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Pierre Says Police Instructed To ‘Wipe Out’ Criminality Using All Legal Means

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Saint Lucia police have received instructions to ‘wipe out’ criminality involving a small group of individuals using all available legal means.

The disclosure came on Tuesday from Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, also National Security Minister.

The Prime Minister led a delegation, including Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius, on a visit to Vieux Fort on Monday.

Pierre said the community was still very embracing and hopeful.

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The visit followed four fatal shootings.

Three shootings occurred on Saturday in two separate incidents at Cedar Heights and the Mang, and the fourth happened the following day in Bruceville.

A toddler was among those killed on Saturday.

“There can be no excuse for that level of criminality,” Pierre told reporters at a pre-Cabinet press briefing.

“We have to wipe out that criminality. That criminality must stop and I make no excuses for it. I am going to say to you – the government will use all the resources. The police have been instructed to use all available means within the law – all available legal means to wipe out that criminality in this country,” the Castries East MP declared.

“This animalistic behavior cannot be tolerated,” he told reporters.

However, while acknowledging the need for law enforcement, Pierre spoke of the need for more social interventions and crime reduction strategies.

“The message is clear – social interventions, the community outreach, the empowerment will continue. But criminality must stop and all legal means will be used to wipe out that criminality,” the PM stated.

And he urged all hands on deck in the fight against crime.


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  1. These heading says it all. “Helplessness”. Is that what the police are paid to do from the time they join the force? ” ‘Wipe Out’ Criminality Using All Legal Means”. Sometime, I strongly believe the PM is being set up.

  2. That’s what we needed to hear a long time ago. Now police do your work. Come to Boisden too.

  3. Go to boisden… that I’m reading about over an over on STLT comments , it seems that God Forbid,some cops or their family members are taken out than sheet will get reciprocally real….U hear about gros islet or reduit and babbano, NOW ans la raye police stations all corrupt so what’s next!? What about customs?? Bring the VF yutes up to Cabot for jobs as golf caddies!…..organize transport!!! 555

  4. The UK and American Armies have snipers. Many of which are St.Lucians. There is a reason the island has a governor on the UK’s military infrantry and snipers. Snipe those pigs out.

  5. This statement from the PM makes no sense. So the PM has to personally instruct the police force to use available means to wipe out criminality?
    Isn’t that their job?…
    One would think that is what they have been up to…

  6. The 2 year old little boy, what did he do to deserve this. That’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  7. SMH. Another useless visit to Vfort and Speech. Wipe Out All within the Law. So what does that mean. That’s a basic duty of the Police. Like seriously. Why is the PM talking so much. He told the criminals about the RSS and even when they were coming. He mention about the scanners etc. Why do u have to Talk so much. Implement then when there are positive results come back and show the results using data and statistics. USE rICHARD SHOW AND SHOW OFF THE DOCUMENTS WITH THE POSITIVE RESULTS.

  8. Why didn’t he have a public meeting in Vfort on monday and send this message to the criminals. The crimes are happening in Vfort not in the House of Assembly.

  9. I am sure that there are quite a number of retired U.S and U.K military St Lucian’s living in St Lucia right now. Pierre can augment these guys as an “auxiliary force” on a voluntary basis. We don’t need training. Just give us the proper equipment to include “Night Vision Goggles” and stay out of the way. But you need to get your intelligence together and I’m quite sure we can flush these guys out either the easy way or the hard way.


  11. Pierre, we want to see proactive measures. Instructing the police to react means you are waiting for the crime to happen so they can react. Please put some proactive measures in place so we can avoid another 2yr old from being killed. We need to avoid groups of 7 individuals being executed in one weekend. We want to have a peaceful Independence celebration next year – we do not want to see another 4 citizens being executed as if they are in the Middle East. Can you get some international expertise to train our men and women in uniform. Reacting to the criminals is just one approach. We need to stop them, divert them and catch them before the crime happens.

  12. Here is the real deal in a nutshell — St. Lucia is a tiny island 238 square miles where everyone basically knows each other and/or their family members. If the government is concerned and embarrassed about putting the issues of crime in St. Lucia out there – let me enlightening you – it’s already worldwide – remember social media.

    What you need to do at this critical stage is to get foreign help — no one will know who they are you need to eradicate and ultimately remove every trace of this venom in St. Lucia in order to restore law and order – just saying.

  13. Nonsense as usual. The PM cannot instruct the police on those issues. This has be set in case law and if my memory serves me right it surrounded a lawsuit involving one of the Police Commissioners in the Caribbean and an electricity company. In case he has forgotten, the police has always had the tools and means to deal with the current situation. That power is enshrined in law. Notwithstanding, the question remains; are they, the police, willing to use those powers. It all boils down to whether they trust the government. On the matter of trust I will simply say that the police seem to have learnt a valuable lesson – once bitten twice shy. So Pierre can “instruct” all he wants, but I suspect the police won’t take heed. A sad state of affairs indeed. You think this government ever thought that it’s actions a few years ago would have come back to bite it in the arse? But the really is we are all paying the price.

  14. The Larry I know and banan I know not about crime I wonder who sending them guys on that rampage. I think the two should come together and put a end to that. Also encourage those involved in the killing to turn themselves in so the family can get closure.

  15. Meaningless words. Nobody is listening to the PM, not the police, very few of the citizens and certainly not the criminals. This PM and his administration are bereft of ideas to fix the issues in this country.


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