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RSLPF Responds To ‘Misleading’ Statement Regarding Firearm Licenses

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has become aware of a statement in circulation via social media in reference to the issuance of firearm licenses.
We wish to take this opportunity to clarify as the information, as articulated, is misleading.
Under Section 2A(C) of the Firearms (Amendment) Act No. 18 of 2022, the Minister with responsibility for National Security, with the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers, is charged with the appointment of three individuals to serve on the newly legislated Firearms and Licensing Board, for a period of three (3) years.
In addition to the recommendations approved by Cabinet, the Board will be constituted of individuals including the Commissioner of Police, who will serve as the Chairperson of the said committee and the Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of National Security.
To date, the Board has not been convened, as the requirement of publishing its composition within the Gazette has not been met. Therefore, no firearm licenses have been issued by the Board.
At present, this responsibility remains under the purview of the Commissioner of Police.
Under no circumstance has any firearm license been issued recklessly or without due process and consideration for the applicable laws, by the said office.
The process of issuing a firearm license includes a rigorous vetting of each applicant and the merit of each applicant’s request. This is conducted by a group of specialists within law enforcement, in collaboration with multiple agencies across the island, as well as regional and international counterparts, where necessary.
The Commissioner of Police will under no circumstance, compromise the integrity of the office, or that of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, by issuing licenses to individuals who have not satisfied the established standards.
The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force takes these allegations circulated via social media seriously and wishes to dispel any aspersions they may cast on the organization and its processes.
Should a firearm license holder be found behaving recklessly, or in any manner which calls their fitness into question, their license will be suspended or revoked, as has been done in the past. For the year 2023, no firearm licenses have been revoked or suspended.
There have been no recorded incidents of crime for the period, involving the use of a licensed firearm.
SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius
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  1. I would like to ask a simpler question. Is it because my leader tell lots of lies I have to tell lies too?
    This is bad for our people to just tell lies for nothing.

  2. She was placed there to be a YES person for the white collar political criminals we voted for. I was happy to see that at least a female can manage our borders and homeland security but from what I am seeing is that she is heavily control by outside directives thus her colleagues are now making rum shop jokes about her management approach. I hope she wake up one day on the good side of the pillow and say eff those ppl let me put my country first before there desire. The trend nowadays is that the PM and the Police force seems to be very responsive when propoganda being said but they are unable to zero in on the core issues.

  3. Mrs Commissioner, i hear you but maybe you might want to consider issuing firearm licences to more responsible citizens both at home and abroad. You see Madame Commissioner there are some of us SLU citizens residing at home and abroad who are way more qualified and competent to use firearms than the incompetent police and SSU you have in SLU, including yourself .No disrespect meant, but it is facts. I am talking about those of us in the UK Armed Forces and US Armed Forces who go through bi-annual marksmanship training , the law of armed conflict and handling of ammunition .Not to mention sound decision making in seconds. Granting us a licence does not mean you have a rouge licence holder, but a responsible one. One you know hand on heart is on your side and can intervene when your incompetent police are at the jabal or the rum shops.

    At the moment one must articulate to you why a licence is required. It is only available to those who have a ward of cash carrying around on a daily basis, ie business men. The last couple of months has demonstrated that need for some citizens to be armed. But instead you issue licences to those in high society and the remainder of us cannot even go to town to manage our affairs without fear of being gunned down in the streets like dogs. But those in high society are assured of that protection. Here is a thought. Why don’t you and your team make a few emergency exemptions and grant a licence to the following citizens. Ofcourse i urge you to conduct background checks and due diligence.
    1- All police officers after 2 years probation must conduct a mandatory firearms course, then issued with one in year 3. Oh and stop this one man street patrol thing. Its dangerous and stupid. Minimum 2 on patrol at any one time.
    2-Firemen,will require training
    3-School Security , will require training
    4- Hospital Security-will require training
    5-Citizens who have demonstrated to be role models to society, will require training.
    7-SLU Citizens of the UK , French and US Armed Forces coming back home on vacation. All that is required is an interview, checks with their military chain of command and 20 rounds on the ranges. 5 rounds standing unsupported, 5 at a moving target unsupported, 5 siting, 5 prone position .

    Last bit of advice.
    1- Please , pretty please teach your cops to treat law abiding beautiful lucians with love and respect, they are not dogs. If you treat them right you will find that your work is that little bit simpler.
    2-You have some corrupt, rotten cops taking home a pay check from the government and also from the criminal underworld. They do exist, you need to work really hard to find out who they are and lock them and throw away the keys.
    3-Don’t be afraid to challenge your paymaster, the government. You dont have to say yes to everything they say. The police is an asset of the people and are employed by and paid by the people of SLU. Satisfy them and mission accomplished.
    4-Establish yourself a small team of highly skilled police officers who specialise in gathering intelligence, but crucially how to process and take advantage of that intelligence.
    5- The criminals have informants amongst your ranks. Hit back , have paid informants amongst the criminal underworld. In every organisation there is a rat wanna be. Put money infront of him and he will talk till thy kingdom come. Once they take the money they signed a deal with two devils, you and their criminal bosses. If the information is legit they get paid, if not feed them to their own kind.
    6-Provoke these criminals to take on the cops in a fire fight. Then use the legal means that clown of a PM has given you. Save the government the court house fee, send them straight to dove court.
    7-Laslty you have some cops who are liability to themselves and theeir colleagues. The belly too fat infront of them. Either dismiss them or take them off the streets. You need to put fit, mean fighting machines on the streets. When these fat cops talk to the criminals they laugh in their face and jog away from them laughing. However if the cops can chase them for 5-8 miles without stopping then they will think twice.

    Good luck Madame commissioner.

  4. Everyone knows what organization and surrogates are involved in this recent disinformation act. The proxies are known to frequently surrender and acquire new names. Of note, the operation is always ran by the usual suspects. Low lives, seeking disruption and chaos. Anything to make a dollar. How are they able to look in the mirror is beyond me.

  5. Madam Commissioner, St Lucia is a very small place and worse of all a place with no State secrets. The same way Richard had classified government documents in the public domain (what is considered treason in other jurisdictions) don’t you think that the same continues to happen unabated today. Poule Foo your name says it all you are so off that you only see the red veil over your eyes. Back to you Madam Commissioner it is no secret that licenses have been issued to know illegal gun trotters recently endorsed by you know who. I’m sorry that like all your predecessor you are a stooge of the government of the day so when Richard sneeze you catch the cold.

  6. Stop hijacking people’s comments when they are speaking the truth. I know what I know, not like Kenny and Richard who know what I know you don’t know.


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