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Apparent Human Remains’ Found In Omar Defreitas Vehicle


Saint Lucia police have confirmed that they found ‘apparent human remains’ in the vehicle belonging to Omar Defreitas.

Defreitas and his vehicle disappeared on January 6 when he left a staff party at the Sandals Golf and Country Club at Cap Estate.

Investigators said they found the partially submerged vehicle on Tuesday in a pond about 300 yards away from the Club.

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  1. If the vehicle was there since the night of the man’s tragic disappearance in January, it says a lot about our incompetence! You mean to tell me that if there is a path from the roadway to the pond a mere 300 metres from the venue of his last known whereabouts or activity, a thorough search was not made of the pond!? Come on, Saint Lucia’s professionals, we can do better than that!!!

  2. this situation is soo saddd on so many levels…more and more we are showing that we are incompetent on so many levels…..Thank God we have gotten closure….the man and his vehicle were not far away and they were found after 3 months….sadddd….the man was there from the 5 Jan 10pm to leaving on 6 Jan from 2am by surveillance….is there a road that leads to this pond??? nobody saw when the car drove there on that day??? i still cant believe that he drove there for some car failure issue……no tire marks to show that he drove there on the day??? this is quite sad and shocking….my heart definitely has felt this one….

  3. was there a road from the golf club leading to where he ended up in the pond?? the car needs to be thoroughly assessed….why did he drive there? was he going to relax after the party? this doesnt make sense

  4. Car found 300 yards from where individual was last seen. Police say their search have been extensive. You can make this sh*t up. And we expect them to solve murders. We are doomed.

  5. Oh wow..look. A nice concrete path leading to the pond. Did it ever cross any of the cops mind that this guy may have mistakenly driven into the pond after coming from the staff party?…Just saying.

  6. I tell you we don’t have investigators in this country. if they did they should have seen tyre Mark leading to the pond. they never search. so when they tell you they investigating hmmm. believe them if you stupid.

  7. The car didn’t fall from the Sky .there must be tire marks .It’s very sad the Search was not Conducted professionally .That pool of water should have been Searched that Night or Morning he went Missing

  8. This does not make any sense. If the pound as far as I know is on the golf course. Is there not golf being played around that pound. Also how deep is that poud for it to totally cover up a car. Even in the movies the car submergers after a few days on being in the water. Anyway rip sir. But pure bull hearing this..

  9. I’m really baffled and trying to find out whether there were any searches done. Something doesn’t add up. People were searching bushes, the sea, yet no one thought of the ponds. This is a very scary situation with our crime scene investigators.

  10. There are big boulder rocks and a metal pvc bars in front of this pond entrance…..and if looks like the vehicle was on the other side of the pond unless it shifted like it was driven into the sandals golf course where only carts go in and rolled into the pond if security didint catch any lights on the course! This is a deep pond the only one before sandals clubhouse…..Rest in Peace Omar and to his precious family May you find Peace.

  11. We must be patient and wait for the results of the post-mortem of the body. The car must be examined. That said it’s both strange and sad that the car was found so close to the building where the deceased was last seen.

  12. Well, Well, Well. The problem with our policemen that are arrogant inspite of the obvious limitations. When they on the scene of any crime they want to be the first to share it on social media. They are a distracted bunch of rotten apples. Ask PIP

  13. Perhaps the car is only visible now because the water levels have dropped as we are in the dry season. I can only imagine how dirty that pond is and if it is deep enough there is no way you would see the vehicle. A vehicle floats for a few minutes at most. We don’t know if the windows were rolled up or down. If down it sinks faster. We don’t know the man’s state of mind at the time either. Could’ve been disoriented. May have had a few drinks. May have banged up his head. If he drove in a controlled manner into that then tyre or skid marks are unlikely. He was leaving at 2am. How would anyone else see him leave? It seems to be a very unfortunate set of circumstances more than foul play. Sad either way. RIP and best wishes to his family.

  14. @truth been told,I feel your pulse. I personally I’m very confused. On a staff party night …… weren’t there a security guard stationed in the guest/staff parking lot?? Wasn’t there a diarist at the entrance?? .
    This cannot be from the BRANDED property that is mentioned.

  15. i mean i can understand 2/3 days then you can conclude that he’s missing his not a child but there was at least no clue for the grounds keeper, tourist, guests nobody found tyre marks. disappointing

  16. Never knew that we have ponds so deep in st lucia . It sounds like it is a lake. I need to visit that place …

  17. All those that’s talking nonsense why didn’t you all go check in the pond .. sandals gat good divers too

  18. We are one island with barely any rivers, far less deep pond. so was the vehicle and body dumped there or did he drive in the pond? But that part of driving in the pond dont make sense although you never really know for sure. but lets say he had a drink, the man would have felt that the car slipped into a pond. why didnt he try to get out? i know lucians love their AC and glass all locked and up even buses do that sheet… but its also dangerous. supposing you drive in the sea, better have your windows down to escape if you can swim. two explanations, maybe the guy was drunk or out on some sort of drugs and roll in the pond (tragic and unpredictable accident) or he was dumped there by someone after being taken out.

  19. Truth be told I really think the investigation was poor not that I’m surprised. I personally have watch the police work and say to myself wow are they for real who hired then to protect and serve. For example they were doing doing a vehicle check yesterday guess they were looking for someone, so I’m looking at what they are doing they are just peeping they heads in the passing vehicles, and I’m like as if to me if you are doing a search u supposed to throughly check and I mean the trunk of vehicles there are so many places u can hide in a vehicle, and I’m like there are two things either this person have bypass the police or someone has already alert the person they looking for there is a vehicle check going on. To be honest there is more to this story, someone know something but ain’t talking. To the family may Jesus give you the strength to face this tribulation may he rest in peace

  20. I do not know the dept of this pool but without being out of place , something is fishy. The co workers are not giving enough , let’s not blame the police, blame the Judas who drunk with him that night. I read comments and they read” supposing he was drunk” so, nooo body from that party knows whether he had a few drinks or not?
    Well well well the answers lies at the last place he was since.
    Again I wonder how many other missing persons in this pool.
    Luchian open you’ll eyes the big fishes has a lock on every body mouth including this investigation.
    But karma doesn’t care if your a rich or poor , it comes back with your salary when the time is right. Too many get away with murder in St.Lucia because money makes the authorities keep shut.
    They do not want to tanish the venue name, but tanto tanto someone will have sleep less night because of his mother and families tears and the truth will be told.
    Dig this pond
    In my opinion this is not the only case to be investigated from this pond

  21. As a Lucian I feel so embarrassed reading this. Whoever was investigating this needs to be fired, nothing personal but if you’re bad at your job you should be let go regardless of the profession. Never thought we were so backward, only 300 yards? No wonder they can’t catch any criminals with that level of incompetence.

  22. We really don’t know what the story behind this sad situation is. However, if this pond was not checked prior to the body being discovered, then our investigators are poorly trained and should NOT be handling serious matters like these. This is basic. My question though; if one of their family members went missing like this would it occur to them to check the pond?…I mean at this point you would really need to find this missing person…to be honest, either way I am utterly disappointed at the outcome of this…we don’t know if the vehicle went down in the pond the night of the party or if it was placed there after considering the publicity this story received….OUR POLICE NEED TO DO BETTER. RIP SON and condolences to the family…


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