your complaim for so long you’re at it. Don’t you believe that the SLP would have taken action against Chastenet if this was a proven fact! Of couse they would have long time ago, but they can’t; cause the SLP is beyond corruption. However, if you can substantiate your claim and to satisfy your concerns why won’t you challenge Chastenet in court as a “private citizen”! Yes you can, GO FOR IT!!!

  9. The most poignant thing in all of this is that for many people this weekend is suppposed to be a highlight of the season that reminds the human race that God gave his “Incarnate Life” (Jesus Christ) on our behalf so that whoever believes (i.e., accept this wonderful truth by faith, then repent, and turn to truly live the life of love for God, and for one another), will be afforded eternal life– and escape eternal damnation!

    My fellow Saint Lucians, there is no way out ot the road to hell or damnation EXCEPT TURNING TO JESUS CHRIST! That’s the message in all of this tragedy.

    Take it, or leave it. The choice is yours.

  10. Looks like someone is determined to make Vieux Fort be seen as a failure and make it known as Kenny grave yard. Well well well….. some people are overtaken by evil forces. But its all for a time. karma has everyone’s address. knock..knock… who is there? It’s karma bitch! remember me? Told you I was gonna come for you! This is how the story goes!!

  11. We are living in a currupted country called st. Lucia where politicians are the root cause of all the negative and devilish things that goes on in this land. They are friends with all the criminals and award them big contracts for them and their boys. Next in line are the police who are dirty to the core. For a thew thousand dollars they would sell out the people who come to report the criminal or so called bosses… Before you can say what you saw, they have already called the boss telling him what you said and where you at…. We need to rout out those criminals who call them selves politicians and police and pretend they are for st.lucians. They are the cause of everything going on in our little country. We all know who the bosses and krocked leaders are… We st lucians need to do this for our children and our children’s future and we need to start NOW…..

  12. They say don’t make it political. Are the shootings political? No. But the root of the problem is. Vieux fort houses the only international Airport on island but there’s hardly any tourist dollar remaining here. I think vieux fort needs help from the government to create jobs for the youth. Vf needs development. If you take a look at Castries and Soufriere, the standard of living in Vieux fort is significantly lower. Vieux fort towners cannot afford half of what Castries/soufriere towners can. Why? Nun nah running. We still need to spend $20 to go get a passport or birth certificate. Jump high, jump low, there has been little to no development in vf for the past 20 years. Nothing is happening in Vieux fort so what is left for the people to do in a neglected town? They make the money the illegal way?

  13. Why they vote for aan who doesn’t reside there to represent them? He was never able to fix there issues and need and yet the people wanted him to bring change who only change their clothes.

  14. Some of you Lucians are really unreasonable – if someone decides in his OWN HEART that his career of choice is to be a CRIMINAL – do you believe that any one can stop him or her ??????. Some of you failed/decided not to go to school and instead made up your own mind to be CAREER CRIMINALS. Do the math there are only 2 ways out for criminals. However, the sad thing is that in the process innocent folk can very often get hurt in cross fire – that’s the real tragedy in all of this.
    Some of you are envious of others who decided to educate themselves, while you decided on your own to sit by the wayside – how dare you.??????

    How can you blame any political party for a decision that someone made with their own free will.????? CRIMINALS never have a desire to work a real legitimate job – their resume speaks for itself. It’s not the government responsibility to train your children – that’s your job as a parent and MOST of you LUCIANS have failed TREMENDOUSLY – look at the results – it is as CLEAR as day.

    By the way, poverty will always exist- however, out of poverty came 2 noble prize winners. These men could have also decided to be gang bangers – but instead their chose to educate themselves and the rest is history. We all have choices and some VF residents have made their choice to deal in drugs and guns and have lived that way for many years – self destructive individuals 100 percent. Some of the mansions came from drug proceeds – give me a break – the proof is in the pudding – no job, no education, nice cars, designer outfits, does not equal = mansion.???????????
    Which means if you make up your mind to do good – you will. Each man will reap as he has sowed. I do believe however, that the government of St. Lucia should put their pride aside and ask for international assistance sooner than later. I hate to say this but the SLRPF/RSS is not equipped or adequately trained for this warfare. In addition, you all Lucians know each other and that alone is detrimental to defeating the enemy for sure.


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