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Therold Prudent Says UWP On The Road To Victory, Urges Saint Lucians To Join


The new Chairman of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), Therold Prudent, told a news briefing Wednesday that the party has started the ‘long road to victory.’

On Sunday, the UWP concluded its national convention in Soufriere with a public meeting.

Prudent told the news briefing that no one could stop the party’s upward trajectory.

As a result, he appealed to Saint Lucians to get involved.

“Our doors are open wide to accept you and even to those persons who have supported the Saint Lucia Labour Party. This is your opportunity to join a progressive party – a party with a track record of accomplishments and we ask you to come on board,” the former leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) stated.

“We are going to rescue this country from this government, so that we can continue the development started under the previous UWP government and will continue in a new United Workers Party administration,” Prudent declared.

He also responded to concerns over remarks by UWP Public Relations Officer Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute, who asked party supporters on Sunday what they thought the initial ‘J’ in Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s name represented and the crowd responded.

Prudent drew attention to what the labor party has said regarding UWP leader Allen Chastanet.

“Calling Guy (Joseph) a dog – a poodle. Calling Allen Chastanet all kinds of names. I mean, this is pale in comparison to the things the labour party says,” the UWP Chairman told reporters.

And he accused the ruling labour party of hypocrisy and self-righteousness.

“As if we cannot make fun of the labour party. We cannot make fun of their leader. It’s stupid, foolish and I don’t think that ‘Spider’ said anything there that was not in the political parlour – what normally happens here on the political platform and pandering to the supporters and members of the United Workers Party,” Prudent observed.

He urged the labour party to stop being foolish and ridiculous.

“If you are going to dish jokes and ridicule people, it doesn’t mean that we are going to follow your path. But if from time to time for the sake of being on the platform we want to have our supporters have a good time and we say a few little things, take it, because you have been giving,” Prudent said.

He accused the SLP of engaging in lies, deceit, and misinformation.

“We had a parliamentarian in parliament cursing. They didn’t think anything of it. And when all of the children were watching in parliament, he was cursing Allen, and no one said a word,” the UWP Chairman noted.

“We in the UWP are not hypocrites. We say it like it is. And if the labour party all of a sudden they want to put on this self-righteousness, washed in the blood of the lamb – they are hypocrites, sinners, Pharisees and Scribes,” Prudent told Wednesday’s news briefing.

In addition, he observed that parliament had become a dishonorable house that parents should not allow young children to watch, because someone never knows what will come out of the mouths of the government MPs.

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  1. Prudent u are a lose cause. Once u wanted to run gros islet seat under labour and because they didn’t want u swing. U don’t no where to stand how are u encouraging people to join with you’ll. Nonsense. UWP must lose that election under chastanet. You , fedee, spider, guy, chastanet are all bunch of jokers. I’ll see to it flambeau will never ever win under chastanet. Chastanet playing sainty but look at how he treated the young lady that was general secretary of the party. What a shame

  2. Only the Almighty can decide who wins elections because he appoints and he takes down. This is his time to reign so all you scribes and pharasees must take a bow so the King of Kings can sit on his Throne of Justice! His wrath has been kindled and justice will be served.

  3. So true the behaviors and actions, Antics in parliament were truly disturbing this disrespect and childishness of members is really abhorrent and embarrassing for this Island Nation. So this J jackass BS goes hand in hand with what I am saying, the children are watching you adults in yellow or red laugh at someone’s middle initial in their name calling them a jackass!!! I mean this is like kindergarten behavior Montoute yellow flashy Mercedes convertible. Smph woi and wow!……….

  4. What poor rhetoric….you politicians are a laughing stock..a lot is left to be desired from these so called politicians…and your presentation shows what’s passing for politics in Saint Lucia….all of you should learn to speak properly…

  5. Mr. Prudent, in politics, a political party cannot be conservative and progressive at the same time. Allen Chastanet once said that the UWP was a conservative political party now you are saying it’s a progressive party. Which is it? Based on the records of the UWP it appears to be a conservative political party deeply engaged in corruption, cronyism, nepotism, opportunism, fanaticism, mendacity, hypocrisy and cowardice.

    The former prime minister, Mr. Allen Chastanet, left St. Lucia with a legacy of corruption. It’s long overdue for us to see the special prosecutor at work. To rehabilitate St. Lucian justice, Chastanet must be prosecuted.

  6. Demonstrates the pedigree of our politicians which is a direct reflection of our electorate.

    Childish politics on both parts the amount of time and resource used by Labour to respond to the name calling on a political platform is absolutely ridiculous.

    You spent your campaign proclaiming corruption and all sorts by the previous Gov. You’re now in office where you have all the supposed evidence (assuming your claims were true) why you holding on the information like its yours and not the PEOPLES.

    You asked the PEOPLE to put you in office, and they did handsomely.

    Stop trying to protect your victory that’s past tense now how are you going to secure the next victory!

  7. Therold Prudent you are what I call a sore loser bc appears you don’t even know who you are?
    Your justifications are pure rubbish. Nancy Charles introduces your leader to the ur supporters and by extension the world as “your mother man”(in creole) n you r proud of that? Anyway Nancy has no respect for herswlf so I don’t expect her to have for anybody
    All of you need to learn to speak. N just bc u r on a political platform does not mean anything u think should get out of ur mouth.
    That political meeting was disgusting as far as I’m concerned. I

  8. Prudent i reading your clip truly speaking it’s just the same BS from your party over & over again. My question to the chairman of the united Wreckers Party, WHY? Prudent WHY?. Chas WRECK OUR COUNTRY, THANK GOD HE PUT A HAND OR ELSE LUCIA WOULD BE WORST THAN HAITI TODAY. WHY ? PRUDENT WHY? YOU’RE MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF AND YOUR PARTY WHY? PRUDENT ?


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