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CARICOM Leaders Declare War On Guns, Urge The United States To Join


Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders ended a two-day crime symposium in Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday, declaring war on guns and urging the United States to join.

“We declare a War on Guns to combat the illegal trade which provides the weapons that contribute significantly to crime and violence in our Region causing death, disabilities and compromising the safety of our citizens,” an end-of-symposium declaration asserted.

The symposium, amid a deadly gun violence spike in several CARICOM states, addressed crime and violence as a public health issue.

The leaders registered their grave concern at the increased illegal gun exports from the United States.

Their declaration described the situation as a ‘direct threat to our democracy.’

“We call on the United States of America to join the Caribbean in our War on Guns and urgently adopt and take action to stop the illegal exportation of firearms and ammunition into the Caribbean,” the document stated.

“We lament the disproportionate share of our national budgets that we are compelled to allocate to measures to address crime, violence and national security as well as mental health and other health-related challenges, that directly result from the illegal exportation of guns to our region,” the leaders said.

In addition, they underscored their commitment to utilising all human, financial, and other resources to rid the Region of the scourge of illicit weapons.

“We reiterate that the Caribbean must be a Zone of Peace, which will allow us to achieve our goal of a secure, stable and prosperous Community for all our citizens,” the CARICOM leaders’ declaration noted.

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  1. Talk is cheap.. you need to walk the talk. Like I have heard on news that the USA want Caribbean countries to do above and beyond to stem the flow of drugs etc to enter through there ports but they want to manufacturer the killing machine and export it back to those who killing us all. The US doesn’t care a shit about how their porous exporting border are.

  2. You all asking for a tall order to be filled. Do you know how mass killings they had had in the US since the start of this year. They don’t care how much of their guns coming here…..if the gun pipe line was running thru Gaza and on to Russia believe you Mr they would have block that up a long time ago. If China steps up and start giving us the resources and equipment to deal with their influx of guns you will hear them sound off in no time. Black people need to know themselves and read the memo the US likes a certain amount of turmoil in Caribbean countries like Jamaica St Lucia Trinidad this works like a sort of “self control switch” it does not let us grow beyond a certain point and will always been dependent on them for our salvation so the guns will keep coming, but those WHO ARE INTELLIGENT (supposedly they know themselves) don’t get this

  3. So why would the US stop guns? its coming through the barrels and no one in st lucia is arrested because the barrels belong to mr. this and that. caricom should look at its own internal corruption first before seeking outside help. this dependency mentality will always keep us backwards!

  4. Caribbean leaders cannot ignore the fact that the US is a major contributor to the crime problem in the region. The US and others must be called out at every opportunity. To say nothing is to pretend the US has no role and is not to be blamed. Some Caribbean countries have sued which is a good move. There is simply no way countries can curb violent gun crimes if the US is not involved.

  5. @Blacksmith youself! u think you make sense but you dont! the Americans have had legal gun ownership by “whoever want a gun” for the last almost 200 years. this violence in st lucia was not even a thing 20 years ago. the nation togther with the rest of caricom have just become more corrupt. so criminals govern and are in all spheres of society. It is this incestuous set up that is breeding problem upon problem. the criminals are in the professional class that is supposed to guard the judiciary legislature ect.. you cant put a mangoose to watch eggs. he will feed on it. those that seek to benefit from the trade will protect their interests. this is what has come home to roost all over the caribbean at this point. its big money. high stakes. corrupted minds all over. it will take a strong and courageous leader to wipe it out together with others who are similar minded. mayor rudy Gulianni, a guy who later became a freak show , should have retired peacefully when he had the chance, actually wiped New York of crime. He got tough with criminals and their syndicates. Say what you will about his personal antics, this man is case study on getting tough and getting it right! So it can be done. But too few good men at present.


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