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‘We Must Not Cower To These Monsters’ – Pierre On Vieux Fort Homicides


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has expressed condolences to the bereaved after Saturday night’s surge in deadly gun violence in Vieux Fort.

One man died in a hail of gunfire at Cedar Heights, and about an hour later, a grandmother and a two-year-old boy were shot dead in the Mang.

Prime Minister Pierre, responsible for National Security, bemoaned the homicides.

“My brothers and sisters, today we commemorate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It is a day of hope and renewal, a day that reminds us of the power of love and forgiveness,” the Castries East MP wrote on Facebook.

“However, as we celebrate this sacred day, we are reminded once again of the devastating impact of gun violence on our communities. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of those who were killed during last night’s heart- aching homicides. Their pain is unimaginable, and they are in our thoughts and prayers,” Pierre stated.

“As we mourn this tragedy, we must not cower to these monsters. We must come together as a nation to address these senseless reprisal killings,” Pierre declared.

He asserted that the killings do not bring justice or resolution to any situation.

Instead, Pierre observed that they caused more pain and suffering for all involved.

He urged citizens to work with the police and local organisations to share information that will keep communities safe.

And Pierre thanked law enforcement officers, medical professionals, and support staff for their ‘steadfast and diligent service’.

“On this resurrection Sunday, let us remember the power of love and forgiveness, and let us commit ourselves to creating a safer and more peaceful country for all,” he stated.

“Have a safe and Happy Easter,” Pierre wrote.

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  1. St lucia times is busy blocking comments on the crime situation while we burning snd bleeding to eternity! What a catastrophe! Do yoyr jobs! You all have no care about this country! No pc nonsense! Truth is truth! This has never happened in st lycia before! Why now? Someone wants to use vieux fort as a battleground for some reason? Why cant the police deal with the people involved?

  2. The most important message in all that is transpiring before our eyes is that for much of humanity, this weekend is suppposed to be a highlight of the season that reminds the human race that God gave his “Incarnate Life” (Jesus Christ) on our behalf so that whoever believes (i.e., accept this wonderful truth by faith, then repent, and turn to truly live a life of love for God, and love for one another), will be afforded eternal life– and escape eternal damnation!

    My fellow Saint Lucians, there is no way out ot the road to hell or damnation EXCEPT TURNING TO JESUS CHRIST! That’s the message in all of this tragedy.

    Take it, or leave it. The choice is yours.

  3. I don’t care what the do gooders say ..Its time for Capitol Punishment is Enforced.wake up

  4. Listen to me this is not monsters it is the act of young individuals under the age of 25 commit those kind of acts.

  5. As much as the criminals are monsters . The two political parties and the system are monsters to as well . How can a system run proper when the only job the young people in vieux fort could get is working as a security guard for 3 EC dollars an hour …

  6. Whiles saying that we should not politicizing crime, this PM went on the air to proclaim that he brought peace in VFort without killing anyone. I guess he was comparing with ORC. Well sir, you are the only idi** who thought it was finished.

  7. The national security minister and district representative have both failed and should therefore resign with immediate effect and make space for more competent hands.

  8. It’s a tit for tat going on REPRISALS I don’t know how everyone CAN’T SEE THAT. Right now on Easter Sunday you could hear a pin drop. The whole VF heard the gunfire it’s unfortunate the police move fast but people got to speak up and stop covering up DON’T HIDE THEM how long is this going to go on. The PM did what he could but it’s we the citizens who has to do their part. The Yellow Clown can ONLY talk about economic injustice and hold government accountable ask him WHAT’S HIS CRIME PLAN and just like the past he no is more quiet than a church mouse Not a word not a word. QUIET!!

  9. At least yellow man doesn’t put his foot so far up his mouth that he needs his whole cabinet to pull it out.

  10. Well, what can I say after seeing how low our nation has fallen to the point of being in foreign police to sort out our domestic issues. The blame falls right at the feet of the politicians…all of them, red yellow, green, pink, orange…the whole lot of them… putting the lives of Saint Lucians on the back burner for political reasons…you clueless idiots that pretend to govern a country but have no ability…there is not much left to say but to sit and watch what happens next….

