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‘Let Us Resolve To Be A More Compassionate Society’ Pierre Urges After Vieux Fort Killings


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has called for a national resolve leading to a more compassionate society in Saint Lucia after four people were shot dead in Vieux Fort.

Three, including a toddler, succumbed to gunshot injuries on Saturday in two separate incidents, and the following day a woman was shot dead at her home in Bruceville.

“As we mourn and seek justice for the families who have lost loved ones to this senseless gang violence, let us also resolve to be a more compassionate society,” Prime Minister Pierre, responsible for National Security, wrote on Facebook.

The Facebook post included several photos of the PM, accompanied by Vieux Fort North MP Moses Jn Baptiste, Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius, and other officials.

Prime Minister Pierre leads delegation on tour of Bruceville, Vieux Fort

The delegation visited Vieux Fort on Monday.

Pierre noted that Bruceville, Vieux Fort residents, like other Saint Lucia communities, are men and women who want the best for their children.

The Castries East MP observed that Bruceville  also has young people who aspire to live happy and fulfilled lives.

” We can, and we must do better; Saint Lucia is our home,” Pierre declared.

(All photos courtesy PM’s Facebook page.)

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  1. Mr Prime Minister,

    Having been disgusted by the level of violence that has highjacked our society and seeing no meaningful contribution in resolving the issue from your administration, I am left to proclaim that you through dereliction of your responsibility as leader and incumbent government of the sovereign nation of Saint Lucia have failed miserably. Given that the nation is appalled by such acts of violence, words and mere platitudes does nothing to resolve the issues which are a constant reality for the people who live and experience it night and day. It is a shame, that foreign law enforcement personnel had to be called in to deal with this scourge when you as a leader should have equipped the men and women of the Saint Lucia security forces to deal with….now that you know we are ill prepared for such escalation in violence, I do hope you will take the necessary steps to train and equip the men and women of the security forces so they can deal with future escalations. One issue that is not addressed is the issue of what does the young (age 7-12) and the youth (age 13-20) have to guide them to become better citizens? Often times these present Societal ills starts from a tender age and it is there you should win the battle against crime…you should invest, time money and infrastructure to given every Saint Lucian a chance to be fully fledged citizens and to give of their best to the nation…I urge you to create in each constituency an organisation of men and women who will look into and finding solutions to unique constituency problems…then measures can be implemented to tackle the issue. Given that most communities will have issue of poverty, crime, kids not attending schools, illiteracy, this community body can address these issues and therefore find a solution… A community is not led from your office but from among the people of that community but they will have a link to you through your parliamentary Mr prime minister have to do things differently because time is of the essence…we are losing a generation of young men and women to violence while in the same instance losing Saint Lucia as a nation. I once noted that the community of Dennery alone has 6 churches but where are the well equipped playing fields?, Basketball courts? Athletic tracks? Cricket grounds? Why is it that though religious or appear to be religious that there are so many issues in our society? The reason is we are not dealing with the issues in the right way… religious puts not bread on the table of the believer and neither is it the solution to the issues..if it were, Saint Lucia would by far be a place of peace and tranquillity. I urge you to bring sports to the youth, and make it meaningful… sporting activities should lead to a meaningful career if the athlete wants to pursue it …where are the community cricket day where families can picnic in the shade while enjoying a game of cricket….same for football, basketball, tennis and other sports…bring chess to all schools which would develop a child’s cognitive skills….you are missing a great opportunity to turn the tide of crime around and the youth is the key to solving this issue…I have more ideas that can help…this is by no means the end of my contribution but to avoid a long winding submission, I am forced to stop here…I am available for sharing ideas if you so choose because it pains my heart to see what Saint Lucia has become in this short space of time…initiate operation: Take our country back.

  2. Was this a photo shoot session? The same thing he accused Chas of doing. There is nothing new in this report.

  3. Shame on you Pierre! You were quick to gloat that you solved the problems in Vieux Fort without killing anyone but if you were smart your naive self would have realized that you have done nothing to solve the problems. All you did was suppress it and change the locations of the killings. Unfortunately, the reality is that the killings will, continue unless there is a wholesome solution.

    I am appalled by the constant photo ops by you politicians and police hierarchy in crime infested communities. Your presence only infuriates us for you bring no workable solutions. Actually, it looks like you are hoping to benefit politically from our plight. Were you not ashamed of our living conditions? Were you not disturbed at the fact that there is nothing to attract the attention of our youth in the town? Are you not ashamed that this ghetto in the town is as a result of the short sightedness of your party. Were you not bothered that the rep has done nothing to develop the town in 25 years of representation? I doubt not for if you had the slightest bit of shame you would have stayed the hell away from our town.

