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‘We Will Not Give Up On Our Young Men’ – Senator Lisa Jawahir Meets ‘Shyne’ Barrow


Saint Lucia Government Senator Lisa Jawahir disclosed meeting reformed former ‘bad boy rapper’ Moses ‘Shyne’ Barrow on Sunday, explaining that they spoke briefly about his short trip to Saint Lucia.

Barrow, currently the Leader of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) in Belize, is down to address Sunday’s national convention of Saint Lucia’s opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

In a Facebook post, Senator Jawahir described Barrow as a rehabilitated young man.

The Grammy-award-winning former rapper served time in the United States after a 1999 nightclub shooting injured three people.

“The Saint Lucia Labour Party has a history of embracing rehabilitated young men and has provided opportunities within the public service, to help them reintegrate into society,” Senator Jawahir wrote on Facebook.

“We will not do like the opposition who said to a young male journalist that “I have no intention of speaking to any ex-convict about anything. You are not the media. You are an ex-convict in my eye. That is what you are!” She stated.

“We will not do like the former Prime Minister who refused to answer a question from another young man because he was before the courts, telling him that, “I am ashamed of you!” Jawahir, the Communications Director of the Ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), noted.

“We will not give up on our young men. We will not turn them away! We will give them a listening ear. We won’t call them ex-convicts but refer to them as they are….human!” Jawahir declared.

She said she was reminded of the late Nelson Mandela’s words that “our society is judged by how we treat the lowest among us.”

“A Philip J. Pierre administration will continue to provide programs through youth development, sports, social transformation, and the youth economy to give our young men and women a second chance! We will surely put them first!” Jawahir declared.

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  1. Lisa ou par kar honte???!! Smh I it was a Shsme at tge time must he hide it and say its okay?? Nonsense politics Lisa. Yall remember all opposition remarks then good. In days to come when yall hear past and present remarks used zot pay par parla!!! I am even a bit puzzled that you ran and embraced this minister of government bur then again πŸ™„ πŸ˜’ politics ou tan wii. Good riddens

  2. So Lisa, all of a sudden you concerned about our young men. Yet it was and is your own SLP party for political gain that embraced and promoted the wicked behaviour of many young men influenced by the cultural penetration from the American ghetto life.
    You all supported and promoted the breakup of marriage and the single mother household as part of ‘we culture’ so many of these young men were raised by unemployed single mothers – a statistical guarantee of failure and a bad lifestyle.

    So stop the crocodile tears. We will continue to have failure amoung our youth because you all think the status quo is all we can achieve. You like it so.
    Oh and before I forget. You all have no real intention of tackling corruption as based on some of the OFFICIALS we see in your government and some of the actions taken and the travel and take policies you have shown the youth it is every man and woman for themselves in lawless St Lucia.
    So wheel and come again sister!

  3. On another point Lisa.
    When are your lazy clueles SLP government officials going to do anything about inflation.
    Even forget about gas prices where you all are gouging 10s of millions from the taxpayers pockets every 2 months.
    What about food prices? You see nobody is saying anything about the massive increases in food prices at the supermarket on an almost daily basis.
    We have heard excuse after excuse about external factors affecting food costs but commonsense dictates that if one company has a monopoly in a market they are going to take serious advantage. That is Business 101. One of the 1st things you learn at University.
    Food inflation is killing us and our lower socio economic order but the government , with no answers and not willing to do anything to the business class that supported them, refuse to act but come with every excuse: shipping cost, covid, Ukraine, blah, blah, blah!
    The reality is that someone is making millions off of our communities from food sales every month and nobody wants to talk about it.
    So Lisa give us a break. Takl about something that will help us and stop the politicking. Think about us Lucians at least once and try and bring your SLP colleagues along with you at the same time.
    We need urgent help and assistance with food prices which are driving us to despair!
    Please – give us a break before Christmas!

  4. Lisa, put some respect on the man. Why are you referring to him as a young man and not a gentleman considering you are his junior? Didn’t your parents raise you with respect?

  5. My goodness … Lisa Jawahir you are sick. Please get help before it’s too late. Your style of politics is somewhere in the gutter. Open your eyes: whoever is advising you, is using you… your writing fails to portray you as a woman of intellect … lying seems to mean nothing to you … Which rehabilitated young men did your administration place within the public service? How much longer are you willing to stoop?

  6. Sheep in wolf clothing, did this man have any idea who you are? And that you were actually posing for a picture to post on Facebook, you are truly earning your salary by any means necessary but meanwhile you are losing the respect on of those who are genuine.

  7. Believe or not, Belize is not to be trifled with! I do not know why St Lucian politicians including from the UWP and this particular girl from the SLP, are so taken in! This country don’t play. Nothing is at it seems in Belize. Like much of Central America and other Latin American countries it is a “paradise” similar to the one Coolio sang about. I do not know what deals they are doing and what they hope to benefit from. But it appears that if you think our current gang of politicians is corrupt (and they are), the cozying up you see from the UWP members should give you even greater cause for pause. It will get worst and “worserer. ” In fact, even those that appear to know the streets is taking a wide berth, because street people understand the street game. We are “forked”. our leaders and politicians have done it and our illiterate electorate of party colours, chicken and rum, have no clue. We cannot continue like this. The island will be destroyed inside and out. Failed state and complete collapse if we do not demand better from both sides.


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