  11. On another note …you celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ?….have you clueless not heard? This is all nonesense…that a man died and rose from the dead…the world ain’t closed anymore but knowledge is being acquired…this superstitions nonesense you hide behind like your toddler blanket…. religion has really made you inept look foolish…if Jesus was worth his salt he would come and save you from the scourge of crime given that Saint Lucia is a majority Christian country but alas, the more u pray the more things get worse … don’t you idiots not get it? You are wasting your time…but keep on praying.

  12. I was just reading an article in an international newspaper about an Interpol red arrest notice for two South Africans wanted for corruption including corrupting Government agencies and collusion with Ministers of government to defraud the people of South Africa.
    Now where did we hear of such things happening in the Caribbean? The only difference is that in South Africa there was at least the PRETENCE of stopping corruption. In the country we know so well the corruption is out in the open and nothing is done.
    On another but related note. South Africa is now a basketcase with horrendous internal security on par with St Lucia. Men, women and children murdered on a massive scale and the crime badly affecting the economy already suffering from corruption. . We in St Lucia just experienced a man, woman and child murdered in one day and most horrifying- over Easter.
    Yet the moribund, clueless and utterly unsympathetic Prime Minister can only come on the media offering the usual platitudes as the band plays on the sinking SS ‘St Lucia’.

  13. I agree. Do not cower. But u came and sat at a bar in town and all the deck decks going crazy. Yes pm! When are you, allow with the rep going to sit with the ppl, hear their concerns and tell them how you’re going to help. Rss and black squad helps the current escalated crime issue. But what about the root cause?

  14. Soon we will have warlords controlling their own portions of the land. Ordinary citizens will have to pay protection money. And we devolve into Haiti. St. Lucia is doomed folks.

  15. Was it the dsh deal? Is there a spiritual payment over this town?
    Lord help us..this is not natural

  16. This man continues to demonstrate that he is incapable of leading a troupe of Boy Scouts. Zero vision. Zero direction. Not one clue. Zero fungible and feasible ideas. But plenty of arrogance. Plenty of ego. Unsubstantiated pride. Out of his depth and wet will continue praying for it till we find someone better. Sad news is there are very few better alternatives.

  17. Well said ‘ Brown Sugar’
    The SLp PM and his cohort Ministers suffer from grandiose egos, unsubstantiated pride, elevated arrogance and combine this with incompetence, mismanagement , zero vision and zero sense of direction.

  18. Right under PJP nose he have criminal and cannot deal with them will he ever find a solution for the crime wave. Kenny gone into hiding too?

  19. Worst Minister of National Security, ever. When you can’t even manage a portfolio, how do you expect to manage a whole economy? When stubborn people won’t listen to people and think they know it all this is the end result. Put National Security in capable hands if you are really serious about putting people first.
    Whoever can leave St. Lucia please do so now because things are only going to get worst.

  20. Mr. PM stop playing games with saint. Lucians lives, the situation in the south could be solved very quickly. Give the order to the police to bring this crime spree under control immediately. If you are not able to give the order then allow someone in your government to do so, it would not be the first time such an order has been given. These young criminals, island wide have not gotten any push back from law enforcement and that’s evident. In an effort to regain some level of control in fighting crime on island you must first get back a balance between criminality and security of the nation. This should be priority number one, once that is accomplished then you hold the line and build on your gains. Some hard decision need to be made please give the order immediately by any means necessary.

