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French National Charged With Reckless Manslaughter In Fatal Jet Ski Accident


On Friday, April 7, 2023, Officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department, of the Gros Islet Police Station, responded to a report of a Jet Ski accident on Reduit Beach, Rodney Bay, Gros Islet.

On arrival Officers were informed that the victim had been conveyed to the Gros Islet Polyclinic, via ambulance.

Officers later confirmed that the victim succumbed and was pronounced dead by
a medical practitioner.

The deceased has been formally identified as Jazmine Chandler-Tabb of New York, United States of America.

Evans Ramos twenty-one (21) years of Cosmellieur, France was formally arrested and formally charged for Reckless Manslaughter and has been remanded in custody.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. No bail because he would be a flight risk. Martinique is too close for him not to be tempted. Good job on the investigation.

  2. look how quick they charge the french national but in st. lucia the nationals just walk away with murder guns drugs accidents wow the party for the people

  3. Can the French national along with the family of the dead woman counter sue St.Lucia for the lack of beach safety protocols, lifeguards etc? Just asking.

    If you ask me, this country is just as responsible as the man and the jet ski operators.

  4. It’s always a sad case when a tourist hoping to come and enjoy what st lucia have to offer gets injured or die in such freak accident. I sympathize with the family, but I am also concerned about the youth french man who is charged for causing the death. Wasn’t he a visitor also and those who is responsible for renting the jet ski to him did they go scotch free shouldn’t they be charge for allowing him to ride this dangerous weapon in a crowded sea. I was at this same beach with my family not long ago when a jet ski almost run over my daughter. When I approached the guy to discuss the dangers that thing poses to sea bathers his response was( gason I have to make a bread too). While I agree everyone must earn a living ,it should never be at the risk of causing injury or as in this case death to others. I urge the authorities to designated an area or beach with clear signs and marking for jet ski owners to earn a living or these accidents will keep happening.

  5. Wow! Justice is actually served! May this be a lesson to all small craft operators that b4 they get: make their bread= explain saftey PHoCking Percautions to the renters,,,….and there should be a demarcation line for banana boat riders, captains boat drivers of these vessels and for Jet skis, can we get RLSP A Jet Ski!?? . Taiwan just invested over 18 million into this island, Saftey should be number one priority along with WATER DISTRIBUTION, no water cap estate now for days!…..smPH
    Prayers for Jazmines 16 year old daughter and for the family of this 21 year old French Ramos. May Jazmine RIP.

  6. why does it have to take for a tourist to die for the authorities to take step in putting things in place to protect the people. it’s not today when you go by the beach with your family to see how these jetski operators behave recklessly among the sea bathers. nothing but a tourist die and here we have it. same thing on the road some dangerous places need reflector and they will not put it up. if a tourist die in those areas then next day or same day reflector going up. sometimes it takes a sacrifice maybe a life for things to happen sad to say

  7. I understand people saying charge the guys who rent the jet ski, about riding in crowded areas but using that principle you’re saying if I rent a car to someone they are driving through castries it crowded kill someone there is no police/lifeguard around I should be charged also, think about it, the driver has signed understand the risk it’s their responsibility to now be mindful/careful

  8. I stayed silent in hopes that something positive would be said or done despite the tragedy. First and foremost there are several jet ski companies each having different employees ranging from old timers to new hires and designated zones ( Ramp/Reduit, Pegion Island, Windjammer, Almond and Royalton) to name a few . Some of which are professional and courteous especially at Pegion Island. Greenhold Nathan , Garfield and Big D No complains except when the other operators / clients from the other locations harbor in causing disruption and wakes. None the less to each his own a true reflection of the business owners. SLASPA offers training and certification dated way back when and renewal yearly. Long story short I have witnessed a full break down and crash course given to non riders and first time clients not by all companies but this one particular company run by a young man and the other operators would say all that you taking on the people time and if they followed him alot would have been avoided. Another occasion I witnessed after all his instructions and steps the guest was ready and headed out the right way and following the rules and bam the guest starts doing what he wanted. The said operator had to call him in and warn him even went over the regulations again yet he went out and figured he paying his money and acting reckless until he was disqualified with no refund a policy I love. In this incident with the tubes rides and boats they need a spotter and should have equal responsibility as they make circles and cut across , pull and swing the tubes in any direction and pop out in front of any vessel including a jet ski at the said speed within the 200 yard line. A sign and designated area is available on all the beaches unless if the one on the ramp fell but the jet ski park in front Saluna and Sandlas has a swimming area and open space for craft at Pegion Island. Windjammer near the rocks by the watersports booth. There is no telling what really went on especially with the distance on the water from shore but investigation should be reopen and closely looked at. My condolences to the family . May God get you through this but also be understanding that another youth , male , child is about to face serious charges that can change his life forever a freak accident.. not intentional….

  9. How can a nation be against its own flesh and blood ❓
    Therefore let no one accuse !
    Let no one blame !
    Does everyone carring a St Lucian 🇱🇨passport is a St Lucian 🇱🇨❓
    Not even in the new generation, you will find this name on the calender of names french typic original….

  10. Do not be quick to judge
    Love ❤️ St Lucia 🇱🇨
    I am not greatly insaned and incensed, but I am greatly saddened over this suitation 💜
    Mercy 🇱🇨
    A truth witness does not deceives, but a false witness pours out lies…
    Mercy triumphs over ⚖️judgement
    The tongue is a destructive weapon,a 🔥and a world of 😈evil …
    There is danger wherever we go ❗
    But we do not take heed ‼️
    But woe to the earth and the sea, because the 🐍devil have gone down to you ❗
    He is full with fury because he knows that his time is limited/short…
    May the name of the LORD be declared in St Lucia 🇱🇨


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