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Man Shot Dead At Bexon


A twenty-nine-year-old man has become the latest victim of deadly gun violence.

Police have identified the deceased as Yannick Kevin Jean, also known as ‘Menace’ of Crownlands, Bexon, who sustained multiple gunshot wounds at his home in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Emergency personnal from the Saint Lucia Fire Service headquarters responded to a call for assistance at about 1:33 am and transported the injured man to the OKEU.

He was later pronounced dead.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. The government refuse to enact a livable wage after 2 years in power so the criminals will put the guns away and go and work for the private sector for 10 dollars an hour

  2. He Should have had his Guys working as Guards for him so that wouldn’t have Happen to him .The Shooters would have Encountered the Guards First

  3. Has Saint Lucia become a failing state? It’s government clearly can’t control the escalating crime situation, corruption amongst its ranks and maintain its infrastructure. The state of our roads is the worst they have been in decades. Yet the inept government is busy “protecting the victory”. We balanced minded citizens will have no choice but to protect our country from further slides along that slippery slope.

  4. His name is menance I am sure that he killed people before they kill him and very soon those who kill him will also be killed so let them wipe each other off

  5. When the PM, Minister of Finance, Min of National Security thinks nd provide funding only for Police (new vehicles, RSS, new police) and scraps metal detectors, K9 Unit, has an immigration officer as Commissioner do u all expect any better. He once said St. Lucia is in Europe then maybe he should provide funds for initiatives to PROTECT THE PEOPLE and not Protect Votes. Obviously PM you strategies are not working.

  6. Saint Lucia is full of violence, and Fair Helen swamped in bloody crimes. Seems the judgement of God is now upon the Helen of the West!

  7. To my friends who believe that the introduction of a minimum wage in St Lucia will solve the crime situation , please advise of the suggested minimum hourly rate that you believe would entice the criminals to obtain meaningful employment in St Lucia.

    While I agree there is need for a minimum wage regime, we must not ignore the following facts: we leave in a get rich fast society , our young men are not committed to remaining in school inorder to obtain the necessary qualifications that would attract a reasonable salary, most importantly any additional increase in wages or salary will be passed on to the consumer. In other words every dollar increase in wage will be added to the price of goods and services. Moreover are we suggesting that we should force the employer’s to pay workers wages or salaries for which they are not qualified for.

    I have said all of this to say our crime problem is much bigger than a minimum wage regime.

    Govement must pass stiffer penalties including no bail for some crimes.

    IT is clear that everybody knows the criminals expect the police or people are determined to deal with their own problems instead of reporting it to the police.

    I have always wondered how the minister of national security or the police would know that Jack disrespected me or did some thing to me and that I have planned in my head or with a close hit man to dispose of him ?

  8. Do you honestly think that a livable wage will end criminal activity?….I mean I really want you to think about your comment. a lot of youths want the latest everything and they want it now. They are not interested in the 9 to 5. Even if it is a decent job…wage wise. If as adults we want the latest things and put ourselves in debt because “we have to have that now” what we leave for them? Many of them have been brainwashed by what they see on the collective media. They have been told that to be someone you have to have that thing….whatever it is. As for all the other issues that result in criminal behaviour there is not enough time and space to discuss them but minimum wage …i don’t think so

  9. Imagine the 5 start general finishing his career as the worst minister of national security ever. I hope Labour taking note of the number of their people that are at the UWP convention? Your people r4alise that yall only putting Leo Clarke and Hillaire people first.

  10. What I do not get is our ability to blame the youth without blaming their parents 👨 👩 🤔

  11. Whilst I’m sure the Livable wage won’t stop crime,the PM said he would implement a Livable wage before coming into office & did bring it up again whilst in office (said there’s a committee being formed to handle it)….Does anyone know who those committee members are? These Politicians need to just keep quiet on certain stuff,you know deep in your heart you have no plans for a Livable wage but you’re mentioning it just to give ppl hope that will never come.

  12. Please Focus
    A man gets murdered at his house by assailants posing as police officers
    And we quibble over minimum wage .
    While I believe that the wage issue is important, it is not the main contributing factor in this scenario
    This new element of impersonating police officers (if true) adds a whole new dimension to the state of crime in this country. And I await the police Chief or Min of National security to detail how this situation situation will be remedied immediately.
    At this point all the criminals and their associates are known by all concerned
    There is no excuse for not solving it.
    Or is there

  13. We must get rid of the criminals on the island by anyway necessary, The law enforcement is getting there slowly but surely.
    To some of the comments regarding A Fair minimum living wage,, sorry to hurt your feelings but we must implement a fair living wage system to give the working poor some purchasing power to help their Families and a reduction in the crime problems .
    To all of the nay Sayers to the maximum living wage,
    What are your solutions to improve your life styles?
    I would like to see more solutions to end our current situation…. Every worker needs a livable living wage..
    I am encouraging everyone of us to focus on a livable living wage of $10 per hour. .
    Common Folks please join the crusade for a better pay day.. Stop shooting the messenger..


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