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‘Shyne’ Barrow Tells UWP Event He And Allen Chastanet Do Not Need Politics


Belize opposition leader and former rapper Moses ‘Shyne’ Barrow has declared that he and his Saint Lucia counterpart, Allen Chastanet, do not need politics.

“We elect politicians who care about themselves – cronyism, self-enrichment and corruption. In Brother Chass you don’t have to worry about that. Brother Chass, like me, we don’t need politics,” the Grammy-award-winning former rapper told supporters of Saint Lucia’s opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

Moses ‘Shyne’ Barrow

Barrow spoke at a UWP gathering in Soufriere, where the party held its national convention Sunday.

He said he felt humbled to call Chastanet, the next Saint Lucia Prime Minister, his friend.

The Belize opposition leader disclosed that he had met Saint Lucia Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre.

As a result, he declared that he knew both Chastanet and Pierre.

But he explained that Chastanet would be the next PM because of his vision, empathy, compassion, and love for the people.

Headline photo: Allen Chastanet and ‘Shyne’ Barrow embrace on stage.

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  1. Shyne, you may not need politics but Chastanet needs it. On the other hand, we don’t want Chastanet, Guy, and Dominic. These are rejected politicians, Chastanet has already called our cousin Non-Entity and has not apologized, this has given most of us rage.
    No more support for these fellars.

  2. thats the thing pierre dont have “Vision” he mostly rely on what people tell him. Like he says its the professionals that will tell him whats best

  3. if you don’t need it then leave it alone bro. politics is what it is there’s no two ways about it. divide and conquer. make the rich richer and the poor poorer. divide the people so they cannot unite to put and end to corruption and that’s what its about.

  4. Shyne, speak for yourself buddy. Allen desperately needs politics (St Lucian politics) and I believe you do too.

    You see this nonesense of someone who already “supposedly” made it or have the money already be it family inheritance or self made going into politics will be a genuine hard working politician for the people don’t believe that crap.

    Its quite the contrary.

    By the way was this the extent of your contribution!?!

    I feel honoured to call Allen an ass.

  5. Heeeee there there there…….I just love how they hype “the Grammy wining rapper ” and leave out everything else heeeee. Of course you clowns don’t need the polytricks both of you has daddy’s money to play with. Question to both these two Clowns what are your “grassroots” claim to fame. Unlike like the most Honorable PJP, he work his way up thru ranks “a believed of civil duty to serve his country man” The baton was not passed to him he earn it. I investigated his political track to politics in Believe and they were nothing Shining about him that’s why they are in opposition . His belief that his Bredrin Clown will be the next PM that’s just it his own belief.

  6. Two totally different lifesytle smh money does really make man say dumb things . Shyne do not get yourselve involved with criminals again haha diddy already worked on you now you want guy and chas to finish you lol

  7. If you do not need politics stay out. There are myriad ways to serve people and country. The hunger for power is the driving force behind his quest for political leadership. He needs the power to enrich and protect the interest of his family, friends and sponsors. I am just tired of politicians saying they don’t need politics. I want to hear your vision for the island and how you plan to implement policies that will improve the lives of the people.

  8. @ John Brown – I agree with you. If you don’t need – then you don’t need. Why then would you pursue what you don’t need?????????????????? –

  9. I understand you shyne, it’s just love for country. It’s just like a mother has no good education but she is trying hard to give her child a good education. I definitely believed that mr chasnet loved st Lucia . Just look back during the last three and a half years what the man-has done for st Lucia . 2020 was out of it . We were on locked down. Covid struck ,This was a serious problem the man had to handle…… and the man was brilliant at it , believe it or not even a blind man can see . So come on ppl . Some st lucians just don’t like the man because someone poisoned their minds against Chas .
    Be strong Michael continue on your positive path. The only seat that the UWP loose miserably was the Gros islet seat .the others were just peanuts for us which we have covered by now. So be fear. God is with you .

  10. @John Brown spat on pal well said….now on to that Shyne Can see “oh some St Lucians just don’t like the man because someone poisoned their minds against Chas.”. ….no fool we are awoke to force ripe politicians who has built their empire and wealth off the backs of St Lucians.

  11. Mr. Barrow is echoing the same outdated and specious argument that those with money do not need politics. Such hogwash! Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City entered politics with a net worth of about $8 billion. After serving three terms in office, from 2002 to 2013 his net worth had catapulted to $16 billion. His current net worth is roughly $94 billion making him the wealthiest politician in the world. Mr. Barrow should stop his empty rhetoric and make statements of substance. He should continue with hip-hop music instead.

  12. Respect to CHASTNET and Mr. Barrow… Bless

    We shall Shyne one day as bright as that yelow shirt shows.
    St lucia times might delete this…. Biased much.

  13. The truth stinging you’ll hacks?
    Pip should rule his people forever and Chs should take his people to the next level! Sta8!

  14. Parents , we cannot always control our children because they have minds of their own.but be very careful how you go ahead spending your hard earned money ……. After you are gone U know what it called ? A golden spoon . Avoid victimization. Tut moun weh pou Chou zot 😆

  15. It’s sad how great ecoectation pip have boys with the house negroes mentality. The only way the SLP operate is with the trick bag ,enriching themselves. Oh how poor they were it’s all atari and pacman games, snakes and ladders, then monopoly. Every time they pass go they collect ravenously millions from their Shakey game. What’s up ….N
    It’s all good. It is what it is ,the big dog !!!. Dig it . SLP darn standing on Shakey ground.


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