  21. We like to throw blame everywhere. We blame the police, the politicians, the economy, the judges, etc. But how about us blaming ourselves for a change? I say we allowed this situation to develop. How? We stopped caring for each other. We put all of our faith and trust in politics and politicians to solve our problems. A situation is good or bad not based on the facts, but depending on which party is in power. The family used to be like a garden for developing positive values, like honesty, hard work, pulling together in hard times and so on. Those who say poverty is to blame are not wrong, except that we were much poorer before but did not have this level of violence before. What has happened is that for many of our young people, the gang has taken the place of the family. It is impossible to rid our communities of gang violence and crime if we do not rebuild our families and restore the family values that served us so well in the past. If we do that, then the job of the police will be easier. How can the police know if a family member has an illegal gun or is a member of a gang and the family does not know? How will the police know your family is watching a TV that no family member bought? We have a clear choice. Live as model families or suffer the consequences. The gangs are going after whole families. Let us fix our families before it’s too late.

  22. The people’s indoctrination is deep. Religion, politics and a deteriorating economy have all registered their chronic impact. The division those institutions have infiltrated amongst the people is unbelievably catastrophic. If the people of VF are serious about changing their current situation then they must first start by questioning the authorities. Demand your parliamentary Rep act swiftly or resign. Are they willing to take such a step ? Are they willing to protest by forcing businesses to close their doors, schools shit and women march the streets without sleep ? There are things that can be done to instantly bring about changes to the district of VF. Have we the courage to act now ?

  23. Best crime deterrent, get married before having children or once you impregnate a woman. Stay with her, support her and your offspring, and do not commit adultery. Easy…do it…be honorable!
    Women and men, step up to SAVE your children!
    Do the right thing!

  24. If you were serious about this crime wave/ this is what should have been done.
    (1) get some Badass Policing from Jamaica, Trinidad and maybe Cuba.
    (2) Reinstitute ‘Operation restore Confidence.’
    (3) Reinstate Capital punishment – by whatever means necessary.
    (4) younger criminals under 18 yrs. ‘a proper flogging with Lolo – Beff’ 1st. time.

    Messing around with so called Police from Antigua & Small Islands will not do. Don’t let people laugh at you. Dr. Horace Chang didn’t hand over the National Security chairmanship for fun, Buddy this is life or death, if you can’t handle it, pass it on.
    On this solemn week it looks like the devil is winning the battle, He has the killers in his back pocket while they sacrifice a – 2yr old, a grand mother etc. – I grieve deeply and sadly not only for the poor souls but for St. Lucia also on a sick bed.

  25. Mr. P.m. you are already cowering by letting them out on bail when they are caught with the guns. Smh

  26. Retribution lacks a conscience. It begs no permission to unleash its deadly wrath. Unperturbed by RSS, RSLPF, Citizenry- Nadda! The PM’s flippant rhetoric will continue to play on whilst the villians indiscriminately announce ‘Check mate’.

  27. “You have heard the blasphemy
    What do you think ?
    ‘condemn him as worthy of death…
    Then began to call curses on them, those who denied the ressurection of Jesus Christ ….
    But they did not believe either, but Jesus rebuke them for lack of faith and their subborness refusal to beleive…
    Those who oppress the ressurection of Jesus Christ…
    “May the blood of Jesus Christ be on their heads ❗To be clear of their responsibities….

    “Don’t be alarmed,” Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified,
    He has Risen,death could not hold him down,so as his chosen ones ….
    The God of the living and not the dead !
    God :
    Beat your breast !!
    They will perish by the sword and die whithout knowledge ❗
    Like wise the LORD spoke to paul in a vison,
    “Do not be afraid.
    Do not be silent.
    Keep on speaking….
    I am with you and no one is going to attack you and harm you… because I have many people in 🇱🇨 St-Lucia…
    God is with you by grace is believing…
    He will save you by the ressurection of Jesus Christ, who has gone into heaven and is at the God’s right hand…

    “I am”, said Jesus
    “And you will see the Son Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on down on the clouds of heaven…
    Jesus,before crucified :
    Returning the third time,he said to them
    “Are you still sleeping and resting ?
    Enough !
    The hour has come, the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of 😈sinners…
    Rise! let us go!

  28. Time to bring the US MARINE S, ARMY, Navy and other attached units with all their artificial intelligence and complete surveillance to combat crime by air, sea and land. Our local officers at every port or base who work beside them their phones should be tapped 24/7., to weed out the corrupted ones.


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