    I also feel for our police force and it’s inability to successfully combat criminal activity in the country all because of the selfish actions of your government that has all but destroyed that organization. I fervently hope that you and your party are KICKED out of office next elections. Waste of time and an embarrassment to we the people.


  5. Where is the former prime minister and the District rep for that area sadly he has failed the people of VF south after 2 decades of representing them and most as the PM of the country and now his level of quietness show a blatant disrespect to this ppl who yet still continue to vote him in …when are we gonna hold these politicians responsible for their neglect and lack of respect for those the fooled into voting for them

  6. St lucia times….
    No hijacking today let the people comment’s land this is freedom of speech people have the right to express how they feel about the situation happening in st lucia and VF we’re not the one terrorizing people
    Sooner or later the whole world will know what’s happening in st Lucia and
    What will you do?????

  7. The IMF have just assessed that there will be further slowdown of the world economy in 2023. This is on top of the fear in the major economies of further bank failures following those in the USA and Credit Suisse. The only reason those bank failures did not precipitate a full scale banking crash was because the governments bailed them out. More fuel on the fire!

    Airline seats into St Lucia have fallen dramatically under the SLP so no matter how you cut it our tourism industry is in deep trouble.

    Yet Pierre , King, Frederick, hillaire have a dramatically worsening St Lucian internal security situation on their hands wirh only inane platitudes on offer. No different that the one who asked criminals to give us a break for Christmas!
    There is no planning, no foresight, no deep thinking to deal with our problems. This is compounded by the fact that their personal agrandizement takes precedence over the welfare of Lucians.

    Funnily- one of the most venal of that cabal can put out a message on social media and hundreds of cheap, vulgar jokers will like his output and lavish endless praise. What kind of indecent people have we raised in this country. And even worst – most are women.
    Have they no grasp of what constitutes a wholesome, decent community and culture?
    I would like to say ‘Lord put a hand!” but I do not want to blame him for what we do with our Free Will!

  8. I am disgusted by how the authorities are handling and approaching this situation. Staring from the magistrate court. From a casual society are we going to allow just a few to make us look like the as if we are in GAZA

  9. Ami to understand under former Prime Minister Chastanet there was no crime in St Lucia? Was he in control of the crime situation? Did he introduce any plan and this present prime Minister not following? I want to hear your comments.

  10. So tell me something here, what have you brilliant crime solvers done?? What is it do you expect. Philip J Pierre to do? Put on his bullet proof vest and a machine gun n head down to vieux to start to fire shots at all bad man? Yall seem to have all the answers especially the flambeaus. If yall have all the answers n solutions yall should just enlist in the RSLPF and shut yall traps. Nothing is good enough for yall in st lucia. Social media and suddenly turned all of us brilliant. Quit watching movies n expect pjp to follow theatrics. Go n pray for ur nation n it’s youths. N stop blaming pjp n the government for crime. Go n raise yall chikdr n peoperly

  11. Compassionate?! Yeah right! You are not compassionate at all PM; that word does not exist in your books. You ate and drank with people who supported you wholeheartedly, promised them the world and shunned them when they needed you! Disgusting! You are just a self-centered piece of work. You attend service on Sundays, long lines inside the Church to greet you (people can be foolish like that) and when you leave the Church, it’s back to selfish PJP! So, before you talk about being compassionate, look in the mirror and look at those people who ‘serve’ you. Are you good to them, do you help them in times of trouble? Call them, visit them? Nuff said until I am ready to explode!

  12. You can not blame a political party when PARENTS failed to provide the proper upbringing for their children – this is the result of BAD PARENTING and in some instances UPHOLDING BAD BEHAVIOR – you have to bend a tree when it is young..

    You can not blame the government when individuals continue to have children which they can not afford. You can not blame the government when you live a life of envy and refuse to go to school – what you need to do is look in the mirror at yourself.

    Poverty exist in every society and if you conduct research you will see that in some of these poor societies there is much less crime, more humility and appreciation even for the little that they have.

    You Lucians expect too much for the government – you want the government to teach you, feed you, house you, provide for you – really ????????

  13. What a show or pappyshow. I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed the joy on the faces of the contingent, while the people continue to suffer and live in fear. Noticeably absent was the man who breeded this in Vieux Fort. For such an important walk like it was described, where was Kenny. What, he didn’t want to witness first hand his destruction. Maybe he needs to stay away for good, cause he has nothing to offer considering he could have only asked the criminals to give us a chance to enjoy Christmas in peace. Pierre please note that Christmas is far away so right now there will be no peace in Vieux Fort South. The power of words on a people destined to failure.


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